The WORST Nintendo Switch Games So Far are INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

The WORST Nintendo Switch Games So Far are INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

The Nintendo Switch is the most recent entrant
into the console market and it’s already produced a number of legendary works of art
in its short lifespan, but it’s also been tarnished by a few less than stellar titles. In this epic episode of Innocent Until Proven
Guilty, we’re going to dig deep into the dirt in order to bring the supposedly Worst
Nintendo Switch games so far to trial! Up first on the agenda is the blandly named
offender that ranks 15th from the bottom on the Switch Metacritic charts…Carnival Games. Released in early November of last year, Carnival
Games from 2K & Mass Media is a Mario Party-esque compilation based around a themed gimmick. As to be expected from the loading screen
& box cover, we get to choose from a variety of creepy looking virtual avatars & partake
in skeet shooting, hoops competitions & other typical showcases found at amusement parks. There are only a few events available from
the start, but the rest can be unlocked by redeeming tickets won from performing well
in the aforementioned attractions. Carnival Games allows up to four players to
participate in the action by splitting the controls among the JoyCons or single souls such as myself can take on an array of CPU competitors. I already brought up that the characters are
unsettling from an aesthetic perspective, but I didn’t mention that I found some of
the more peculiar designs to be particularly amusing. Isaac, for example, is rocking a sweet Goku
do and my fellow Matt is going for the quintessential surfer vibe, but the real standout here, without
a doubt, is the preppy jock in the striped shirt & beach shorts called simply Dude…er,
I mean… Dude!! is joined by Ziggy!!, Sissy!!, Biff!
& a scad of exclamation point emphasized contestants, who are differentiated in the solo mode by
their individual difficulty settings, which are printed clear as day next to their eccentric
& amusing monikers. I spent around two hours with Carnival Games,
during which I squared off against this odd bunch in all of the unlocked events, and I
had mixed feelings about the entire experience. The presentation is spot on for what 2K & Mass
Media set out to accomplish, with fittingly cartoony visuals & an eclectic soundtrack
tailored around the motif of each attraction. The controls change up between each event,
but they remain simple throughout. The NPC A.I., on the other hand, can be as
intense or light as you want it to be, though it skews towards the former, because I very
rarely took the top spot even when I had them set on Easy. As far as bonus features go, there’s an
audio options menu, where we can turn down the barker voice if we find it to be annoying,
as well as a store where we can create custom characters, which I found to be the personal
highlight since I ended up making a freaky alien woman with an amusingly gibberish name,
but other than that, Carnival Games is fairly bare bones. It may be a lot of fun with a group of friends
to play along with, but in the solo setting, once I’d unlocked everything, I got about
a half an hour’s worth of enjoyment before the novelty wore off, and that really wasn’t
worth the asking price as far as I’m concerned, so that’s why I rule that the verdict is… Guilty! It may be a little harsh, considering that
I enjoyed quite a lot of what 2K & Mass Media had to offer, but I can’t help but compare
this with the previously addressed Nintendo franchise, and in that context, Carnival Games
comes up flat. If you can find a used copy for around $10
or $15 and you have some co-op partners, it’s probably worth seeking out, but at the full
retail cost, you’re much better off going with Mario Party. To put it another way, Carnival Games, the
time has come for you to serve a stint in the IUPG jail! Continuing on with the party game theme, here’s
the 12th ranked offender on the Metacritic Switch charts…Scribblenauts Showdown. This seventh entry in the fan favorite series
was distributed to store shelves by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on March 6th, 2018 & continued the formula established by its predecessors. As with Carnival Games, there are a multitude
of different modes for 1 to 4 players to partake in, but Scribblenauts Showdown raises the
creativity a few notches by allowing one’s imagination to run wild. We’re assigned the task of spelling out
words & the resulting letter combinations end up playing a major role in the activities
to follow. These brain stimulating activities require
the use of the individual JoyCons and involve a variety of grip positions & motions that
simulate a rousing round of tug of war, a powerful strum of a guitar string, and concocting
a delectable stew, as well as a slew of more conventionally controlled competitions that
feature Track & Field-esque button mashing & rhythmic directional inputs a la DDR. These inspired events can be tackled at will
or on a random rotation in a standard Vs. setting, and the creativity is taken up another
level in the titular board game option, where a card system is added into the mix, so that
the sporty spellers can screw each other over until one of them reaches the goal. The final piece of the puzzle is the fittingly
titled Sandbox, which differentiates itself from the rest by placing our animated avatars
in an elaborate environment containing open ended puzzles that we can solve to receive
rewards for unlocking additional content. The Sandbox section was a bit too open for
my tastes, since the thought bubble objectives can be vague & confusing, but I appreciated
how it expanded upon the formula in a very creative manner. Speaking of creative, I’d be remiss if I
didn’t mention how awesome my custom character is. I officially dubbed him with my channel alter-ego,
but I like to refer to him as Doctor Defender, because he has the same fondness for the LJN
rainbow as I do & shares my Whovian affinity for a certain piece of cool neckwear. I guess what I’m saying here is that Doctor
Defender is a very nice representation of the interests that make me the lovable weirdo
that I am & I clearly found the exaggerated menu choices of the avatar maker to be engaging,
but that alone does not a great game make & Scribblenauts Showdown has some problems
that hold it back. What initially seems to be an edutational
adventure that spans the length of our imagination quickly comes up short when it’s revealed
that the word integration isn’t as intuitive as we’d expect. For example, I wanted to soar through the
skies on a big beautiful burrito, but I instead awkwardly floated along with only a pair of
tiny wings to support my stature. I already mentioned my issues with the Sandbox,
but even the regular modes aren’t without hiccups. The motion controls lack polish & the overwhelming
reliance on them is bound to be a dealbreaker for some, while the mini-games themselves
eventually start to lose their luster, and from what I can tell, Showdown doesn’t offer
all that much in terms of pushing the franchise into new & unexplored territories. Admittedly, I haven’t played any of the
original entries, so I’m perhaps not the best person to judge this, but I will say
that in my analysis of this Switch offender, I found more positive traits than negative
& it was a major step up from the mediocrity of Carnival Games, so that’s why I rule
that the verdict is… Innocent! I’m sure this is going to anger the veteran
fans who may be watching, but as much as I respect & empathize with how they feel, I’ve
got to give my honest opinions & I truthfully had an exhilarating experience during my capture
session. From the Tapper & Guitar Hero tributes to
the amusing wordplay experiments, it all put a big smile on my face & I feel that I received
more than my money’s worth. If you’re like me & you’ve never played
Scribblenauts before, then I’d suggest checking this out, but keep in mind that I’m no expert,
so you might want to consult another review source before you make a decision. With these two similarly themed culprits out
of the way, it’s time to crank things up several notches, as we’re finally ready
to face what’s widely claimed to be the second worst Switch game to date. Here it is in all its infamous glory… Ark: Survival Evolved. Produced by the team at Studio Wildcard, Ark:
Survival Evolved is a port of the multi-platform fantasy oriented FPS that has courted quite
a lot of controversy in the few short months since its release. We’re introduced into the world of this
critically slammed survival simulator after downloading a massive update & subsequently
instructed to start or join a session. Since I haven’t enrolled in the Switch online
service, I had to stick to the local solo setting & much to my chagrin, the first sign
of trouble came right out of the gate when the character creator stuttered onto the screen. This inexcusable slowdown was nearly enough
for me to give up hope, but I pressed on & went with the most ridiculous options from the
impressive amount available to devise my virtual self before being immediately dropped on an
isolated island. As to be expected from the title, the goal
is to tough out the elements & gather the necessary materials to succeed in our mission,
but this is much easier said than done as there’s a pack of ravenous dinosaurs co-inhabiting
the island that’ll tear us limb from limb unless we’re prepared to take them out first. Judging by the cover and the potential brimming
trailer, there are ranged weapons available to neutralize this threat & we can even tame
some of them to do our bidding, but completing that task involves collecting specific materials
in a manner reminiscent of No Man’s Sky, only this time around it’s far less user-friendly. Not only are the menus incredibly clunky & tough
to maneuver, but the necessary materials are nowhere in sight, so we’re essentially left
with nothing but our bare fists to deliver a vicious smackdown on these demolishing dinos,
so the probability of overcoming these odds are slim to none, and this is made even worse
by the fact that we’re likely to die from malnourishment due to the lack of proper food. In my time with Ark: Survival Evolved, I was
able to defeat a few smaller dinosaurs, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with the
meat, so I had to rely on wild berries to feed my stamina meters & those barely made
a dent on staving off the hunger, so between that & the extreme susceptibility to the elements,
I died & respawned in a different portion of the map, with my previous death being marked
on the screen with a shiny beacon. I’ll give Studio Wildcard props for capturing
the proper tone of being alone & afraid and making it feel as if we’re constantly struggling
to maintain our mortality, but that’s about all I can give them, because my patience & forgiveness
was abruptly stretched to its limits by the unholy abomination that is the presentation. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now,
the gameplay is abundantly flawed to the core, but the presentation somehow manages to be
even worse. The graphics are shockingly primitive & they’re
degraded even further by the frequently choppy frame rate. The day to night transition is far from seamless
& it causes the game to plunge into total darkness on the default settings, while the
dinosaurs are far from breathtaking & their A.I. levels are so low that they get caught
on the nearby obstructions. If you’re thinking that this looks like
a hot mess, then you’re absolutely in the right for thinking that, but that doesn’t
even begin to scratch the surface of the effect this has on the player. I only played this game for about two hours,
but those were two of the most soul shattering hours I’ve ever lived through. I seriously became exhausted just by playing
it & I genuinely felt as if it were draining my life’s essence. In those bleak moments, I wanted to take back
everything I said about Agony & Life of Black Tiger. Those might have been trash, but at least
they had something of substance to offer, whereas this has nothing but an endless abyss
of despair & depression, so I’m going to cut right to the chase & banish this catastrophe
to the Shadow Realm where it will rot for the rest of eternity! It goes without saying, but I can’t express
enough just how much I want you all to stay away from this port of Ark: Survival Evolved. In fairness to Studio Wildcard, though, I’m
only going to condemn the Switch port because I’ve heard that the PC version is decent,
but I can’t personally vouch for it, so I would suggest being leery of that as well
just to be safe. Anyway, now that I’ve dealt out some swift
justice on a despised defendant, I have to play some Animal Crossing to remind myself
of what good games are, but after I do that, I’ve got another trial in the IUPG court
to prepare for. Be sure to come back for that & leave any
suggestions for future trials in the comments below, but until then, court is now adjourned!

100 thoughts on “The WORST Nintendo Switch Games So Far are INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

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    Sure, the game kinda runs poorly on all platforms, but the low resolution and horrendous graphics are so not acceptable for a 50 dollar release. If the phone version can look so much better, why not the Switch version?

  4. Thankfully I never played the Switch port of Ark but I did play it on Xbox One and the interface on that version is just as cumbersome and the performance did have similar issues. I will mention though that it was when I played on an Xbox One S and haven't tried the X upgraded version as I never really wanted to go back to it. Even further, a few Christmases ago a fellow YouTuber (who sadly is not on here anymore) gifted me with a copy of the PC version but I never had a chance to play it, but since I got a new gaming laptop recently I might give it a look just to see how well it runs. Besides the controls look like they would be better suited for the PC version anyway.

  5. They're still making Scribblenauts games? I only played the first one and it was such a waste of money I did not bother with any of it's sequels.

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  7. Ark really isn't as bad as you make it out to be…as a game I mean, it's awesome on other platforms. It's just trash on the switch. Its not hard at all to start out as long as you have some knowledge of survival games.

  8. Showdown is a bad game? My niece and I had a lot of fun playing the game, but it did feel like an extended demo of one of the better games.

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  15. Honestly, while I could probably critique you for not noticing things like the stones around, or the Minecraft-esque logic of punching trees for the first bits of wood, yer complete evisceration of ARK probably isn't too far off. As someone that got to the point that they could comfortably tame a T-Rex and so on on the PC version… ARK does have some major issues even there. Graphics don't bother me as much in general, but it does seem like a 1:1 PC port, which probably means if you went in with the default settings then grinding is in your future: MASSIVE grind walls to make even a 3x3x2 structure of your chosen material, and you need a lot of supplies or well-trained dinos in order to even reach the faintest hope of taking on bosses and acquiring the nearly broken TEK tier. And if you want the full experience, that is only island 1 of… oh, I think about 4 if you count the DLCs up. It's one of those survival games pretty much demanding teamwork to even get anywhere, so as a person that perfers solo (and avoided the cancerous alpha-tribe ridden multiplayer scene) I did eventually give up at the stage of gathering artifacts from sheer grind alone.

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  22. See the problem is, that Ark is not optimized at all. Even on my computer which should be able to handle such a game.

    As for how you survive, it's quite simple. Do not go after anything with fists, you cook meat in a campfire, and berries are meant for taming the herbivores. Yes you can eat berries, but it is just not worth it just like in real life. They don't do anything to your hunger.

    Also, you should have gathered Stone and punched trees. Then you would have been able to make an axe and a pickaxe.

    Anyway, don't even bother with console ports. The PC version has mods that make the game much easier. taming dinosaurs take literal hours sometimes depending on what you're trying to get if you do not have kibble.

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    i tried Ark for around 3 entire days. i got no further than you did, WITH Guides and people helping me. that game is Garbage. it is harder to figure out than ZBRUSH IS!!

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    and this guy is such a moron, he has no clue what hes doing in ARK, don't listen to him at all when it comes to that game, he just sucked horribly and had no idea what to do, any game could be bad if thats the case… i hate people that say a game is bad just cause they suck at it

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  40. List of games featured on this video:
    1. Carnival Games (Guilty)
    2. Scribblenauts Showdown (Innocent)
    3. Ark: Survival Evolved (Guilty)

    Also, only three games? I thought you could have added one or two more games into the video. And maybe the last game of the video should have been THE worst Switch game according to Metacritic, instead of just the second worst. Other than that, though, great video as always. Keep it up!. 👍

    Also, as for Ark on Switch… You really know you fucked up when the Cygnus Destroyer of all people sends you to the Shadow Realm.

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