Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

A full tankard and a warm tavern was the plan… …not extra watch. Whole countryside is on edge after Fossbarrow. Yeah… Filthy mages. They show up here- They show up here, and I’ll cut- Tedric? Hey, Tedric? Help me… Help me! T-Tedric! HELP ME! Fiddle…. Sticks!

100 thoughts on “Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

  1. Imagine an ability where fiddle can create an illusion of a teammate at 1 hp running away for 5 seconds to bait enemy then ult 👀

  2. Yeah, Always! Riot Studio always better than Balance Riot XD
    After Fiddlesticks too much power, neft Akali, pls!

  3. wow it looks cool I can't wait to play him when the rework is out
    if he is as good as the teaser the you out did your self riot

  4. Imagine League of Legends have first personal view and see a nine years old kid playing against Fiddlestick 😂😂😂 lmao.

  5. my god riot, that gave me a legitimate heart attack when he lunged and honestly wp, im glad that we can have more serious and scary characters now instead of a menagerie of disney off-brands

  6. Would you look at that? Fiddle sticks's rework. Odds are it is awful in game like every other rework they have done.

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