Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – E3 2019 We Are Wolves Trailer | PS4

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – E3 2019 We Are Wolves Trailer | PS4

I’m a wolf… …raised to be the Alpha… …trying to follow. Alas, the Beast can’t be tamed that easily. This wild territory is the perfect den for my kind. A free world where I can roam and explore with no end. But I came here on the hunt… …hidden among sheep
focused on their superficial dreams… …moving up the food chain step by step
before I dominate them all. One target always clearly in my sights. To secure the future with technology others developed but were too fearful to deploy. By tooth and claw I took this island, and by tooth and claw I will rule it. [MUSIC PLAYING] The wolf knows when a predator nears. Can a ghost take on the lone wolf? Maybe. Tracking… …analyzing, stalking, patiently, tirelessly, but there is no place
for the weak and the wounded here. We are Wolves. Stand by. Okay. Standing by. New position. Three, two, one… Pre-order now for guaranteed beta access.

100 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – E3 2019 We Are Wolves Trailer | PS4

  1. Thank you for not making this strictly multiplayer, I was worried single player would be ignored with the sequel. Pre-ordering!

  2. Let’s all share a moment to pray to the FPS Gods
    And hope these graphics down downgrade like a typical Ubisoft tittle….

    Legend has it 50% of those tress are really 8bit in the actual game ?????

  3. Say what you will about the game, Jon Bernthal did an excellent job voicing his character. And that's just a trailer or two and a short DLC. Imagine what he'll do in the full game.

  4. My wife and I didn't want Ghost Recon RPG. Enjoy your games as service Stadia launch title fanbase (aka people playing it briefly because of lineup)

  5. Джон Бернтал, John Bernthal o_O, упакуйте пожалуйста 1 игру, please pack 1 game))

  6. Будет прикольно если как в ведьмаке травки можно будет собирать

  7. The new villain looks like that guy from the walking dead season one , the main character's friend , the cop

  8. where does it say online players only and no ai team ? and if it does only have online play and no ai it just makes it that little bit harder … sort of a futuristic splintercell 🙂

  9. the technical test was a NIGHTMARE full of bugs, at one point i was swiming… IN THE GROUND. that was hilarious tho.

  10. "By tooth and claw I took this island and by Tooth and claw I will rule it"

    One of the most badass things I've heard someone say in a trailer

  11. So now we're going against the Punisher / Shane from The Walking Dead I remember back in 2011 or 12 this guy was Shane from The Walking Dead now he's doing awesome stuff like this on Ghost Recon and he's the Punisher this dude pretty much came from a small actor to a major player 6 to 7 maybe eight and that's impressive

  12. I know this might be old but I saw a meme that Disney has a lot property like star wars and marvel and they also wanted spider man and I am glad spidy is in marvel. But what would happen if Disney bought sony? Would that mean they would also own the playstation?

  13. So can we get a Terminator Dlc to make this better got predator in wildlands so let's take breakpoint to future of ghost where the machines think humans can't be trusted? Anyone

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