This Is The Biggest MYTH About Controller Fortnite… (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

This Is The Biggest MYTH About Controller Fortnite… (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over the biggest myth about controller Fortnite. Whenever people in the Fortntie community
complain about controller players, there’s typically 3 different things that they complain
about. The first thing you’ll see people say is aim
assist is overpowered, 2nd is that controller players have less recoil, and 3rd is that
controller players have less bloom. Now the whole aim assist thing is all subjective
so there’s no really no need to talk about that in this video. But the other 2 complaints about recoil and
bloom are a lot more interesting in my opinion. This may surprise a lot of controller players
that are relatively new to this channel, but believe it or not, controller Fortnite actually
does have less recoil than mouse and keyboard Fortnite. This is something that I showed in a video
maybe 6 or 7 months ago, and I even checked again to make sure everything is still the
same. And since a lot of you guys probably haven’t
seen that random video from half a year ago, I’ll just you show an updated clip of controller
having less recoil. What I’m gonna do is fire a full clip of a
weapon on controller and you’ll see how high the crosshair ends up going due to the recoil,
then I’ll plug in a mouse and do the same exact thing. So yeah as you saw in that clip, it’s pretty
cut and dry that controller actually does have less recoil. And just as a quick sidenote here, a somewhat
common misconception regarding this is that a lot of people think controller having less
recoil a relatively new thing. Around 3 months ago when the new aim assist
and settings were added into Fortnite, a clip very similar to what I just showed you guys
basically went viral. And that led to a lot of people believing
that controller got something like a recoil nerf with the new settings. But that definitely isn’t true, it’s been
the same way for as long as I can remember, and very likely since the game was first released. There’s actually even proof of and more information
about this in the detailed statistics that Fortnite shares for each weapon. If you go onto Fortnite tracker and click
on any regular fully auto weapon, when you scroll down to the recoil section of the statistics,
you’ll see something called “vertical gamepad recoil multiplier” with a value under it of
0.5. That right there indicates that when you’re
playing fortnite on a gamepad which basically means any type of controller, your vertical
recoil for these weapons is going to be half of what it would be if you were using a mouse,
and I think the clip I showed earlier backs that up. But if you also looked at “horizontal gamepad
recoil” multiplier, the value for that is 1.0 so your left and right recoil is going
to be the same no matter which platform you play on. So because of all that, mouse and keyboard
players complaining about controller having less recoil isn’t just some crazy theory,
it’s actually a proven fact. However, what I want the main focus of the
rest of this video to be about is the other criticism of controller Fortnite, the theory
that along with having less recoil it also has less bloom. To be fair to the mouse and keyboard players
out there, I can totally understand where this theory comes from. There are plenty of really popular clips out
there of controller players hitting something like 4-5 SMG or AR headshots in a row, and
because bloom usually is so detrimental in Fortnite, it makes it seem like a lot of those
clips simply shouldn’t be possible with regular bloom. So all it really takes is 1 or 2 well known
players to theorize that controller has less bloom, and over time more and more people
have started to believe it. And unfortunately unlike with recoil, the
way bloom works in Fortnite makes it pretty difficult to actually test. The simple explanation of bloom is that whenever
you fire a bullet, it has a random chance to land anywhere within the crosshair space
of whatever weapon you’re firing. But, it’s actually a little more complicated
than that. I don’t 100% fully understand it myself and
I don’t wanna super go in-depth to prevent myself from saying something stupid, but apparently
you can’t test bloom by just fully auto-firing a weapon, because recoil will skew the results
of the test. But a few days ago, a user on reddit named
Reisshub did a really interesting test comparing bloom on controller vs. bloom on keyboard
and mouse. And here’s the setup for the test in Reiss’s
own words: “I setup a Sentry that was 7 tiles away from myself, and equipped myself with
a gold scar. I then shot single shots from the hip without
using ADS and waited until the bloom and recoil had reset before I fired the next shot. This was to ensure that there was no recoil
affecting each shot. On Keyboard and Mouse, I bound the # key to
a secondary fire button, so that I didn’t accidentally move the mouse while clicking. On controller, I aimed at the same spot and
then turned my right stick dead-zone as high as it would go to ensure I didn’t nudge the
stick or have any drift. The sentry had 500 total HP, and I counted
how many bullets it would take to eliminate the sentry for each kill. I did a total of 50 kills on each input, which
was roughly 1000 single shots fired, and then compared the average amount of bullets fired
for a kill. In theory, if controller does have less bloom
then the results would show a lower amount of bullets per kill on average than on keyboard
and mouse.” So what Reisshub set up here is a really effective
experiment, and it should give us a pretty good indication if there actually is less
bloom on controller. So, I was initially gonna show you guys the
short little clips he posted of him doing 1 example test on both controller and mouse,
but now that I think about it, the explanation he gave that described the test is just as
good as seeing it pretty much. So I don’t think there’s really need to show
you a 20 second video of him shooting 1 shot at a time at a sentry until it dies. Therefore we can hop right into the results
which are definitely the most important part. On keyboard and mouse it took a total of 909
bullets to kill the 50 sentries, which results in an average of 18.18 bullets per kill. He also stated that the max number of bullets
it took to kill 1 of the 50 sentries was 35 and the minimum was 12. On controller it took 938 bullets to kill
the sentries, which comes out to an average of 18.76 per kill, so actually higher than
what it was on keyboard and mouse. However, interestingly enough the minimum
and maximum values were both lower with 31 being the max and 8 being the min. So what exactly can we take away from those
results? At least in my opinion, even though the amount
of bullets per kill were slightly lower on average on mouse compared to controller, I
don’t think the difference was big enough to where it’s actually significant. Therefore I think it means that in all likelihood
the amount of bloom on both platforms are equal. So it probably isn’t a good idea to run around
saying mouse has less recoil or vice versa. But I also think it’s interesting that the
max and min values were both a lot lower on controller. And I think Reiss’s theory about this was
really interesting, he wrote: Both the maximum and minimum number of bullets to kill were
lower on controller by a significant amount, however the average was still higher. This could suggest that Controller bloom is
slightly more volatile that KBM, having times where theres very little bloom and others
where your bullets don’t hit much at all. Now again all that was is a theory so don’t
go running around spreading it like it’s 100% confirmed, but it could serve as an interesting
explanation for a lot of those crazy clips where it looks like controller players have
no bloom. But I personally think the more likely explanation
is that it’s the lower recoil that makes the bloom on controller look easier to control. If you’re constantly able to keep your crosshair
right in the middle of your enemies’ body, which should be a lot easier to do with less
recoil, then you’re going to have a higher chance of hitting your shots even with bloom. It sounds kinda simple when you think about
it like that, but I don’t think a lot of people even consider that when talking about bloom. But since Fortnite keeps the more detailed
aspects of bloom in the dark pretty much, I guess we’ll never know with 100% certainty. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. What do you think about the whole controller
has bloom than keyboard and mouse theory? Do you think the testing showcased in this
video kinda disproved that? Or is it still something that you believe
in. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “This Is The Biggest MYTH About Controller Fortnite… (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

  1. For every 1 video of controller lasering people there is 10 mkb videos of the same thing. This argument is stupid. And the fortnite community is fucking retarded if they think a controller is better.

    The World Cup already had this proven. This community is seriously the worst gaming has ever had.

  2. I agree with the theory about the volatile bloom on controller i would say im a decent player with above average aim but there are times when i spray crosshair directly on a player not a single bullet will hit out of the whole clip even if the player is standing still

  3. It might my play style, but from what I see on videos of people playing o pc I looks like bloom on pc is smaller than on console (PS4). The crosshair looks always smaller on the videos I watch (even when people are just spamming ARs) than on my screen when I play.

  4. If controller is so good why dont kbm switch if aim assist is sooo OP then everyone would switch yet they don’t

  5. Gronky has to defend aim assist because he has some of the best aim in the game and doesn’t want anyone to think he’s being helped out by aim assist

  6. Also I have a clip of me on controller and the cross air is directly on the guy less than 5 tiles and never got a shot

  7. The complaints about recoil,aim assist and bloom are bogus…. If so tru then why are there more pc pro's in big competition's than there is controller… Better aiming… If they try and nerf recoil then it would make fortnite unplayable on consol… So they would lose 2/3 of the players…

  8. The only people that truly have any real benefit of what pc players are complaining about is those playing on pc with a controller.

  9. the only reason for controller having less bloom sometimes is cuz we lock on to their body. then the aiming dot thing is right on their body and all does clips are around closerange for ar, so it is because aim assist lock on to them while k&m players might flick of the player.

  10. Epic has the answer. But will they tell us?
    Personally I think the Bloom is equal, but it's the combination of Aim Assist and less recoil that make people fantasize about the Bloom. Especially people who don't understand that there's Bloom for good Reason in Fortnite.

  11. I play with both and I gotta say even with controller having less recoil, controllers are still not op.
    These so call "PROS" ha never play any call of duty game because on call of duty controller has little to no recoil compared to mouse and keyboard

  12. 2020 baby!!!!!!!!! Lez gooooo, gronky I`ve been watching you since October 2018 you were basically my younger selfs drugs thx so much for being here for all those vids keep doing what your doing ❤❤❤

  13. I play both keyboard and mouse and controller on ps4 i am more a keyboard and mouse player but sometimes with controller i dont even see the kid and aim in and shoot and get all headshots and the kid i play againts will have no chance

  14. Pc sens are higher the ps4xbox imo it just their sens are so high and when their barely touch their mouse it just goes all over the place

  15. I've been watching your channel for a long time gronky, like well over a year I believe longer. Anyways I've never asked you any questions but this video made me think of something. A lot of players switch to kb and mouse because they believe controller limits their skill potential. I've been thinking of switching myself, I'm not the best in the world but I have about 1k wins, I place in the 1-3k range in most tournaments, so I wouldnt say I'm the worst either. Anyways, my question for you is, do you believe you (a really good player imo), would do better with m and kb, and if not why? Basically I was wondering if you think the switch is beneficial for most players, or if there is no longer that big of an advantage to switching for good to great players.
    Thanks for reading (and hopefully answering)

  16. I dont think its about bloom. Its about achiving first shot accuracy. On pc when you shoot at a player 5-7 tiles away it ocasionly happens you fire a 10 -15 hits and you see nothing happening even if the crosshair is on the full player body. If i see your videos i see in the same situations a rainbow of bullets hitting.

  17. more people should watch your vid's, there would be a lot less complaining and hate between controller and kb+m players

  18. Pc players complain about everything… so come to ps4 with max 60fps 30/40 in late game and cry that advantages we have event even that OP as you think

  19. Hello I just wanted to say Happy New Years and many more you have taught me so much due out this year for fornite I have learned so much keep doing more and I will never unsubscribe

  20. Gronky I love you dude but please talk like 2x faster and stop trying to talk obnoxiously clear it’s honestly really annoying.

  21. Hey gronky i think i figured it out why new settings has auto rotate and no aim assist slow down, its a theory but i think that the traits of lagacy settings carried over to the new settings as a bug if you switch from aim legacy to mew assist, for awhile i didn't slow down and my cross hair would auto rotate on its own towards the enemy and i saw this video where this guy asked epic to reset his client settings and i wanted to try to reset all of my controller settings for aim assist and it worked and i have slow down and there's no more auto rotation for me on new settings, i hope you see this i hope im right because it was an easy fix im gonna tell epic about this so hopefully they will see it fix this as well but i hope you can get the word so that others can find out about this as well, like so gronky can see it

  22. Gronky, do you think they will ever add a scope sense to the new settings? I love the feel of exponential, but i played with a high scope sense on legacy… now i don’t even bother with a sniper when playing on exponential.

  23. That first clip was the worst test ever lol. The lmg, is known for having recoil on all platforms. also, you didnt shoot at a target that triggered aim assist. on top of that, MANY clips show that recoil is much greater on KBM than it is on controller when aim assist is triggered. Controller by far has less recoil. bloom is the same, but recoil is not equal and that's not fair at all lmfao

  24. Stop L2 spamming, I play on console myself and don’t L2 spam.. you play controller you don’t need to abuse it though




  26. Test it with sensitivity ALL the way down

    And as for less bloom when I shoot I use BOTH triggers to reset my bloom on each shot 🤯

    Bloom isn’t even a real thing it’s only got video games go buy a gun and retuned it if it doesn’t shoot straight 😂 recoil is a real thing that’s why they went for more recoil over bloom cause bloom only means you can’t aim 😂

  27. I can assure you this is wrong. I play on controller and miss 90% of my shots because of bloom. I can have my reticle placed right on the head and I'll be lucky to his 3 or for of my AR bullets

  28. controller has less recoil but only a thumb on a stick to control it. PC players have more recoil but a WHOLE arm to control that bloom

  29. Just watch ur gameplay and here is the answer. Ur just lazering people while on PC we got LOTS of ghost hits.. Aim assist shouldn't be a thing

  30. the bloom mechanics have been changed in the beginning of the season. on mouse and keyboard if the center dot was on target about 90% to 100% of the time even while hipfiring and jump hip firing every bullet would hit but this is no longer true.

  31. Epic just keeps catering to the console plebs by giving them crutches upon crutches on top of a wheel chair… Trash company, zero integrity for competitive.

  32. Your such a lie bro I have played on console for ever an all you gotta do is check a box not all console player use aim assist dick

  33. just saying: from my experience, if you keep the very center of your crosshair on your target you will hit a lot more shots on your enemies than if it's say the side of your crosshair.

  34. Why you do the recoil test with AR for console and a LMG for PC. Thats an unfair advantage. The recoil on lmg is always big and noticeable.

  35. Your 1st eXAMPLE, how do you compare a AR vs a 50 cal machine gun cross hairs. THEY ARE NOT REMOTELY the SAME THING!! Use the same damn gun. This is a terrible debate and a terrible example.

  36. i dont think your bloom test was correctly done due to the fact that the aim assist on controller with the lower recoil test makes controller bloom no existent due to the advanced tracking maybe do it again in an aim duel map

  37. Im glad Fortnite has the inverse effect of Destiny 2 where Bungie decided that giving console ridiculous recoil and bloom ontop of the already sluggish gameplay while giving pc virtually no recoil and bloom

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