The Suits of Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4

100 thoughts on “The Suits of Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4

  1. Happy one year anniversary, Spider-Man (ps4). The best Spider-Man game ever and, arguably, the best marvel game ever is now one year old.

  2. Man, I love all the suits this game. If there is only one more I could add, I mean Peter did wear the DD suit once ok in the comics soooo

  3. All we want is

    Human Spider Suit (Spider-Man 2002)
    Webbed Suit 1 (Spider-Man 2002)
    Webbed Suit 2 (Spider-Man 2 & 3 2004/2007)
    The Black Symbiote Webbed Suit (Spider-Man 3)
    Vigilante Suit (The Amazing Spider-Man 2012)
    The 2012 & 2014 Amazing Spider-Man Suits (Films)

    Can Insomniac release those for a Christmas Present. But when they released the Webbed Suit last year the suit was inspired by the Spider-Man 2 & 3 films.But can they released another Webbed suit and call it the "Webbed Suit 1" or Webbed Suit 2002 with the different front and back Spider Emblems and the different pattern that is the suit inspired by the 2002 Spider-Man film. What do you guys think can they do that?

  4. I love when games like this allow the different suits to show in cut scenes. Even if it winds up looking silly sometimes, like Spidey's Undie suit.

  5. Love how they did this out of nowhere and the topic here is obviously about suits which means there’s gonna be more DLC suits❗️??

    Cause of the new contracts I’m guessing….

  6. Now my day has been made as this is now the game of the year i was so frustrated today along with mortal kombat XL and plus all anime games are looking LIT

  7. I really hope they make a sequel and I really hope it has Spider-Man miles morales the ending was awesome hope to see miles again

  8. The suit design looks great. Some of the suits have overly metal/ spandex highlight (such as Armor MKIV, Resilient ones) that looks so weird that detracting its visual feel. And the armor suits with hard-surface areas bending like cloth when moving around make them looks so fake, even the armor suits enemies and other villains wearing has the same bending (which should be done better with skinning mesh). Other than that, it's a great superhero game with great storytelling!!!

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  10. awesome but they could've made a mew cover it feels like m buying the same game again like horizon zero down complere edition

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  12. Недотуторщики не надо брать этот видос как gameplay этот видос от офицального канала ps они на вас страйк кинут!

  13. Im not gotta play station and i want the gameeeeee why is esclusive im only want one version for xbox one and i dont have the money to buy the playstation

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