The Game Show About Rescuing Your Rich Idiot Friend | Where In the Eff Is Sarah Cincinnati

The Game Show About Rescuing Your Rich Idiot Friend | Where In the Eff Is Sarah Cincinnati

– [Rekha] We all have that
screw up friend that asks you to bail her out. Well that friend is Sarah Cincinnati and she needs your help gumshoes. Are you up to the task
of doing her a solid just this one last time? You may ask why you’re still friends but hey, someone’s gotta
watch out for her, right? Uh-oh looks like you’re getting a call. – So, I overslept on the bus
on the way to my cousin Julio’s wedding, God he sucks so hard, and I know what you’re thinking, “Sarah, what if you miss the open bar?” I know, me too! Thanks for looking out. Anyways, now I don’t know where I am. Can you help find me? Thank you, love you, (blowing kiss) ♪ Where in the eff is Sarah Cincinnati ♪ – Hello, and welcome to the
only game show where through trivia and physical challenges
we try to figure out where your dumb friend Sarah is and what favor she needs you to do. With us today are her very
loyal and unfortunate friends. Raphael Chestang, Sophia Cleary and John Milhiser. Guys, thanks so much for
joining us here today. – Super excited to be here.
– Thank you for having us. – I mean you shouldn’t be excited John, your friend is missing. – I’m scared.
– Oh no! (all laughing) – Exactly, thank you,
that’s the proper emotion. We are gonna figure out where
Sarah is by following her paper trail via some trivia questions. (upbeat music) All right, starting off our trivia round. Question one, just over the
hill in Studio City, Los Angeles Sarah visited a restaurant
called Caioti Pizza, which always has
something good in the oven and is known for an unusual menu item. Is it A, a pizza with other
tiny pizzas as toppings? B, garlic knots that the
owner claims are made with a recipe that was brought
back in time from the future? C, a salad that sends
pregnant women into labor? Or D, a chocolate cake that
gives diners actual orgasms? All right, you all locked in? – Yeah.
– Wait, wait, wait. – [Sophia] You have to shuffle them first. – Yeah I gotta. – [Rekha] They’re letters man. – That is, that’s a technique. – Okay, it’s all shuffled up now. – All right, Raph, what’ve you got? – [Raphael] A. – [Rekha] A pizza with other
tiny pizzas as toppings. – Yeah, it’s cute. – Okay, Sophia? C, a salad that sends
pregnant women into labor. – Mm hmm. – All right and John, what’ve we got? – C. – Actually I think it’s that one. – Backwards C, the answer is C. It is a salad that sends
pregnant women into labor. – That’s literally what it is? – Yeah. – And it’s real, it’s real. As an ex doula I can confirm.
– You’re a doula, yes. – Yeah people go all the time for it.
– Is it a lot of beets? – I think, I actually don’t know what’s in it.
– They won’t tell you what it is.
– Dates maybe probably.
– Dates? – Dates are really good for
getting it going, mm hmm. – Oh my God, I eat dates so much. – Yeah, careful.
– Do you go a lot? – Do I go into labor? (all laughing) That’s why people go into labor.
– Do I go to labor? – Do I go to labor? – For our next one, uh-oh, ding ding, looks like you got a butt text from Sarah. Sarah sent this from Berkley, California though she surprisingly
failed to tag anyone in it. This structure, which is made primarily from repurposed junk, is: A, an anti-helicopter parenting
playground where kids play with hammers and saws in a
landscape made from garbage? B, Our Lady of Garbage Church of Junk where visitors are encouraged
to dump none food trash wherever they like on the grounds? C, a secret junkyard
entrance to California’s oldest Masonic temple? Or D, Oscar’s Tacos, a
restaurant which carefully skirts the line of copyright infringement with its Trash Monster themed decor. Raph, what’ve we got? – A. – The anti-helicopter
parenting playground. – Yes. – [Rekha] Sophia? B.
– B. – Our Lady of Garbage Church of Junk. John?
– I’m gonna go with B. – Church of Junk. The answer is A! It is an anti-helicopter
parenting playground. – What, that’s real? – [Rekha] It was designed in
1979 to encourage children to take risks. – Ha ha.
– And hurt themselves. – [Rekha] Yeah. – That’s psycho. – All right, next up. Sarah rarely sticks to
the plan and her next step was no exception when she
took a detour down an alley in San Luis Obispo only to find herself in this well-known landmark. A, No Man’s Alley? Which is supposedly outside of federal and state legal jurisdiction
due to a technicality and therefore everything
is legal, allegedly. B, Cat King Alley? Populated by an absurd
number of feral cats which locals claim will
curse you if you harm them. C, Bubblegum Alley where the
walls and floors are coated with more than 40 years of
stale, chewed bubblegum? D, O’Malley’s Rally Tally Alley? Which served as the
finish line for the local O’Malley Soap Box Derby
and includes a mural of the previous winners. – Damn.
– Damn. – [Raph] I’m just gonna say this– – Okay. – This is very close to Hearst Castle. – Mm hmm, okay. (Raph laughing) – That’s it, that’s it.
– Did I get a point? – All right, Raph, what’ve we got? B, Cat King Alley. – Cat King. – All right, Sophia? C, Bubblegum Alley. John? – I’m gonna go with the big D. – Big D, that is O’Malley’s
Rally Tally Alley. – I think that’s right. (laughing) I think D is right. – You lock in an answer
and then you hear John’s and then you go, “I think that’s right.” Well the answer is C, so– – Whoa! – Bubblegum
– As usual, as Constance Wu says, believe women. So, it’s really meaningful–
– Wake up! – When you believe women. Look at this disgusting alley. – It is really disgusting and gives me anxiety.
– Anyone have trichophobia? I sure do, I hate looking at this. Anyway, let’s get away from this. Looks like we’ve got another voicemail from Sarah for our next question. – [Sarah] She stopped
us on the dance floor and whispered in my ear, “If water is best when thirsty
and food is best when hungry “when is it best to love?” The moment called for flirtation and yet I hung my head in shame. My answer was never and
we wouldn’t speak again. (burping) Oof, I had been waiting
for that to come out. – So cool. – Such a weird voicemail. Is she reading a poem. – Sarah left this voicemail
while waiting in San Francisco for her reservation at
Cafe Zoetrope a wine bar and restaurant created
by Francis Ford Coppola. She was inspired by: A, a five minute clinic
street booth session where patrons get five
minutes to vent to a trained listener about their problems. B, the menu which includes a
carefully constructed narrative to explain the backstory
of each menu item. C, a rumor that the bar
tenders at Zoetrope give anyone a free glass of wine if they can tell them a good enough story. D, a short story vending
machine for free print outs of amateur, user submitted short stories to entertain people as they wait. Raph? D, short story vending machine. Sophia? C, bar tenders will give
you a free glass of wine for a good story. John?
– Going with the big D again. – Big D, the answer is D! It is a short story vending machine. Yeah, they’re actually in a few places, they’re in France as well. – Yeah, I knew that. – You didn’t know. I haven’t said that to a
single person on this show you wanna Raph. What were you gonna say John?
– It’s in France too? – And Francis Ford Coppola has it in his– – Okay you’re smart. – Whoa.
– Okay fine, you’ve got it France was named after Francis
Ford Coppola, you’ve got it. Looks like we have got a Tweet from Sarah. Let’s check it out. Sarah took this photo whilst
still in San Francisco but don’t feel insecure if you’re not sure why she sent this. What is this wall of lava lamps? Is it, A, decor at Diane’s
Discounts which claims to be the world’s fanciest thrift store. B, an installation that is
used to encrypt nearly 10% of all the data on the internet. C, the last original lava
lamps ever produced all owned by an eccentric billionaire who hordes ’60s and ’70s paraphernalia. Or, D, an art installation
designed to help people feel less anxious but that some claim
is a secret government mind control experiment. What’ve you got? – C. – Okay, C, the last original
lava lamps ever produced. D, an art installation
designed to help people feel less anxious. John? – A. – A, decor at Diane’s Discounts. The answer is B. It’s an installation that is
used to encrypt nearly 10% of the data on all of the internet. – Wow, yeah. – It uses a machine to
track the random motions of the lava lamps to generate unpredictable encryption algorithms. – Oh, oh, okay.
– What. (blowing raspberry) – For sure, for sure, yeah. – All right next, Sarah left San Francisco and went to the California
city nicknamed The Big Tomato. Where is she? A, Sacramento. B, Fresno. C, Bakersfield. Or D, Santa Cruz. – I don’t know. I’m torn.
– I saw Bird Girl, no. What was that?
– Lady Bird? – Lady Bird, I saw Lady Bird.
(Sophia laughing) – Bird Girl!
– Okay, but you knew what I was saying.
– Honestly, would see. – Better title. – Way better title.
– Way better title. – No mom, I’m not Christine I’m Bird Girl. – Wake up. – That took place in Sacramento,
no body made any references to a big tomato. – All right, let’s do it, Raph? D, Santa Cruz. Sophia? D, Santa Cruz. John? – C. – Bakersfield. The answer is A, Sacramento. (all exclaiming) You didn’t hear Bird
Girl’s tomato diatribe? Half that movie was about Big Tomatoes. – My intuition was telling me two things. – She was like, “Oh, I
don’t wanna go to college, “I wanna go to Big Tomato.” Approaching final question and
right now Raph you have 20, Sophia you have 20 and John you have 20. We are all tied up. This could be anybody’s game. – Oh boy. – You already know Sarah
ended up in Sacramento which you’re probably aware is the state of California’s capital. However, California has actually changed state capitals six times. For our final question,
where you can wager however many points you have up to,
you don’t have to wager all of them, name one of the
California capital cities from before 1854 when Sacramento
became the permanent capital. All right, so put your
point wager on the board. (upbeat music) – That was good thinking music. – Yeah, you didn’t feel
psychotic listening to it? – No.
– I do. – All right, Raph what’ve we got? Zero points wagered for San Jose, okay. Sophia? 20 points for San Francisco. And John? One point for San Francisco. So this is really interesting. Raph is the only one who
guessed anything correctly. And he wagered no points. – Wow, oh God! God why, why? Oh wait no, that’s good. – Well so you stay the same. You just didn’t gain anything – You’re gonna win. – [Rekha] So you’re at 20 points. – I wagered it all. – You wagered it all Sophia. San Francisco is an incorrect. John you wagered one so you’re
still in the game as well. I’m so sorry Sophia, that
means you’re elimanted. Here were the options. The answers were: Monterey,
San Jose, Vallejo, twice was the capital, Benicia
and, weirdly, Sacramento. Sacramento was the name of
the capital at one point but then it got changed. – It had a comeback.
– And then went back to Sacramento. – You learn something new every day. – You really, truly do. Sophia I’m so sorry that
means you’re eliminated. – It’s all good. – But Raph and John you
get another chance to help your dear friend Sarah
Cincinnati in round two with our physical challenge. And to cue you up for that we have a little message from Sarah. – Yay, you found me! I am in Sacramento where
all the almonds come from and where Cali state
government stuff happens. Speaking of which, I have
a court meeting in 10. If you learn anything from me
today it’s don’t steal almonds in California because they
will arrest you for punching the cop that gave you a citation. Anywho, I need you to
find Julio’s wedding gift. I lost it somewhere in
all of the craziness. (siren blaring) Oops, the cop who gave
me the citation is back. What you gonna arrest
me again for J-walking? You gonna catch me? Are you gonna catch me? Huh? – Have fun you guys. – Oh God. (upbeat music) – Okay, Raph and John, you
found Sarah in Sacramento and Sacramento is home to the
Blue Diamond Almond Growers. California is home to 80%
of the world’s almond crops. So wouldn’t you know it,
Sarah left her wedding gift on an almond farm. So, she needs your help getting
it back and the only way to get it back is through
the game “Almond King.” – [Announcer] Almond King. – Each of you will be given a nut hammer and a bunch of almonds. You must crack as many almonds
as you can in 60 seconds and whoever cracks the
most amount of almonds and places them in their
corresponding baskets by the end of time wins. The catch? You’ll each be wearing a VR
headset that is playing a Sacramento Kings basketball game, baby. And I’m gonna want live
updates of what’s going on in that game ’cause
I’m a huge basketball– – Not true. – Mm huge. – [Ralph] Probably lie. – So, be sure to keep me posted. You guys feel good? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Okay, let’s put those
googles on and I also am going to put goggles on because Raph’s wild. On your mark, get set, go nuts!
(whistle trilling) – [John] The red team. (laughing) The blue team just scored. – Oh, cool. Raph, what’s going on in the game? – Erm, erm, erm, right now I
think somebody just got fouled. – Yeah. – Erm, erm, yeah so. – Where’s the ball? – The ball right now (mumbling). – Blue team has it. – All right, 30 seconds. (mumbling incoherently) – Oh, oh, the broken ones
went in with the new ones! Oh that’s– – Yeah, John, what’s going on in the game? – They are, the blue guy
has it again all right– – Yeah, cool, three, two, one. (klaxon blaring)
Time! Oh, man, you can take those headsets off. Wow. Okay, so that’s Raph five, John 11. Raph I am so sorry that
means you are eliminated. – Wow, wow.
– Oh. And then John, you will be
moving on to round three our obstacle course. (upbeat music) Okay so John, Sarah is
trying to leave Sacramento and still needs her cousin’s
wedding gift that you found. – Okay. – So, we have to figure out
where she’s trying to go. Within Sarah’s nasty
apartment lie five clues. Identified with little
magnifying glass stickers on them that point to her final destination. You will have 90 seconds
to ransack the place, find as many clues as you can. But, watch out, you
never know who, or what, is lurking in Sarah’s apartment. Good God, she is a mess. How are you feeling? – Good. – You think you’re gonna panic in there? – Yeah, I’m good at ransacking stuff. – Okay great. So, you ready? – Ready. – Okay, on your mark, get set, ransack! (upbeat music) – Hey!
– Uh oh it looks like Sarah’s drunk whiny sister is here
and she does not look happy. – What are you doing? Stop it. You can’t go through her stuff. – [Rekha] Fun fact,
Sarah’s sister was banned from all indoor malls in Los Angeles. She thinks it’s ’cause she
made out with a mall Santa but it’s actually because
she was too annoying. – You can’t look at her– – And shouldn’t you be at the wedding? – I didn’t get invited to the wedding. – Oh, I am sorry. – Please, please stop looking at things. – Oh, okay there’s a lot
on this table still John. There might still be something here. – You’re gonna break it. Those are her shelves. – Okay, a clue. – What if I ask really nice? – Mam please.6 – 40 seconds left. – You know what, I’m gonna call the cops. – All right John, check in the book shelf. Head to the side table–
– Hey do you know– – Search it.
– what the number. – Do you know what the
number to the cops is? – He just found another clue. – Erm, 811. – Is it 919? – 20 seconds John. – 811, okay, I’ll try that. Ouch, you don’t have
to throw things at me. Violence isn’t the answer. – [Rekha] You got 10 seconds John. – Stop, no don’t touch that. – Okay, what about that
food that’s on there John I don’t know if that’s a clue at all. – Not, no.
– Oh my God, okay, great, one second. (klaxon blaring)
Time! So, what do we have?
– We have a bag of raisins. – [Rekha] Okay, fantastic. – A bus ticket that the
duration of the trip is three hours 15 minutes. – Okay, from Los Angeles. – From Los Angeles. – Okay. – And a to-do list to visit all the major cities in California. LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento. – So using the clues that you’ve found where do you think Sarah needs to go? – Well I don’t know what these are for. – Yeah. – But I’m going to say, San Jose? – San Jose, is that your final answer? – Yeah. – San Jose is incorrect. I’m so sorry. The answer is actually Fresno. – Fresno.
– Fresno. – Yes, I know, I know,
who cares about Fresno? There were two clues over there that might have been more helpful. It was was a map and a
CSUF little university, California State University of Fresno. – Okay. – I know, I know. Sucks that you weren’t able
to get Sarah’s wedding gift to Fresno but she does have
a little message for you. – So I know not making it to
Julio’s wedding is technically bad but I kinda see it as a
win-win ’cause now I don’t have to suffer through Julio’s
wedding and now I get to come home and see you! Can you Venmo me $200 for a bus ticket? ‘Cause I spent all my last
$50 on like these almonds. Actually, can you Venmo me 250? So she would like you to Venmo her $250. – What’s new? – Aint that the truth. Thank you so much John for playing. That is it for this episode. Tune in next time to see what
random place Sarah ends up in and what annoying favor
she’s going to ask here on ♪ Where in the Eff is Sarah Cincinnati ♪ (upbeat music) – Hey, you guys can’t dance, get out. I have this, thank you. – Hi, it’s Rekha. If you like College Humor
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125, dunno, just an idea.

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