The Evil Within Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1 An Emergency Call

The Evil Within Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1 An Emergency Call

rub guys so welcome back to the awesome
the panel outstanding future best gaming YouTube channel at all time
Josef gamer for life my name’s Joseph so welcome guys to another brand new
gameplay the evil good so um I was bout do Brasil of seven gameplay part 2 today
I would do tomorrow not enough time to do it so it sublime through gameplay so
let’s see loading profile okay before we get into
the gameplay ok the check so just a case if you guys arm can I hear
Nabil or you gameplay so okay let’s see that increase to 50 – alright audio chat
alright cool new game all right did it but like 52 um did a
wheelchair move by itself all right let’s see their castle their survival
let’s see for the week and fear live fearful me let’s see other a me Ezreal
by difficult is slightly more ammo than normal
alright Oh challenge overcome your fear I love a challenge
I love the challenge so let’s go with this one okay y’all chapter 1 and a
Mersey call huh alright cool okay it’s been a long time
play this game guys I’ll talk forgot everything so okay one a for copy code three ETA three
minutes because I gob bite-through sorry detectives
I know you’re just coming off a case but I’m afraid we’re gonna have to make a
detour sounds serious is it a riot I’m calling out just before
I picked you up said it was multiple homicides half a dozen units already on
scene he beats the ghost of that doctor who went schizo and chopped up all those
patients it was not what happened some patients disappeared some kind of
scandal scandal still gives you the creeps Joseph you think there’s a connection
I’m right here the possibility I believe the records were sealed
Oh what’s it take dad Joseph just back detective Castellanos in 184 what’s the
situation over the key is there any Jesus
okay there’s something wrong junior detective kit
any thoughts I’m sure we’ll know everything as we get
there okay cool all right I see was a problem what do you make of it Donnelly contact
dispatch and let them know what’s happening
Joseph Kidman you’re with me we’re gonna have a look around know what under
changing my name how about Joe gamer for life how about
that now all right okay chapter one in the mercy
call all right let’s see what we got here boys
oh well so I bet all the cops is dead in there
I bet because I don’t see anyone in the car
where’d it go now go check inside smells like blood all right stay sharp
oh we’re gonna check it out don’t let anyone else through this door I can be
an extra set of eyes we don’t know what’s happening here
you’re a backup okay let that what the hell what hell is going on here man holy
fuck did you hear something no what like it been a long time I play this
game I totally forgot what really happened
no it’s a hobby oh no it’s not this ugly do ball hey
were you in what happened here impossible who Bullock I’ve got him
the security cameras might tell us something okay okay he’s not ball here
he’s not like the guy from Halloween movie all right oh they’re cop what they fire yeah damn
damn Wow oh fuck Oh Oh No where am I
why are handy hey mr. splatter all right so hey oh hello what’s up man
don’t mind me I’m Ted pretend to be dead oh he’s gonna kill someone
yes he did holy cow always say it oh damn it’s party I can’t go to look what the
hell help said come off it have a body all
right Tryg is freaking knife try and get it
come here come here almost guy area almost yes cut the rope Oh oh gosh where my gun all guys I need to do a brightness a
little bit more I know you got you can I see sit ok pump it to 5 for you guys
that better guys alright cool okay Sadiq okay we had to sneak that’s
right Oh SLOC locked
shit fuck all right okay well passed by all right grab icky oh fuck re hurry up
oh fuck you coming I don’t know you got me oh man I thought I can make it ah
fuck damn know I move with the eye too damn slow god damn it
alright I try again – I’m died oh man check the door is
locked right get the key rather wait till ye hwa passed by all right grab the
key all right go we’re doing good we’re
doing good we doing good he got me one time I wasn’t not not fast enough all
right all right okay door closed that good check boy not
also all right cool oh gosh but the chainsaw can I um jump
over no one trip the wire exactly do it oh no oh crap one run one boy wound oh
man you got to run you got to run fast best we can oh man
you got my leg you got my leg oh boy holy crap
Saul oh man no no I don’t obey the close call
Oh No through the plug oh man left right
oh man shit you know it’s like horrible bad blood
get your body we cut this up your body is all your body liver fat guys live in
fact um let go this way look I said I’ll be
skipping it back oh oh alright check boy Adi check boy huh don’t fire alright oh the uh-oh okay at least I’ll wash off blood come
on you can do it there we go bye cool I’ll the check right here i okay
those either okay you need they caught me how good he
did not follow us where’s that good oh cool I see all right cool got that oh man so Oh like I’m up the ladder go go go go oh all right
any client a little bit faster please I’m gonna get her I hear you please all
right cool Elise I’m safe
grab it oh okay here we go checkpoint all right cool awesome
okay we go through right here cool cool oh crap oh man he right there I can’t see him
oh no you coming you go back up please go back turn around please Oh Jason for
he junior class mother face I guess that could be their cousin all bad oh man is it
okay least I’m safe I’ll hope so oh crap see tip oh this way oh crap oh crap Tyrell Oh other way alright so you do something I see me all right right okay
at least I’m safe I’m okay hope so okay you give me this on that close call all right like a hi here perfectly safe
oh oh gosh what now you run come on man I’m going way faster than you
I’ll crawl hell no man do knock off all right there we go
there we go oh oh man sit freaking close call guys holy fuck
Jesus Christ dad he got me at one time I got away
finally it just turns itself and whoa
all right okay are you saying yeah it’s not good not good at all Oh my back now you write will pass what the
hell do oh my they call heal better now damn Oh oh crap damn hey where’s Joseph oh right here I’ll go back but dry real fast
Oh God that goes call oh the grab Oh goes one are these we safe what the that’s not normal not not freakin no mo oh the crowd down damnit
how are we cut off from everyone everyone must be dead just a few bumps
we’re fine BG Olli claps all fall what oh they should oh my god
he touches a zombie oh that would mean fall we fall down
with the vehicle we’re going to die oh oh okay
not very clever alright guys so that’s it for today
so thank you for watching up to evil within
I really appreciate don’t forget good delight scribe common shared thinking
for check out my awesome phenomenal I say that’s fully assignment of my
channel just to get more for life that in of chapter 1 clear alright guys see

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