The Surge 2 – Launch Trailer | PS4

77 thoughts on “The Surge 2 – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. ДолБаёБы как всегда цену на игру для PS4 завысят в два три раза. Так что скажем дружно нах.. нужно

  2. What's this code vein or the surge 2 comments? Both there's not better time to be a souls gamer than this got them both pre ordered and awaiting on nioh 2 I need time for my wallet to recover xD.

  3. Im definitely ready for some limb chopping mayhem bring it on murderous rampaging Robots and rampaging humans and i cant wait for code vein on the same week as the surge 2

  4. I wish Sony would make PS Now worth having. You guys charge $20/mo and don’t hardly add newer games, where Xbox Game Pass does add newer games and charges only $10/mo. PS Now is actually more expensive than PS Plus – it’s dumb. So many people on PlayStation Blog complain about PS Now being too expensive, not adding great games, and just being a rip off. Lower your price down to $10/mo and start adding big titles or get rid of PS Now.

  5. This sequel is a case of too little too late….every time i think this studio has learned their lesson, they show once again, that they can't manage to get it right. even the third time. lords was bad. surge 1 was okay but failed to realize it's full potential. they also missed a chance to implement co-op again, which would fit right at home in this game. but again….they obviously didn't learn from surge 1 which saddens me. i'll wait til this game is in the bargain bin then i'll pick it up.

  6. I need help I'm trying to sign into ps4 network but I forgot my password I've been trying to fix for the last 2 days my account is not band so don't known what to do? ???? it said there was an error ws-37403-7

  7. Deberían quitar el plus porque cada 14 días hay que eliminar usuario y volverlo a crear y eso es molestoso.. y e perdido algunos juegos por eso

  8. Hey playstation can you explain to me why i had to delete 80gb of games and saved data to install a 1.5 gb update for 1 game? Ill wait 😠

  9. Pé se faz eu preciso de 15 GB de Ram de 6gb de Ram 4K de verdade 2 2080p
    com cartão bravo Xbox ele vai preparar muito forte Ela se preparar muito bravo

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