The Pongfinity Game

The Pongfinity Game

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity As we mentiond last week We have a big surprise for you guys Surprise We have just launched our own mobile game! Infinite Ping Pong It’s a free app And you can download it on both Apple and Android The game is made by our friend Johannes Linnama Who has done the whole development by himself Go check it out, it’s really fun! The idea of the game is to get as many shots on table as possible The opponent will never miss Move your player by clicking on the screen And you hit by swiping The longer your swipe is the harder your shot is And the harder you hit, the slower the ball will come back You can even hit harder by dashing into the shots One of the coolest features in the game is the leaderboard So you can compare your results to ours and your friends When you get to a higher level You can unlock new items, maps, characters and challenges The game starts here At the Pongfinity Hall But as you level up You get to use the earned coins to unlock new maps So you can change the background on which you play There is obviously three characters that you can unlock in the game: Me, Miikka and Otto And it’s fun that all of the characters have different stats So you have to choose which character you play with And of course Inspired by our popular Challenge Pongfinity series There is also tasks and challenges that you can complete in the game It’s a really cool feature that brings another dimension to the game The game is free to download and you don’t need to buy anything to get higher scores or progress in the game But there is in-app purchases that will speed up the process If you decide to buy something in-game you will be supporting us and our channel And if you are good enough There will be a little surprise for you at score 100 I have never reached that far I have! Go and download the game from the links that are in the description Go and try to beat our hiscores! Until next time!

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  1. IT'S HERE!!! Our first ever mobile game – Pongfinity Infinite Ping Pong ? We are super excited about this, we love the game! Go and try to beat our hiscores ? It would be mean the world if you guys go download the game, it's available both on Android and iOS ?

    Download links:



  2. I play ed for 2 hours and my Best score is 67. But I am not on leaderbords. I should be 25th or something Just Like this. Can you repair this mistake. Whatever IT is really good game.

  3. Its an amazing game and I have already destroyed my family and friends

    You should add a multiplayer mode so you can vs your friends

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