Terminator: Resistance – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Terminator: Resistance – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Here they come! Take cover! Having fun yet, Rivers? Through here.
Come on! Jacob, get up. Jacob Rivers,
marked for termination. Are you all right, Jacob? We intercepted some interesting data. It turns out you’re part of a prestigious group, a group of people that
Skynet marked for termination. You need to find a way to get out of there. I want you to take a team of my soldiers and
fight your way to Skynet’s Defense Grid. Watch out! More of them up here! It has to end tonight.

100 thoughts on “Terminator: Resistance – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. I so got to save some money for a Playstation 4 and to get this game I'm such a huge Terminator fan ever since I was a kid in the 90s and this game has the same plasma rifle sound effects from the Terminator 2 movie so awesome I always love that sound I wish I put that plasma gun sound on electronic toy rifles and don't be cool

  2. Highest liked comment compared this to colonial marines but that’s stupid cause CM was hyped for years and I didn’t even hear about this game until a month after this trailer came out. 1.8k that liked that comment are morons

  3. You know what would have been better?

    A an open world game in 1984 L.A.

    The world is dynamic and reacts towards your activity, both erratic and criminal, and will respond appropriately, from murder down to walking around naked. So it's not as forgiving as GTA.

    You have to find a Sarah Connor who's appearance, address, and occupation are randomized through each playthrough.

    You play as either Kyle Reese or the T800.

  4. I’m surprised that Skynet’s name is mentioned after what happened in Terminator Dark Fate. Is this still in the old timeline where John Connor leads the resistance?

  5. Why can't we atleast preorder this already since it comes out this month. There's preorders for titles that doesn't come out till next year, and yet.. Smh

  6. I have strong interest in this game but the quietness on the release is extremely underwhelming. Zero ads. That kinda makes me nervous on what the game is like.

  7. It's painful to see really bad games or nothing at all on a great movie franchise. Terminator, RoboCop, Conan the Barbarian and Highlander. This is just dumb.

  8. A game that literally has a blank check on how future machines could look (minus the T1 of course) and the game fails to impress. Voice acring sounds horrid….. this game is an incoming disaster

  9. This game looks really bad I wish a high end studio could make this game. Also aren't this the people who made Rambo the video game which was really bad

  10. Shooter games usually involve the player character destroying many enemies, for the sake of the gameplay. But a big motif in Terminator movies is the relative powerlessness of the humans in the face of an unstoppable enemy. I hope they take elements of survival horror for this game — otherwise it will be thematically and mechanically off.

  11. wait is this the main Terminator timeline? that's great, now it's back to it's Canon lore with Skynet than dark fate with the Legion.

  12. Looks like a cheap and nasty, child friendly spin off. If they can't be bothered putting effort into a game, i certainly won't put my hand in my pocket to buy it

  13. Small group marked for termination… Hm isn't the whole humanity marked for termination? Maybe I'm wrong in that case the rest probably just chilling on the beach or something.

  14. They wasted it. Imagine where we could fight as T1000 instead as resistance. Think about possibilities, We can take the shape of anything for killing the resistance. Instead we got this unoriginal game 😑


  16. This is exactly what we wanted from the movies! This game is literally the story of how the Resistance inevitably smashes Skynets defense grid and sends Kyle Reese back to save Sarah…..I have such high hopes for this game. Definitely going to buy the day it drops.

  17. The Video Game :Dawn of Fate, is what's left that can save the movie franchise. Base the story between Coronal Perry, Kyle Reese, Luna, Resistance Og Leader John Connor, fighting the machines and also the lingering threat of the trader Stone & the Android threat..

  18. It had potential but i'm sick of playing on the "weaker" side, like i want to run around as a terminator executing people brutally and get a sense of power that you don't get in most other games

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