The Sims 3: Xbox 360 – How to start off rich (WITHOUT CHEATS)

The Sims 3: Xbox 360 – How to start off rich (WITHOUT CHEATS)

What’s going on guys I’m Quantus And today i’m gonna show You how to get rich On the sims 3 for the xbox 360 First of all you’re gonna Start up a new game Call it whatever you want Doesn’t really matter When you get to this screen Press on choose household and go down to the bottom right corner Where you can choose the Landgrabbs Now buy the most expensive car you can And a birthday cake Just wanna quickly say I’m skipping out Most of the loading screens To make the video shorter Once you’ve got the most expensive car and a birthday cake you’re gonna blow out the candles as Adrien Landgrabb This should pop up and it will tell you to change his clothes change them to whatever you want it really doesn’t matter now choose the lifetime wish swimming in cash what you’re gonna do now is you’re gonna sell the car and sell everything in the house to get as much money as possible The lifetime wish requires 88,000 simoleons once you have 88,000 you’ll complete the lifetime wish and you should get an achievement for it i’ve already got the achievement you’ll complete the lifetime wish and should have over 40,000 lifetime happiness So if you go to lifetime rewards if you don’t like the traits that Adrien has go to midlife crysis and change them now go to karma powers and use instant beauty now go to the town map and go to city hall and press on change name now go home press on your sim press on move move Malcom & Hannelore to kick out

43 thoughts on “The Sims 3: Xbox 360 – How to start off rich (WITHOUT CHEATS)

  1. You could just get the magic lama and cheat by getting loads of the motherloads I did that and got over 12k

  2. This is amazing 😇👍 liked and subbed, make more if possible please 😀👍. Btw, might want to invest in a better mic and dim down music, it did drown out your voice

  3. If you wear headphones / earphones you will be able to hear me fine. there is an audio glitch at 1:35 but it's nothing too bad.

  4. For everyone who is saying use the magic lama: i know how to use this go to the pause menu and press RT + RB + LT + LB at the same time to unlock cheat mode and buy the magic lama from the buy mode. when you press on it in live mode you will have many options to cheat like add money and karma. the purpose of this video was to show people how to get rich without using cheats if you want to have fun playing / get achivements / complete challenges. thanks

  5. I was wondering, if you don't wanna be a guy, does the glitch work if you do everything as the girl?

  6. Some company claimed the rights to monetize my video and YouTube literally decides to give monetizing rights to this random company straight away, even know they own nothing in the video, the video is all my content and took hard work to make and the fact that someone else can just profit from it without any proof that its theirs makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. this is SUPER helpful, but one thing, does it work on sims 3 pets for the 360? thx 4 making the vid again it was SUPER helpful

  8. I think if you want to be a girl for this you can adopt a girl and age her maybe idk if anyone wants to be a girl but I'm will try to be a girl hope it works

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