Star Wars Battlefront 2 – PS4 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – PS4 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017

[MUSIC PLAYING] BATTLE DROID: For the separatist
alliance. We need back up. Roger, Roger. CLONETROOPER: Reinforcements. Sector is clear. Not clear!
Not clear! [MUSIC PLAYING] BATTLE DROID: We’re under fire. [BOOM] REBEL PILOT: All wings, we’re
coming up on the Star Destroyer but we need to clear that
escort. Let’s give ’em everything we
got. GARRICK VERSIO: You’re next
assignments, they are… unusual. IDEN VERSIO: Grab onto
something. MAN: I’m trying.

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 – PS4 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017

  1. Someone make an FPS where one side is PlayStation and the other is Xbox. PC could be the specialists or something.

  2. I'm glad they added droids, and it seems like they have better characters. Also I'm glad they added a story to the game.

  3. i have to say when i broke my ps4 was because other people wanted to control me. aaron anf his thugs has humiliated me with my own Playstation

  4. and its hurts real bad that i cant have my life without those thief trying to steal my ps4. i am so happy when i go to work and i dont have to worry about aaron stealig my ps4 because i dont have a really affordable ps4

  5. Dá um jogo bom de graça naquela merda paga PS plus pra vim jogo bosta meu Deus. Não vou mais nos PlayStation por causa disso só tenho pelos meus amigos

  6. Sony should really make the playstation plus free again why do I have to pay to play online when pc players get better deals on games and play for free it's not fair

  7. We have acomplished nothing buddy, as the statement says "the ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date". They didn't remove the sistem from the game, they will just wait for you to buy the game and, think about it, they say this and now all gamers will buy it thinking they have removed this or that it will only have cosmetic changes WHICH HAS NOT BEEN STATED BY EA, once you buy the game, they could care less about their promise, you have already spend 60 bucks to buy their game (or your local country currency). THIS IS NOT A WIN, NOR EA SAYING SORRY, this is just a way they can ensure you will buy the game day one and keep sales asured. Don't buy the game, grow some balls, if we as users continue to keel allowing this kind of practices by large companies they will keep doing them, GIVE THEM THE FEEDBACK THEY REALLY NEED, NOT WITH COMMENTS, BUT WITH YOUR WALLET. GAMES HAVE MICROTRANSACTIOS BECOUSE YOU BUY THEM (cosmetic changes only is up to, given the fact it does not affect gameplay, and many games that immplement this method are free to play), and if you stop buying this kind of games we will stop seeing such greedy practices

  8. Hi play station this has nothing to do with battlefront but can u plz have mini ninjas as s free ps plus game and if u do thank u

  9. Por favor PlayStation dá um jeito no Xbox mil grau o cara só fala mal de vcs feis um vídeo quebrando dois PlayStation 4 pra falar q o vídeo game é uma bosta n tenho nada contra a outros consoles mais n da isso já é de mais pra min todos consoles e bom mais se tiver como tire esse cara do YouTube obrigado

  10. Playstation, Can You put Roblox in Ps3-4. So us players can play Roblox on Ps3 & 4. And maybe put the Price to about $20 or $10! Also the Robux, put like different prices. And put some free robux, how about 460R$.

  11. you are better than invented games please create new games for the PlayStation 3 because I do not have the ability to buy PlayStation 4

  12. having the video game for a couple of days and light saber fights are not like the ones in the trailer, do I need to download a patch, we just strike the opponent until one of both dies. L2 defense is useful not to be hit but cannot counter strike

  13. PlayStation is greedy, why even buy the PS4 if it just won't let you play online, it makes PlayStation stupid and boring and frustrating, I would rather buy games than limited time of PS Plus. Does anyone agree with me?

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