The Division 2 – GTX 1660 ti – 1080p – 1440p – 4K – Full Game – PC Performance Test – i5 8400

21 thoughts on “The Division 2 – GTX 1660 ti – 1080p – 1440p – 4K – Full Game – PC Performance Test – i5 8400

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    Gameplay starts at 00:19 (1080p)

    I switch to 1440p at 03:09

    I crank up the settings at 06:10

    I switch to 4K at 09:10

    I lower the settings at 12:18 (with 85% res scale I don't notice a visual difference in this game due to the reconstruction technique I guess)

    NOTE: Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer 4K using a different pc to record, no fps hit

    RX 570:

    GTX 1060:

    GTX 1050 ti:

    GTX 750 ti:

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  2. Hola veo tus vídeos me gustan muchos una sola pregunta tengo una i5 6400 la nueva GTX 1660 me puede causar algún problema?

  3. Hey Santiago I have a question, So I'm thinking of buying 1660Ti but the problem is my is G5400 so it'll most likely bottleneck so I wanna how much performance I'm gonna lose because I can't purchase a Processer right now.

  4. Hi Santiago 👋🏼 Let’s build on i3-8100 + RX 590, it will be interesting 🙂 Like 590 at level 1660, it will be interesting to compare them. And by the way, you have good and interesting tests with a new iron and not only, keep it up! 👍🏻 🙂

  5. Hey,Santiago!Hope you're having a great day,could you try the GTX 1660ti with different presets in AC Odyssey?

  6. Yooo Santiago Estranged Act 1 and Act 2 is right now for free on Steam (Is not the best game but a free game is free game) 🙂

  7. Why am I getting only 40 or 30 fps on division 2 with 1660ti. I have 16 gigs of RAM. My processor is the fx 8350 eight cores amd. I have everything on high to not even ultra. On ultra I only get around 20

  8. I have a i5-8400 and am upgrading to a 1660 Ti and 16GGB RAM soon so this video was a huge help! thank you dude

  9. i have a the gtx 1660 ti as well and 12 gb RAM , i have my settings all at medium/high and someeee ultra and with v-sync turned off it tried to reach like 100 fps and my fans get very loud…i like to turn v sync off so i don’t have to cap my fps but i don’t like the fans flying in my ears screaming to turn them tf down lol

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