The Fisherman – Launch Trailer | PS4

The Fisherman – Launch Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “The Fisherman – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Sony Modern Warfare CD players play the game right now. Pre orders still waiting counter finish for gameplay this is your justice ? Open the servers for pre-order players too yo bro

  2. Need VR support with Motion/Move controls.

    Also…a port to the Switch would be awesome as their fishing games are shat.

  3. Finally, I’ve been waiting years – no, decades – for the ultimate fishing experience only “The Fisherman” can give me.

  4. This game looks nice and relaxing, exactly what I need after all the hard games and all the grinding going on, I will put it on my wish list

  5. Instead of dudes reeling in the fish, some hawt girls in bikinis reeling in the fish woulda been better.May even add sound effects “the struggle” and nice full body animations as she tries to reel in them big ones 😜

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