Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Launch Trailer | PS4

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Launch Trailer | PS4

We’ve lost. The Empire’s hunting Jedi survivors. Cal, they know who you are. I can’t change the past. You trespass, Jedi. But I’m done hiding. Cal Kestis… You will always struggle. It’s the choice to keep fighting… …that makes us who we are.

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Man, why can't companies just try more like this? If EA would have started doing this from the beginning they wouldn't have the bad rap they do today. The player is always right.

  2. Still doesn't come close to dark forces 2. This looks like attack of the clones with heydontactagain Christensen as the main character and from EA. Yuck.

  3. "Game of the Year Contendor"

    It's not even out yet tho…also the force powers look pale in comparison to a non-Star Wars game, Control.

  4. Disney will do anything at this point.
    Disney has raped star wars to the point that it's a corpse now.

  5. I will wait for this to go on sale. Thankfully, after many years, I’ll be able to purchase an EA game on steam. Also something tells me cal will die. Gut feeling.

  6. Story focused. No multiplayer. No egregious sandbox. This had already beaten out the last 4 Ubisoft games (AC, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, The Division)

  7. The things that interests me about the gameplay is 'Your defense is your best offence.'

    About the story: 'I've never really known what it was like after Order 66.'

  8. Why are so many comments in this like:

    DEatTh StrANdinG hAs aN eiGhT MiNuTE TRaIleR.
    Give this game a chance. It looks amazing.

  9. This game would be much cooler if you can decide to chose whether to be a bright side, dark side, or grey force user

  10. Jajajajaja menuda patata de juego. Producto 100% comercial como siempre aprobechandose de la gente. Un insulto para los fans de la saga tanto el juegos como en películas no sacan nada que realmente merezca la pena

  11. It’s cool that they put the ninth sister’s mechanical leg since it was cut off in the comics by the sixth brother.

  12. There were stories about what happened… People saying it was impressive, that it was the Star Wars adventure we were looking for, that it had amazing lightsaber combat, and that it would be a contender for game of the year, and the funny thing is… it's true. All of it.

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