The Top 5 BEST Nintendo Switch Major 3rd Party Games! (RANKED)

The Top 5 BEST Nintendo Switch Major 3rd Party Games! (RANKED)

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and today we’re gonna be talking about my top 5 Nintendo
switch major third party games that we get all that top 5 Nintendo switch major
third party games this is something that I don’t think I’ve ever talked about on
the channel here with all of that out of the way now that we got the ground rules
laid out and done let’s go ahead and jump right in starting out at number 5
we have Resident Evil Revelations collection yes this collection where
they kind of gyp you Capcom ICU Resident Evil Revelations is actually a really
good game the first game is really good the second game isn’t as good but it
kind of shows you what you can do with some of the older games that were on ps3
360 ps4 Xbox one if you give them some switch love and I think that’s what I
love the most about Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo switch
Revelations 1 and revelations 2 get both of them in a collection or like I said
Capcom does their Capcom thing and give you a download code for the second game
but either way what I love about it is the whole switch make of it like you
have motion controls built into there you have IR aiming you have pretty much
everything that you would want from the switz version it runs great importable
mode it runs great docked it actually has a really cool feature with the HD
Rumble that is great that’s as good as Nintendo’s first party games heck even
better in some regards so they really do a great job with this game and what
they’ve done with it and the switch version of this game because I played
this on the PlayStation I played this on the Xbox and to me the switch version
was just so satisfying to go through and play with the enhancements and additions
that they added in and being able to play portable Resident Evil with your
headphones in and that night kind of turn out the lights and play the game is
actually really dope and that’s actually how I enjoyed this game the most I
streamed it for a little bit but then I was like man I kind of want to just like
sit down relax play the game put the headphones in turn out the lights and
play it a classic Resident Evil game or a game that’s modeled after the classic
ones and this definitely hit that spot with Resident Evil Revelations 1 and
Resident Evil Revelations 2 once again Revelations 2 isn’t as good as one but
there still both good games in my book at
least with revelations one being really good so at number five is Resident Evil
Revelations the collection and coming in at number four we have Mario plus
Rabbids Kingdom battle on the Nintendo switch and I already know what some of
you guys are saying wait a minute this is not a third party game well
actually it is I mean Ubisoft that’s right there this
is definitely a third party game it’s licensed by Nintendo but all the games
are licensed by Nintendo to be on the system but yeah Mario Plus rabbits
Kingdom battle it’s a third party game they are just using the mario license
and the gameplay in this game is obviously not something that you would
see out of Nintendo traditionally obviously we have Fire Emblem we have
some other strategies up in games but this definitely seems more like a XCOM
style of gang which Nintendo really hasn’t done too much and I love that
about it I mean Nintendo would never strap Mario and crew with guns and then
say hey go team up with some Rabbids and then go take over certain parts of the
Mushroom Kingdom or different places that is an idea that Nintendo would
never make up that is an idea from a third-party developer that’s hoping and
praying that they can get something popular to have a license with Nintendo
and get in on that switch money and that’s exactly what this game did it got
in on that switch money because it’s still I think to this point the
best-selling Nintendo switch third party game on the platform so that is
absolutely amazing but the gameplay backs that up this is some of the most
solid strategy based gameplay that I have played ever and it’s a ton of fun I
love the upgrades in the game I love what you can do with the combat I love
the graphics the multiplayer I’ve got to put that only once but it was fun with
the co-op I mean it is just amazing it is a great game but I think I’ll switch
owners should go out there and experience I know they’re having some
sales and deals all the time Mario Plus Rabbids Kingdom battle is a legit game
you guys should all go try it out if you haven’t played it and I’m so happy that
they can potentially be working on a little bit more for the franchise but
why this game is so good once again the snowdrop engine running beautifully on
the Nintendo switch great graphics great gameplay great story even the story is
kind of cool it’s kind of silly but even the story is good in this game so Mario
Plus Rabbids Kingdom battle in at number four on my list coming in
at number three is easy lock llamosa of Donna on the Nintendo switch this is a
action RPG developed by Falcon or good old friends at Falcon and of course
published by NIS America and this one kind of caught me by surprise that it
came over just because of how Falcon has talked about the Nintendo switch but
once I played this game because this is my first YZ game but I actually went
into for real and I was blown away by the combat in the game the options the
type of maneuverability that you do have the gameplay is solid the story is very
good how you link up with the characters how they interact with each other what
you do to kind of survive and gather resources and continue on this island
that you’re shipwrecked on is absolutely phenomenal it is a great game and it’s a
lot of fun and I think a lot of people kind of slept on this game but
apparently it’s done better in the West on the Nintendo switch than it did on
the PlayStation 4 and also the PS Vita so they definitely see something there
when it comes to Falcon and NIS America is eight locomotive donna is one of
those can’t-miss hidden gems on the Nintendo switch you can still find some
of the launch coffees out there it’s a phenomenal game with great combat great
story good storytelling as well I feel that it’s one of the stronger games when
it comes to storytelling and the localization isn’t bad at all the voices
are ok here and there but I think you also have the option for Japanese voices
as well but I enjoyed my time playing the game and because I played this one
I’m actually really looking forward to the next game coming out this fall on
the playstation force alright guys we’re getting into the nitty-gritty here but
this was tough and I had to go with Valkyria Chronicles 4 for number 2
but periodicals for is really good it’s a really good game that my time has been
split between the Xbox one and also the Nintendo switched version of the game
but here’s what I’ll say about Valkyria Chronicles 4 when it comes to the switch
version of it this game was literally built to play importable mode this is a
portable mold portable style game through in and throughout because of the
style it is a unique hybrid of you picking a unit so
turn-based strategy because you have to position your units where you want them
to attack when the enemy is coming at you and where you want to be and what
type of class that you do have so it’s turn-based but then it’s also action
because you have a meter that you can move and that meter actually starts
running down as soon as you start moving your unit so it’s kind of like action
because you do have free control of your character but then it kind of zips back
into turn-based once you actually decide when I’m going to attack they shoot and
then the other team might shoot back if they’re in range or they can it is just
the weirdest mix but it’s one of those like xenoblade chronicles mix of genres
within RPG and somehow it just works and I think that’s the reason why I love
this game and it made it up higher than games like YZ 8 or Mario Plus rabbits is
because it does have that unique aspect to it does have that aspect that a lot
of these other games don’t have so Valkyria Chronicles for absolutely
amazing make sure you check it out I’ve been going through it on the switch
played it on the Xbox one phenomenal game just need to kind of wrap things up
with it but plain portable mode has been a huge help for me in terms of me
getting a lot of these games play just because I just don’t have as much time
as I would normally to play this type of game traditionally on the TV and
everything so it’s good to knock out a mission or two right before bed so at
number two on my list that is Valkyria Chronicles 4 alright guys and we at
number one on my list and this one might surprise some of you guys but it’s a
game that actually came out back in 2017 in the launch year of the Nintendo
switch and that is the Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim armed a Nintendo switch a lot of
you guys probably what what does he play this game what’s going on here but just
to let you guys know I’m a huge Skyrim fan I actually love a Skyrim on the Xbox
360 I played that back when it first came out beat a lot of it did the DLC
had a lot of fun but didn’t do everything in the game and then when I
heard that it was coming over to the Nintendo switch when they showed it off
I was actually like surprised that this style of game but then everyone kept on
talking about well is it going to be the full version of the game
the one that was released on the ps4 and Xbox one the remastered one with all the
content and some people are saying there’s no way it’s gonna be like that
and I was like you know I think it is but not only is it all of that but to me
they actually improved upon what was already released on the ps4 and the Xbox
one considering that with this game here you have the HD Rumble you have the
ability to play any way that you want the only thing is mods that’s the only
thing that it doesn’t have it doesn’t have some of the cool mods that you can
play like on the PC and all that but for the console versions and I think that
the Xbox one has mods or something like that I’m not sure never got them but
either way to me it was so fun going through a lot of the new content playing
all of that stuff and be able to play anyway because I think that’s the thing
with Skyrim it’s such a game to where you’re just kind of like walking around
a lot you’re kind of going in and you’re doing raids on the dungeons and stuff
like that it’s such a great game to play portably and I think that with all of
these games here there’s like a common theme that it’s not a game that’s
necessarily needs to be experienced on this huge TV because it has like the
cutting-edge graphics or like the 4k or anything that all of these games are
very comfortably played while you’re just lying down in bed and they’re not
the most graphically intense games they all run well whether it’s on the TV or
whether it’s import abode and that’s a big factor for me at least it needs to
be able to run good and both modes and still be enjoyable and look good run
good play good and all of these games did that but Skyrim was surprising
because when you play an important it’s like y’all this is actually really cool
there’s no issues at all and maybe some we’re thinking there would be those
issues with the game but it’s fantastic now the hand-to-hand combat obviously
hasn’t aged too well but the magic in the game is actually really fun and I
always play some type of like sorcerer whenever I play Skyrim I’m always while
out there wheeling and dealing with different types of magic spells I always
wear the robes where I can regenerate magic and all that so that’s how I like
to play then when I run out I’ll switch over to like hand-to-hand combat which
isn’t as good but the magic play in the game is actually really fun to still
execute to this day so those are my top 5 major 3rd party games on the Nintendo
switch what are your top 5 games that you’ve played from third-party companies
on the Nintendo switch major ones are heck
list your non major ones maybe I’ll do a top 5 indie games going forward but what
are your top 5 games let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright ninja that wraps it up for this video here go to check out the links in
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next video peace

53 thoughts on “The Top 5 BEST Nintendo Switch Major 3rd Party Games! (RANKED)

  1. I was legit shocked to not see Octopath. My top 5 3rd party games would have to be
    1. Octopath Traveler
    2. Mario+Rabbids
    3. Tales of Vesparia Definitive Edition
    4. Megaman X Legacy Collection
    5. Shantae Half Genie Hero but since that kinda Indie idk if it counts

  2. From games I have atm (will probably pick up games like Skyrim, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Doom, etc. at some point) Also I wouldn't say my picks are major releases and I also usually get a lot of compilations of old games. haha

    1. Bayonetta (I guess the first one counts as completely third party haha)
    2. Sonic Mania
    3. Mega Man 11
    4. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy
    5. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

  3. I take it you don’t consider indie games to be 3rd party. Also Bayonetta 1 deserves consideration. 2 is basically 1st party but 1 isn’t.

  4. Here's my list, so far:
    1. Valkyria Chronicles 4
    2. Valkyria Chronicles
    3. DOOM
    4. Dragon Quest Builders
    5. Ys VIII

  5. Only doing 5 makes the list a bit too exclusionary.

    Wolfenstein 2
    Octopath Traveler
    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    There are several more that deserve attention. In terms of ports, FighterZ and Doom deserve special mention, they are phenomenal conversions.

  6. 1) Octopath Traveler
    2) Tales of Vesperia
    3) Valkyria Chronicles 4
    4) Dragon Quest Builders
    5) Ys VIII

  7. Yet to muster the motivation to check out RE Revelations. Have to look at getting a bigger sd card; pushing the limits of my 128G, so I'm having to pick and choose what goes on it. 🙂

  8. Yo Delilah! Ever heard of Dark Souls? Oh my bad, didnt notice them dainty lil lady ballz hangin betweenst yo cootchie.

  9. Man top 5 is hard…

    1. Skyrim
    2. Mario + Rabbids
    3. Octopath Traveler
    4. Valkyria Chronicles 4
    5. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Honorable mention to Doom, what they did with that game still blows my mind to this day. Very fun and competent version of the game.

  10. Yeah… I have 200 hours in various characters in Skyrim Switch. But for me dark souls, warframe and okami all belong on this list as well. I played resident evil revelations on 3ds, I can only imagine how much cooler it was on the Switch.

  11. 1. Octopath Traveler
    2. Octopath Traveler
    3. Octopath Traveler
    4. Octopath Traveler
    5. Octopath Traverer
    How in the Bloddy hell did Octopath not make your list?????

  12. Not to be a dick but… Why only a top 5?
    5 – PS3/360 port.
    4 – Nintendo characters, the only reason it sold well.
    1 – 6-year-old port.
    Pretty much goes to show how limited the Switch 3rd party support really is. Since March 2017, I'd wager Nintendo Switch has only got 5% of the new PS4/Xbox One games. :shrug:

  13. Glad to see RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS COLLECTION get a shout out. Yes, it's a port and everybody knows Capcom only does ports *sarcasm*. But that port was actually very well done and executed very smoothly. Capcom's ports have at the very least turned out very well on Switch, and this is one of them.

  14. In no order (for me):

    – Valkyria Chronicles 4
    – Ys VIII
    – Dark Souls Remastered
    – Tales of Vesperia DE
    – Mario + Rabbids

  15. Excellent list PE Ninja Master. All the games you have mentioned are awesome and should be experienced by all Switch Owners. My top 5 list of 3rd Party Switch Games too own are: –
    (5) LA Noire.
    (4) Outlast Collection.
    (3) Warframe.
    (2) Doom.
    (1) USF2.

  16. My Top Five: Not counting Octopath Traveler because its a First Party title in the west.
    1. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    2. Ys VIII – I have 110 hours – Have 97-98% completion.
    3. Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Half way through with 85 hours
    4. Arena of Valor – Over 85 hours
    5. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Over 1015 hours

  17. I have Revelations on my 3DS.
    I personally felt the Revelations port to the Switch was meaningless on top of screwed up as only the first game is actually on the cartridge and you have to download the second one. 😶

  18. I’ve owned Kingdom Battle for a year and a half now and I’m currently in the early goings on my 3rd play-through. It’s a great game; easily in my top 5 must-haves for Switch.

  19. Suprised I havnt watched your channel before bro! I thought I was cool! Just saw u on Spawn Wave and Japanese imports n Rpgs is all I heard so yeh binge watching your channel now. All the way from Australia to wherever u are in America!!!! Woooooot!!!!!!!

  20. My only problem with Y's Viii is the combat and progression walls, otherwise I give it a 7.5/10. I thought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna the Golden Country was bad for progression walls, Y's Viii is far worse in my opinion.

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