The Best Place to Play | PS4

The Best Place to Play | PS4


100 thoughts on “The Best Place to Play | PS4

  1. Will be release to the pc? Because if will be, well ps4 doesn’t the best place to play, thinking about it Sony, please !

  2. Am I the only one who will be waiting 2 to 3 years after the release of a new generation console….cause the start of the new generation will actually test the graphic potential of the current generation console which actually pushes me to stay in PS4 little more while

  3. Can't wait to play all these games on my PC! Thank you Sony for starting to bring all your exclusives to the best platform!

  4. I’ve always been a fan you Sony. I have been playing since I was 2 years old!! Keep all the great work and I appreciate all that hard work 🔥👍

  5. Sony please check The prices of the games in LatinAmerican is excesive expensive, I don't understand why is the reason. Please more respect for the players in LatinAmerican. Check all the prices!!!!

  6. Playstation brings a tear to my eyes when I look back and think how happy I am that i invested into the PS4 instead of the Xbox one. Money well spent Sony, so many great memories this generation, long live the king.👌

  7. Nice Flex but only one of those games is playable right now, and that game isn't even that "playable" if you know what I mean.

  8. Ghost Of Tsushima and The Last Of Us 2 will be worthy conclusions of an excellent generation.
    Afterwards, we will be ready for Ps5.

  9. Just don't put the exclusive playstation games on another platform that PS4 and PS5 will continue to be the best place to play.

  10. Final fantasy should F** off , theres no space for it on that list so and Death Stranding ….. 2 of the worst games …. the baby at the end is just ruining the trailer , i would cut all of the final fantasy footages and death stranding … the it will be awesome trailer

  11. Recently got a ps4 pro but the light blinks blue and the screen won't appear on the tv. Should of just waited for the ps5

  12. 90% of people only play fortnite on ps4 (cuz they don't have money to buy games and can't afford ps plus) :
    Excited for ps5
    Me: Lol smh

  13. It was predicted they will use The Best Place to Play with PS5. Seeing it here with PS4 makes me question maybe they won't since there using it already here for PS4.

  14. Sorry, I am not a fan of restrictions.

    Real gaming happens on the pc, if you dont have the money for a pc, buy an Xbox instant. The next gen will be all about modding. Add, change, and create beautiful contents and make the ingame world the way you want it. If you go with sony, you will regret you decision later because they have a strict policy which is not customer friendly.

    If you have seen GTA 5, Skyrim, Fallout, and many other games with so incredible content, you should realize that this will never ever happen on the playstation.

    What happens is that at some point games become boring, at the same time new games you like are not available yet and you wish that you could change content in the games you already have.

    So the best place to play, is the place where gamers can become creative by their own, and thats not case with the ps4 or the upcoming ps5.

    Think carefully before you buy your next console.

  15. Why are people so desperate (it looks like people are, with the constant asking😂) for the PS5
    I personally rather not have the PS5 soon cause I do not have the money and there is still way to many games too play on PS4😂

  16. But Horizon Zero coming to PC, what would be the message in that? "The best place to play now is PC there you don't need to pay to play online and do you have the PS4 library and the competition too?"

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