Steven Universe: Save the Light – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Steven Universe: Save the Light – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Rated everyone 10 and up. – Ah, the earth. Did you miss me? Now let’s see.
Where is — Oh. There you are. [LAUGHTER] – Dad what’s going on? – That isn’t good.
Agh! – Look out! – Ah.
Here we are. – Oh, man. – We are the crystal gems.
Stand down or be destroyed. – Feel our unbridled rage. – Let’s shake it up. – All day, everyday. – Item, I choose you. – What up? – Hmm. [LAUGHTER] – Keep it up, Peridot. – Oh yeah.
Watch this. – Let’s do it to it. – You’re rocking it. – Let’s be careful everyone. – Steven, check out your old
man. – So cool. – That was perfect. – Brilliant. – Bring it, light weirdoes. – Not today. – Nicely done. – Pathetic earth gems. – Time for teamwork. – Keep it up, honey. – Let’s see them stand against
this. – Guys, are you sure about this? – Hey, you orange, fluffy clod. – You, we both know you’re in
over your head. – Save the light.

100 thoughts on “Steven Universe: Save the Light – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. dude im so ready to preorder this. I waited until midnight to see if it was on PSN to buy and its not there. 馃檨

  2. Eh…looks a little too simple to me.Certain enemies are nothing but sponges…I'm gonna put this on a certain hold.

  3. Appearantly this game has no german release. D: Any tipps how I could ge a copy of the game in the germany (without pirating of course)?

  4. Dang it, I was so distracted by other games that I forgot this was coming out, I'll have to pick it up over the holidays with undertale.

  5. The internet has turned youngin's into dumbin's. They misspelled "whoa." This is why I always hate when people misspell that word, because "woah" is mainstream even in official games now. :/

  6. can someone help me… i want to know if the game need a Xbox live GOLD subscription to play it and how much it costs…thanks!

  7. Were ever i look i just cant find this game ive looked online in steam the playstation store the xbox store in Ebgames (GameStop in Australia) and i just canr find it can somone help?

  8. Good use of characters and well displayed gameplay that anyone can enjoy. At the least this does better than the one for ok ko sadly.

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  10. Should we expect PS 3 version or PS 3 is already very old for having new games?… Eh, 400$+ for a new console because of a great game?…

  11. Game seems to have potential, hope it isn't a "We'll show you all this cool stuff in the beginning but you probably won't have access to it until the game is half way over" games

  12. I'm eighteen years old… and I'm about to buy this game because I grew up with this series… Man, I wonder if I have a problem just like all my classmates say because I still enjoy children stuff.

  13. I interested in this game, but why in PlayStation Store i can't see this game, I really want to play, but I cant find it(

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