‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah B. Is Ready to Unleash the Beast

‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah B. Is Ready to Unleash the Beast

Hi, Hannah B. Hey, Ellen. Hi. Congratulations. Thank you. And they loved you when they
found out that it was you. Yes! I love you. So did you have any idea? I mean, that– did you,
like, talk to anybody and go, hey, if I get kicked
off can I be the Bachelorette? No. That’s not how it worked. No? I mean– No. No? My journey on The
Bachelor was interesting. I definitely grew, but
I had ups and downs. So there were moments
where I did not think this would happen. But I think the reason I’m
here is because I was real, I was myself, and I showed
every part of myself. So– Right. Yeah. –I’m excited. You’re adventurous. And– Yeah. –you were wild and
you ate bugs and stuff. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Juicy, crunchy. Yeah. Yeah. All right, well, yeah. OK. So you watched it like
us, because you went home before hometowns. And what did you think
was going to happen? What did you think when
you were watching it? I think it’s hard– it’s
different for me to watch it than just an average
viewer, because I had a relationship with Colton. And my heart broke for him. Because even though he broke
my heart too, he’s a good human and has a good heart. And so even the
fence jump that was teased as this dramatic thing– it was real and it was raw. Yeah. And so I ultimately
just want his happiness at the end of this. And so I’m excited to see– What happens? –everything work out for him. And did you think
that Cassie was going to be the one that he
was really interested in? Like, while I was on the show? Yeah. I knew they had a
connection, but I tried to stay in my own lane. It didn’t always work out. No. I was going to say,
sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes– So no. You have, like, an alter ego. I do– What is the name
of that alter ego? The beast? Hannah Beast? Yeah. OK. What happens? Does that alter ego
come out if you’re on– in The Bach– Oh, for sure. Yeah. I can’t wait actually– Really? –to unleash some
beast on some jabroni. So what are you
going to– what are you looking for in a husband? You’re looking for
a husband, right? Oh, absolutely. You definitely want
to get married? Oh, I’m so ready. OK. You’re 24? Yeah. Yeah. And you’re so ready? I’m so ready. I know– whatever. You’re young. I am. Yeah. I know I’m young, but I would
not have gone on this show if I hadn’t really thought about
what was at the end of this. Right. So what are you
looking for in a man? Oh, man. They got to be good looking– hey! Got to be good looking. Yeah. But just a good human–
good heart, kind, strong. But ultimately, I want,
at the end of this to know that they know me
and know every part of me, and not just some
version of myself that I like packaged together
and was like, do you like this? And I think I’ve done
that in the past. Right. But the good and the bad,
and I want that in return. Yeah. You want to make sure
you see all sides? Yes. Because yeah, you’re obviously–
especially because you’re dating– how long does this
show lasts, like two months? Yeah. So it’s kind of hard in
two months for both of you to do that. So good luck. So– Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like “ball peen hammer,” and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SHOUTING] Oh, [BLEEP]! God, [BLEEP]!

100 thoughts on “‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah B. Is Ready to Unleash the Beast

  1. Amazing what those PR guys can do out in Hollywood! A week ago, this girl couldn't even form a sentence.. Good Luck Hannah!

  2. Lord I hope the social anxiety she has doesn’t get in the way of her finding love! Because she deserves the best !

  3. She needs to work on her communication skills. It's very cringey to hear her speak. She comes off as very insecure.

  4. I got married at 20 and were even more in love now than we were when we first got married. If you’re ready for marriage then you’re ready and only you can judge that ?‍♀️

  5. Ellen, I wish you could fulfill my dream. I wish you could deliver one of my letters to Chris Martin … I could send it to you if you could send me your e-mail address, and if you thought it was right and clean you could send it to him. Ellen you can do everything, because you are her friend as well as being one of the best American presenters in recent years. Ellen lives on the other side of the world … I live in Italy, but every time I open youtube to watch your videos and videos of my irreplaceable Chris and Coldplay, it's like I'm there with you and the distance of the ocean was just a hurdle to jump. Ellen realizes my dream … I think I deserve it … really. Thank you for your attention and congratulations for your wonderful program.

  6. Big mistake! She is way to ugly to be The next Bachelorette. Out of everyone that was on this season they had to give it to the UGLIEST girl on the whole show. Caelynn Miller Key or Hannah Godwin should have got it. The show will go off the air now

  7. Good looking is number one for me also. When he’s good inside it comes out so hope and pray Hannah B gets his man just like Colton did. I saw few cute handsome guys on the list so good luck ?

  8. I just don’t like her as the bachelorette :/ she’s sweet though and I am sure she’s awesome. Good luck Hannah

  9. Ok sorry but spoiler,im pretty sure it's episode 2 when this happens. A guy tells her that he is falling inlove with her already??. Does anyone else thinks this is a big red flag or?

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  11. Good luck to her but won't be watching. The show will be too long for her meaning she's a bit mentally slow for me

  12. Shes seems like a nice sweet person, but i think the show made a mistake by casting her. She seems so unsure of herself, and she doesnt seem to really talk for herself like she cant complete a sentence. They are really going to have to work on her.

  13. I think she's pretty coachable. She's already improved as I can tell in this interview. Not only that but shes also quirky and cute. I think this bachelorette season is gonna be fun!

  14. It is mind blowing to me that I am older than her. I am still in the “younger me” mindset that everyone on reality tv is way older than me ? Can anyone relate!?

  15. Whoever couldn’t relate to Hannah on her first night on being the new bachelorette on live tv is in denial. A lot of people have anxiety and I saw so much of myself in her that night. She definately grew on me I love Hannah!!!!

  16. Where did she get that jacket?!? It's adorable ? And this is my first season watching the Bachelorette and I am excited.

  17. I feel like she's so nervous. And she doesn't need to be. She's gorgeous and I love her personality and her accent ?

  18. Who else was thinking that Ellen was going to get one of the crew members to scare her like she did with some of the celebrities ?

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