This Game Boy Advance clone plays PlayStation Games

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  1. I really loved the lead into the express vpn ad. I needed to laugh. I really love the original bittboy and was my daily driver for my commute to work (because of it's size) and really tempted to get the pocket go. On a side note, i ordered my RG350 from retromimi at the start of December hoping it would arrive in time for Christmas as i got another one for a friend but took only 8 days to arrive which i wasn't expecting. Not sure if it was because they do drop shipping for their more demanding products or the fact that it was going to Australia. Anyways, much love from Australia m/

  2. What is the best way to convince Nintendo to port Ocarina of Time to the Switch? They did it for the Wii U, why not do it for a console that people actually have/want.

  3. dude , you know your android can do all that + a bag of chips ? just get yourself a wireless controller and youre good to go

  4. The custom firmware/ firmware updates did fix the screen tearing issue. Also just follow a quick tutorial on YouTube (ETA prime I think) and you're done in a few minutes.

  5. Goddamit Beb first the PocketGo now I gotta buy this. Using the link.
    Great video video as always – no crotch shot ending.
    Great to see you getting sponsors too. Loving seeing this channel grow and you both succeed.

  6. Just providing an alternative to those ready to throw their money at this thing, you should check out the odroid go advance which starts shipping in a few weeks. Same form factor and you build it yourself! You just need some fingers and a screw driver, it looks really easy to build. It has support up to PS1 and PSP. The OS is open source. It's also $55 btw…

  7. I want to see Silent Hill played on these kinds of machines.
    Absolute classic, fully 3D, not exactly too hard to run BUT still a neat test.
    It also uses a number of neat visual effects (such as the flashlight) that tend to break down or look wrong on poorly made emulators.

  8. Eh… Ill take a pass. I just cant into these things. I guess the reason why is because as a kid all i had was shitty ass knock offs of the real deal back then. So now, all these emulators dont fly with me. Im all about original hardware

  9. Can you please make some videos with original content? Everything you make has been done by 1,000 others. Either that or retire from youtube.

  10. It (like the RG350) only appears to charge from USB-A to USB-C and not from USB-C to USB-C, nor directly from power bricks to USB-C.

  11. My husband hates gaming, like hates hates. So it's really nice to watch these and not feel like I'm the only one !!!

  12. I am a female watching you. I like listening to you and your pal ,and one other person . You guys tell the truth on the company's. Other people lie. They always be likening all these pocket consoles. I like the truth about them. Even if people dont like it. Also games to. I wish you could talk about the psvr more. But I'm waiting on my new switch when it comes out

  13. Not gunna lie I want one…. mainly because Nintendo switch is dragging its god dam retro feet. Wish this had Dreamcast though. Or ps2. Maybe one day.

  14. mac and windows not recognizing linux partitions is on them not linux, you can read windows and mac partitions on linux out of the box, so your rant for the file system is kind of too much

  15. Man, switch charger is such a dick. You can't charger switch without it and the charger can't charge anything else but switch. Totally defeat the purpose of usb c

  16. Fat is a microsoft format, 32 bit linux often uses it but honestly they should just ditch fat and go full mbr, gpt or the other few as they're notoriously faster than any of Microsoft's current formats.

  17. Bobby Boy, great review as usual bud!

    What Brand is your Leather Jacket? It's a kick-ass leather for sure, with great colors and fantastic fit, especially with that hoodie under it. Gives a very Joey Ramone / Sid Vicious / CBGB early Punk Rocker vibe. Would love to know the brand, is it "All Saints" by any chance?

  18. How big are people's bags? Since when is the switch light not something you can just throw in your bag and forget about?

  19. At this point it seems like we would benefit more from some diy standardization than relying on these companies churning out mediocre copyright infringement machines.

  20. so you realized it is a linux os, but complain about why "for SOME stupid reason" the sd card with the OS on it is linux formated?
    please think before you talk.

  21. It took mine about a month to get here, I got in on the first round of preorders. But yeah you're going to have to wait a while for it arrive. Also their tracking numbers are just garbage.

  22. It's not stealing to pirate games, if pirated games offer you a better deal than the original than that's the better deal. Intellectual property is a statist invention.

  23. Re. the size/ratio of the GBA screen: there's a new version of the regba app with the option to change it. You can find the .opk file online (see Reddit etc)

  24. i'm SURE this isn't the first time you've heard this… but you're WEIRD lookin'… bwahahaha! you're like Chris D'elia's meth head brother! hahahaha!

  25. I can report that the new firmware for the original pocketgo does fix the screen-tearing, its really worth the work it takes.

  26. im still a beliver with my red knight ipega controller using retroarch on android samsung galaxy 7 preferd 🙂

  27. While all of these emulator type consoles look great, I'm leaning towards either buying a fpga type console with an everdrive, or figured out how to mod my original consoles (at least portable) and have it with an everdrive. My apologies, I've been watching The Retro Future channel on these lately. Anyways, these kind of consoles look cool and nice to have on hand..

  28. I can recommend RG350, play most of PSX games (grafic heavy game with 1 frameskip), no screentearing at all, awesom formfactor with two real joystick.

  29. Hey dude i got a question what to do if u can only hear from 1 ear from ur headphones on the headphone jack from the switch and is not my headphones cuz they work perfectly on my phone

  30. Be careful with chargers. The switch charger has higher voltage. most sure the mac one too. It seems it has some kind of protection but don't push your luck or you will fry it. It probably charge with 5 volt chargers. The voltage is very important, it HAS TO BE THE SAME, amperage could be the same or higher.

  31. Oh my god. Bob, you have to mod a PSP. It's the grand daddy of all modded consoles. I'm not saying you have to love it. Just try it out for a week and see. Plus you get the whole PSP library.

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