Ten Xbox Highlights From the Last Decade

Ten Xbox Highlights From the Last Decade

[MUSIC].>>Welcome to 2020. 10 years ago we were
playing Halo Reach, Minecraft, and Call of
Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Today, we’re playing Halo Reach, Minecraft, and Call of
Duty Modern Warfare. But everything has
changed and it’s awesome. [MUSIC].>>To start the new year right, we’ve got a surprise for you. Grand Theft Auto V is now available with Xbox
Game Pass for console. Members can jump into the
mayhem in Los Santos today. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
and Xbox Live Gold members also have access
to Grand Theft Auto Online plus all Xbox Game Pass members get a member discount on DLC
and in game GTA dollars. [MUSIC].>>Here are just 10 highlights
from the last decade with Xbox. 2010 started with a
smaller sleeker console, the Xbox 360 slim with a whopping 250 gigabyte hard
drive as well as the Kinect. [MUSIC].>In 2010, Kinect was the fastest
selling electronic device of all time with over
eight million units sold in the first 60
days after launch. Kinect innovations continue
to live on in Xbox One, Windows 10, Cortana, Windows Mixed Reality,
and future technologies. In 2011, the Elder
Scrolls V Skyrim launched and redefined what an open-world
adventure game could be. It’s still considered one
of the greatest games ever made and the legacy of Skyrim continues today in
Skyrim Special Edition and The Elder Scrolls Online. In 2012, the green flag dropped and Forza Horizon launched
off the starting line. [MUSIC].>>It was the beginning
of a new breed of racing games that have
stayed at the front of the pack for a thrilling
open-world racing experience that continues today. [MUSIC].>>Xbox One launched in 2013, bringing a whole new generation
of games and apps to the world. The console set a new
standard for graphics, audio, and gaming experiences. Somehow a little unfinished
indie game that had no story or even objective was quickly becoming one of the most
popular games in the world. The team at Microsoft understood the promise the game had and in 2014, Microsoft brought Minecraft
to Xbox Game Studios. We’ve never looked back
and now players around the world can play together
whenever they play on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4,
Mobile, or Windows 10. [XBOX SOUND].>>Xbox changed the gaming
landscape again at the 2015 E3, when Phil Spencer announced backward compatibility
for the Xbox One.>>You have invested your time and
money and the games you want to continue to replay will be playable
natively on your Xbox One.>>Fans could play
their Xbox 360 games on Xbox one at no additional cost, with many looking and playing
better than ever before. The team would continue adding
games including favorites from the original Xbox to the backward compatible
catalog up through 2019. Xbox launched the Xbox One S, a slimmer and slightly
faster console and a value option in the Xbox
One family of devices. Xbox also created new ways to
break down barriers and bring gaming communities together with player centric features like
clubs and looking for group, which enables players to more easily find each other
and team up to play. [XBOX SOUND]. The world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X, launched in 2017, bringing with it a new era
of immersive 4K gaming and 4K entertainment to
gamers across the globe. Also in 2017, Mixer was
integrated into Xbox One. The service let fans watch, play, and celebrate games together. Mixer has continued
to grow and is home to some of the biggest
names in game streaming. In 2018, we welcomed
even more studios to the Xbox family and announced that all Xbox Game Studio
games would premier in Xbox Game Pass the same day
as their global release. Last year we launched
Xbox Game Pass for PC Beta which was built from the ground up for PC
gamers and developers, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which combines all the benefits
of Xbox Live Gold and access to a library of over 100 high-quality
console and PC games. [XBOX SOUND]. 2020 is shaping up to be a huge
year for the Xbox community, Ori and the Will of the
Wisps, Cyberpunk 2077, Minecraft Dungeons, Doom
Eternal, CrossfireX, and Bleeding Edge are just a few of the games we can’t wait to play. Project xCloud is bringing
console quality games from the Cloud to your mobile
device where ever you are. [XBOX SOUND].>>The Xbox Series X will set a
new bar for speed, performance, and compatibility and launched next holiday alongside Halo infinite. It’s looking like a good year. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. Me crying in my Oculus rift meanwhile drying to plug it in my One X.
    Gonna edit on the launch from the series X :(.

  2. I liked how they didn’t even show their flagship game as one of the games coming out this year. Hint: Halo infinite

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    Can you help me to play game
    Please gift me an Xbox one x

  5. Ten years!
    The many people from the laboratories, designers and clinic still using the Kinect for working on their projects and activities

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  7. NGL I play on my Xbox One S everyday, so much fun playing Minecraft, Forza Horizon, Risk of Rain, and more. Thank you Xbox 🙂

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