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  1. Maybe Darkrai did it bc the girls Pokémon got in a fight with it and he tried shooting the Pokémon but did the girl instead by accident

  2. I think that Darkrei new that those little kids were going to grow up to be Team Rocket (another theory) so he wanted to stop them before they became a terror to the world.

  3. i remember getting a Pokemon card that had a description that said that is lured children into forests never to be seen again i dont remember what Pokemon it was though.

  4. Late to this, but the only move Abra learns is Teleport. Maybe the girl and Abra encountered each other and Darkrai attacked (why is still a question). Abra teleports, dark void hits the girl.
    But hey, that's just a theory, a …

  5. Matpat: "Pokemon's first ghost girl." "… and it's always a ghost Girl…"

    Butler and girl in the old chateau.: Are we jokes to you?

  6. i’ve got a theory of pokémon where the evil teams may represent something more. something wrong with our world and i mean bad governments
    example:team flare to the public are good people but only a few people know their true game such as the player but when you look at what they do and say they control kalos and even say it in the manga team flare has everyone under blindfolds and use the news to control to control kalos they are an example of bad governments and it goes with other team i’m just saying as a theory

  7. Mat pat. You are forgetting… The OTHER Ghost Girl(s possibly).
    The ones in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire/ Pokémon X and Y

  8. in black v2 there's a skyscraper with a girl who gave me nightmare for years
    she shows up with the lights flashing and all, please research this it's really cool

  9. Is no one going to talk about the self diss mat did in the beginning? About girls saying to him he's not the one and them not being dead?? Foo that killed me

  10. I have a theory that darkrai's territory was probably the bridge and while the girl was playing near there she was cursed and that happened

  11. as soon as i heard "lunar wing" i knew it was connected to the Darkrai kid in D&P i feel like a little too much of a nerd for not needing further info to piece that together :' )

  12. I guess this is either what happens when trying to catch Darkrai, or… one of her Pokemon was over the Lv50 thing that all Legendaries are found at, and was actually posing a threat on Darkrai's life; and this indirectly doomed her.

  13. Maybe it has something to do with her Abra? Since we really don't know what happened to him/her anyway, maybe they had a clash and something happened.

  14. Given that Darkrai Defends itself using Nightmares and the girl was a trainer raising an Abra it seems kind of obvious that she made the fatal mistake of trying to capture it.Darkrai when you try to add it to your team in diamond,pearl or platinum uses a variety of nightmare inducing moves to defend against your pokemon.These include its signature move Dark Void which encapsulates its target in a never ending nightmare. if she battle darkrai with Abra and Darkrai used Dark void and Abra dodged using it's only regular move,Teleport then Dark void could have easily as shown in Darkrai's movie hit the trainer instead.This would mean this event is no more than a terrible accident caused by a pokemon's unwillingness to be caught.

  15. What if she was at the age to go on her own pokemon adventure and battled darkrai and he used his nightmare on her.

  16. Maybe the kid was playing with the Abra on the bridge and Darkrai was going that way. The girl could've just been playing around with Abra's teleport, and Darkrai saw it as a threat. Therefore he used his legendary SpOOpY dREaM on the girl. The dad could've found her, and took her back, then began the whole darn process.

  17. Darkrai's ability to use nightmares to warn people of impending doom as seen in the movie is likely a dead lead. After all, for the warning to actually work the person would have to be able to wake up to do something or tell someone about it. The different branches of Pokemon aren't always completely connected in their lore. In the second Mystery Dungeon games (Time/Darkness/Sky) Darkrai is an overtly malicious character that wishes to trap the whole world in a dark nightmare, and the first victim is Azurill, a child. In fact I don't think there is ever an instance in the Pokemon franchise where the person afflicted by Darkrai related nightmares is NOT a child. I would be curious to read the direct translations of its Pokedex entries. Many of the English entries specifically state that it means no harm, but is that just a product of the localization?

  18. Maybe her and Abra were wandering around close to darkrai and they got defensive . They could of killed Abra and trapped the girl in nightmare

  19. Diamond, Pearl & Platinum had a ghost girl in the old Chatto (Who people say is Gardina's Sister who she posioned in Jelosy for her sister was going to be the gym leader before she was killed).


    Maybe the Pokédex/Books providing the info were misleading. Which would explain Darkrai’s hostility today which caused the nightmare incidents to occur.

    Maybe Darkrai wasn’t hostile in the past but turned aggressive due to certain events (I’m not sure what happens in the Pokémon movies)

    Edit: Yes I liked my own comment, I hope it doesn’t die in the sea of dead comments

  21. sigh ok I know I overreact when it comes to people seeing Darkrai as an evil Pokémon but… I wish Game Freak wouldn’t paint Darkrai as some kind of demon… he’s always painted as an antagonist, don’t believe me? Here are some examples: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, Darkrai is the main reason as to why you lost your memories, became a Pokémon, and got separated from your partner Grovyle, next, PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, Darkrai created Wish Park and lured other Pokémon to it in order for them to play attractions manned by his Ghost Type servants, the Pokémon in Wish Park get ‘hypnotized’ and can’t tell right from wrong, in the end you beat Darkrai as a final boss then Reshiram and Zekrom make him disappear along with the Dark Vortex, next, Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia: Darkrai is seen as a God and an entire cult is formed to praise him, at the end of the game you destroy Darkrai and set everyone free, finally, Pokémon Black 2/White 2, basically the entirety of this video..!

    I could go on a rant for hours but I don’t wanna bore you, I’m just sick of him being seen as evil..! Just look at the movie “The Rise Of Darkrai” damnit! The scene where Darkrai disintegrates makes me cry to this day! Ok I’m gonna shut up now before I start a flame war or something… but this is just how I feel, ok?

  22. "It is rumored that a boy with psychic abilities suddenly transformed into Kadabra while he was assisting research into extrasensory powers." Is the pokedex entry of kadabra, what if the boy that was originally haunted by darkrai's nightmares turned into an abra instead of a kadabra, (and the reason he had those powers was because of the lunar wing, and he turned into abra instead of kadabra because of he was very young.) However the boy who had been turned into an abra made his way to the little girl. What if Darkrai considered abra (who was previously the boy) Part of his territory. One of darkrais pokedex entries is "It chases people and Pokémon from its territory by causing them to experience deep, nightmarish slumbers." However when abra feels frightened or when danger approaches it impulsively teleports itself away. But before the girl falls into the nightmares she sees abra teleport away and at that second she falls into the nightmares. And that is one of the reasons she is concerned for abra as a ghost. Well this is the only thing I could think of as to why darkrai would do that to her. Unless Darkrai's territory was the bridge which they were on but that wouldn't make much sense.

  23. My theory was that the little girl lived in the haunted mansion when it was normal, would go to the bridge there and just looked at the water, but then maybe one day a Darkrai felt threatened by her (somehow) put her to sleep, her parents look for a way to wake her up but failed to do so. And then finally, since she wasn’t fully dead she stayed tied to this world through her fears and nightmares

  24. There is a ghoat girl in omega ruby and alpha saphier for a split second when you first challenge the ghost type eleat 4 a ghost girl appears in the background

  25. When I was 4 I experienced this on Pokemon white I couldn’t read so I didn’t know what was happening but now I know and I’m quite happy I couldn’t read and how I know i talked to everyone In it

  26. Id love to see you cover the Ghost girl at the school in Ultra Sun and Moon, it always left me with a lot of questions.

  27. november:maybe it was trying to protect them from the legendary pokemon of said series but they used reflect and it hit the girl/boy?

  28. I know you said that b/c the forget about the lunar wing, stay here with me didn't have quotations that it meant she wasn't quoting her dad – but what if she was actually repeating some kind of dream message that the Dark pokemon had been telling her: forget about the lunar wing (to try and get her to give up on being freed) and stay here with me (remain in the nightmare world with the bad pokemon creature). I know it doesn't quite fit the theory b/c of the quotation mark issue – but maybe its a telepathic thing rather than something spoken to her and so it isn't represented as speech in quotations.
    **note – I've actually never played pokemon or the computer/video games, but I just enjoy these thought puzzle type things. This is true for a lot of the games you cover in the theories – but I enjoy the videos none the less. keep on keepin' on 🙂

  29. Matpat I love your videos but imma have to stop you at 9:14 did you just call Forewarn a MOVE?

    Sonny that ain't a move that's an ability, that's it entire theory debunked

  30. Maybe the girl was playing under the bridge with Abra and found Darkrai and tried to catch him. Then, Darkrai escaped the Pokeball and put the girl into a nightmare.

    Or, maybe the whole accident happened at the house somewhere. Because how would the parents have found her?

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