Steep – PlayStation Plus Trailer | PS4

100 thoughts on “Steep – PlayStation Plus Trailer | PS4

  1. Она без дополнений не интересна,так что подарок на новый год некудышний☺

  2. great game. 10/10.
    shame it didn't catch on launch, hope this monthly will make it more popular.
    need more chill laid-back games like this

  3. Update the PlayStation TV for all the PlayStation Vita games to be compatible Sony I can play Uncharted golden Abyss on my TV& Gravity Rush and Jak and Daxter and 1080p for the PlayStation TV Sony this be a great New Year's gift from you

  4. Great game, very enjoyable, specially when listening to Spotify, or playing it with friends.

    I would like to see more ways of earning Steep Credits though. Once you finish all of the activities, you can't earn more credits unless you buy them with real money.
    Sure, you can get a few thousands credits per week with Ubisoft Club and its challenges, but it's a lame amount of credits, and the challenges are pretty difficult.

  5. Tanto esperar un buen juego para enero y volvéis a darnos basura que no se vende ni regalada. Estoy asta las pelotas de ps plus, a partir de ahora mi ps4 pro sera única y exclusivamente para las psvr y jugar offline, para jugar online utilizo PC o cualquiera de las otras plataformas, pero desde luego no voy a dejar que esta gentuza me siga estafando cobrandome por un online y unos servicios que son escoria.

  6. I will admit, it almost looks worth checking out for no real cost involved. I liked Cool Boarders enough. Though if it only runs at 30fps then it is not worth the time, I'll have to look into that.

  7. Free ps plus game of this month for the us server is even worse than the asia server, they got portal knight and Tom clancy's the division 🙁

  8. This is kind of cool but I want something that I will actually play on a consistent basis instead of a game I’ll play once and call cool but never touch it ever again

  9. you can't even join friend on this game. the invite to group and join friends button literally doesn't work. fix your servers or game Ubisoft.

  10. I you like actual snowboarding try Infinite Air. Maybe not as flashy as this but they got the physics right. It's basically ea Skate meets snowboarding.

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