The new A Google a Day on Google+ is here

The new A Google a Day on Google+ is here

Trivia is pretty great – from the board…
to the pub quiz. But there’s always one thing holding you back.
And no, it’s not just Todd. It’s the rule: “No using Google!”
We didn’t think that was fair, because, hey, we’re Google! We want to play too.
So we made our own trivia game, and used search as part of the challenge – we call it “A
Google A Day”. Each day, we create new questions, in a boatload
of categories, meant to be solved with nothing but savvy search skills.
So a search might lead you from a Birthdate, to an Band, to an Album, and then your answer.
Or from a totally different direction. There are hundreds of ways to solve – but
only one right answer. And the faster you search, the more points
you score. So being creative in your search is part of the challenge.
Unlock badges for your search prowess, then share scores with friends on Google+.
Even Todd. Because, while he’s lame at pub quiz – it turns out Todd’s pretty rad at search.
Good work, Todd. Your brain + search. 24 hours a day. Head-to-head
against your friends. Search on, smartypants.

98 thoughts on “The new A Google a Day on Google+ is here

  1. If we gathered all the info of search results and human questions and expressions & stored data in the servers in one robot we would make the smartest robot ever ! Or a… TERMINATOR !!

  2. You can google 'rabbit care' to find lots of interesting ways to care for your rabbit pet. Remember… "A hutch is not enough". Rabbits need room to run and stand up. They need space and can be kept inside as house pets with access to the garden for grass. They use a litter tray like a cat so are clean.

  3. Two in one.

    It is a game for users and indirectly they help the Google research team.

    However, it is not mentioned!

  4. that was at my old school so when i used google i got kicked out of the computer club for the rest of the day

  5. Sem o blogspot e sua convidativa prasticidade eu não conseguiria criar o blog
    Espaço Mensaleiro. Idem meus demais blogs.

    Sou imensamente grata ao Google por permitir que minha voz chegasse tão distante.

    O Google faz parte da minha vida e esperanças que o planeta seja salvo e respeitado por todos nós; seus habitantes.

  6. yeah their ads and their work and their innovations and their everything is smooth.. watching such smart , dashing ,brilliant , cool …100 good words added,,, surely make me sit and feel this awesome word around me. and then i try and try to build awesome games..:D.. love this world with companies like google, facebook, apple, microsoft, adobe , and all other awesome companies doing sexy work and making everything so wonderful..

  7. Why is it that when I press enter it posts the comment instead of going to the next line, as has always been the case until Facebook thought they were being cute? This is the most insane thing to come out of the Google development team yet.

  8. This is useless.
    Google doesn't know what else to come up with.
    Squeezing people for ideas won't make you grow more.
    they;re regular people. Only visionaries have the money worth ideas and no one wants to invest in them. I know, I've been trying for 3 yrs

  9. They only get money if you click on the ads. And what? They are supposed to pay for all the servers, electricity, employees to code the search engines so it actually works and improves…for free? I assume you go to work for free too…I mean, who needs to pay rent or electricity or an Internet service provider (so you can comment on youtube videos)?

  10. @ueynpnv yeah you go that right DUDE! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>

  11. Wrong, they get money for each "impression". An impression is someone simply viewing the webpage that the ad is on, whether they click on the ad is irrelevant.

  12. Not really. As an advertiser I only pay Google when the ad is clicked on (cost per click or CPC) for ads on search (meaning Google only earns money from me when someone clicks on my ad). I do not pay Google for impressions. The impressions model (Cost-per-thousand impressions or CPM) is only for the Display Network (which are Google ads shown on websites…but not shown on Google search results).

  13. Haha, time for more clicking and the same amount of buying…zero. Fuck web advertisers, bunch of bottom feeding scum.

  14. Says the one who is not paying for anything. If it weren't for advertisers the consumer would have to pay fees for services such as Google and Youtube videos. Advertisers are what make the majority of the Internet "free" for the average user, including yourself. Enjoy!

  15. Thanks so much man, I'm sure you only have my best interests in mine. What a charitable and noble human being you are.

  16. Perhaps not to help you per se, but I am interested in helping those who are interested in what I write about & I can do that through advertising. I'm just a girl who because of health problems & where I live I can't get a job. I found I can write about what I am interested in, help others who are also interested & also make some money to pay for things like special supplements that help my conditions. I, and most advertisers, aren't looking to screw you over and our ads don't harm you either.

  17. This is a pretty genius way to collect data toward solving Google's current problems with relevant results. Kudos Google Team.

  18. I was thinking the same thing, it's funny how easy it is to collect users search queries and data trees from just a simple game…

  19. Please, the entire marketing industry is based on manipulating human emotions. Everything in an advert is usually designed to trigger certain psychological reactions (unless you're an amateur), From the colors used in visuals (brown evokes hunger, green evokes eroticism, red evokes anger, etc) to the music, to each word used. Millions of dollars are poured into researching the most effective ways of legally subconciously affecting people's desires and emotions for financial gain.

  20. One can't seem to escape the inevitable barrage of advertising thrown at them each day, from basic signs and print media to tv and radio ads, internet ads, spam mail, and product placement in cinema and cable programming. The average person doesn't even notice, but I change the channel, turn off my speakers, scroll down the page, skip the ad. It's a shame more people don't resist it, but hey, then we wouldnt have all of the ever-so-benevolent mega corporations than run the world today.

  21. Todd looks like the type of person who is good at pub quiz and search. Thank you google for reinforcing the rising superiority of nerds.

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  24. I probably have the world record for the most shared Google+ post ever:
    Seriously, If you ever found a post This shared, send me the link -_-

  25. 0:01 A cube always give 7 GoogleCA, if you take the front and back site and calculate them together, then you'll get 7 😀 So how can there be 4 on the front and 3 on the right site 😛

    Details.. 😀

  26. Hi ; The new One World Tower is now open here in Nyc it would be nice to. View this in 3 D on a Google Map with Nyc sites !! The public would appreciate your kindness to setup this idea ok !! ♡♡♡♡ Paul Long Island ; New York ♡♡♡♡ Thanks

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