#TimeOutŽalgiris Se05 Ep08 (Game vs Crvena Zvezda)

#TimeOutŽalgiris Se05 Ep08 (Game vs Crvena Zvezda)

Welcome all green-and-whites! It might not be difficult to guess what we’re celebrating tonight based on my outfit. On the 23rd of November, we mark the Day of Lithuanian Armed Forces, and to celebrate it, Zalgiris is wearing their camo jerseys tonight, as they take on Crvena Zvezda. The 23rd of Novemeber is the day of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, we’re here to celebrate it in Zalgirio Arena. Zalgiris is all dressed up, everyone’s supporting. Are you enjoying it? Absolutely, it’s very fun. Having 15 thousand people in uniform. Doesn’t matter if in this kind of uniform, that kind of uniform, or green-and-white. But they’ve all got the spirit that you need to defeat any opponent. I hope we can beat them on the court, too. Would it be difficult for Zalgiris player to pass your practices? With this kind of spirit, I don’t think so. They would need to train a little bit. So they’d need the fans to support them? The Armed Forces have around 20 thousand people, if you bring in another 15 thousand from here, we can reach quite a bit. That is a lot. A question about Paulius Motiejunas – the head of the team. Have you ever ran into him? Without a doubt. That soldier is known to have leadership qualities, is extremely stubborn, a man who will hit the dirt any day of the week. He will do anything to achieve a goal, and that’s the most important quality. A year ago we met up, and now a year later we’re here again. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to meet in Zalgirio Arena? Yes, that’s true. I’m very happy Zalgiris still allows me here, they let me sit up close to all the action. I don’t get as much adrenaline anywhere as I do here. Maybe except being on stage. I know you have a concert on the 29th of December. You’re getting used to the surroundings here, the fans? Everyone here is family. Everyone. So you’re inviting everyone to your concert? They already know they’re going to be there. You always surprise us with your style. Zalgiris is playing in camo uniforms. It’s really good, really good. I immediately thought about the San Antonio Spurs, and was like ‘what’s going on?’ And then they announced that it was for the day of Armed Forces. Zalgiris is just wow… So for your concert it will be around the Christmas, New Year season. Maybe you’ll take inspiration? I know my wife will help stylize the whole tour. I know the girls will look extremely good. I know I’ll be stupider than ever. I know we’ll show so much love for this whole arena and all the people there. As much as we have and a little bit more. Thank you. I know I’ll be there, hopefully everyone else will be, too! As I’ve noticed you’re often a guest in Zalgirio Arena. I really like it. Every time I come back, if there’s a game here, I come here with a smile on my face. During your playing days you probably didn’t have too much free time. Now you’ve got a different position – you’re the President of the Lithuanian Hockey Federation for a year now. How’s it going? I’m doing well, I travel around Lithuania, talking to municipalities, trying to bring in new rinks for the sport, and we seem to be doing well. The one in Kaunas has already begun constructions. We hope to have some more in a year and a half. Being this up close to the game, does it ever make you want to return to hockey and feel the in-game emotions? Everything happens. After being so close, there’s always a little tingling to get back. I’ve been to some NHL games recently, too. All kinds of emotions. I do miss the game itself. Do you ever get to play basketball? Not really. I try not to jump too much. I try to spare my knees. All entirely for health reasons. That’s how it happens once you’re done with your career. I’ve had enough in me. I skate instead. First of all, a huge thank you from the entire Zalgiris team and all the people that you fulfilled this task. We are celebrating the day of Lithuanian Armed Forces. But you’ve done just as much. Can you finally sit back, relax and watch the game? Today for sure. And then you get back to work, no rest for you guys? Work never stops. Every three-four nights we give it our absolute all. What would a Zalgiris player need to be able to work in this field? I think Jankunas has it all. As a captain, he’d really help us. He’d be there telling everyone what to do? We’d put him where we needed him physically. He’d be pouring water from up top. You don’t have many like that? We don’t have guys that tall. So you probably avoid the topic of tires after the whole situation? As far away from it? The whole country was talking about it. Well, they’ll always remember us if the tires keep burning… So did you guys take a couple tires for yourself? Of course, you know, winter season is upon us, can’t be driving around with summer tires… Does the car still drive? Oh yes, oh yes. We found the right ones. So maybe we can work out a set for me… Easily, easily.

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  1. LANDALE and HAYES OUT! they are not Euroleague level players.. sell them to Rytas, and buy a normal players… Bad years about Foreigners… 4 Foreigners – Leday, Landale, Perez, Hayes, and only one Leday is good…

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