Splatoon 2 – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Splatoon 2 – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

There’s no denying how much of a hit Splatoon
was on the Wii U. It was a new take on the shooter genre with
an undeniable Nintendo vibe. But it also successfully tapped into 90s nostalgia
while maintaining a unique identity. And honestly, it was just plain addictive
with its constant updates to the multiplayer and a surprisingly fun single player campaign. But can it be done twice? Has Splatoon 2 changed enough to make it a
worthy sequel or is this just a minor upgrade to get the series on the Switch as fast as
possible? The game is set two years after the original
and in that time new tastes and trends have emerged. There are new bands, new shop owners, and
even a new hub for Squids to spend their time. And among all this, the Great Zapfish has
gone missing yet again. But it’s not alone as Callie of the Squid
Sisters has disappeared too. And that’s where the single player comes
in. Here you’ll be recruited by Marie to rescue
the Zapfish and hopefully discover what happened to Callie. The story never really gets any deeper from
there, matching the scope of the original. And that applies to much of the campaign. It’s about as long as the original and many
of the concepts carry over. There are five hubs in total with invisible
kettles acting as the entrances to a stage. But the hubs have been expanded, making them
more fun to explore. There are ways to earn extra Power Eggs, which
are still used to upgrade your weapons, hidden Sunken Scrolls and Sardinium, a new collectible
used in conjunction with the Power Eggs. Not only that, but there’s a bit of platforming
as well as you navigate your way to the stage entrances. It keeps things interesting for that first
playthrough and then you can easily super jump back for any return visits. The campaign itself is much better designed
as a way to introduce all the various weapon types to players before they potential dive
into the multiplayer. On a first playthrough, the Ink Charger might
be required and the level accommodates it through the design. This leads to a better idea of that weapon’s
strengths and weaknesses. And if you decide to play that level again
with a different weapon, the stage will be slightly changed to make it possible to complete. In that way, it’s a better experience. That applies to the level design as well,
which is constantly adding new elements to keep things fresh and change up your tactics. Some are better than others with the grind
rails being a particular highlight as they lent levels a different feel to what came
before. And the bosses are just as fun as you’d
expect with wacky designs and concepts that just plain work. With few exceptions, it’s all great stuff. But it’s also not especially new. It’s remixed and plays better, but I suspect
diehard fans of the original will be hoping for something a little more. As much as I enjoyed it all, I still came
away with that feeling. Yet I do think this is better with Marie providing
some hilarious quips along the way and even getting to know Sheldon a little more. It’s going to be something you’ll want
to experience although like the first, it’s not the main attraction. The multiplayer is where the addiction really
begins. As soon as Nintendo made the servers live,
I jumped into the multiplayer right away. And I easily slipped back into form. Like before, only Turf War was available at
the start which pits two teams of four against one another in order to ink more of the stage. At the end of three minutes, it’s all tallied
and a winner is declared which earns that team more money and experience to raise their
Freshness Level. The losers still earn rewards too, just not
as much. But that Freshness level is the key to success. Once you reach level 4, you can start shopping
at the stores around Inkopolis Square. Shoes, shirts, and headwear are all available,
allowing you to style your Inkling while also taking advantage of their different bonuses. Some are the same as the first game with stronger
sub-weapons or a shorter respawn time if you’re splatted, but then there are new ones like
allowing you to roll after a Super Jump in order to avoid enemy ink. It seems minor, but it really does change
up the tactics of the battles this time around. And that goes for the weapons too. While most of the weapons themselves are the
same, save for the addition of the Splat Dualies, the sub and special weapons have been changed
significantly. There are a few new subs next to the returning
standbys, but every special is different except for the bomb launchers which send out hordes
of the various types of bomb sub weapons. Each special is useful in a particular situation
but none of them feel overpowered. They aren’t the game changers that they
could be in the original game. And perhaps because of that, specials seem
to happen much more often. It’s a subtle change to the mechanics that
becomes more pronounced the more you play. There’s not really much of a difference
when everyone is using the same kit, but once new tactics are introduced, it does change
the feel of it all. But that doesn’t necessarily make the old
kits worthless. Gaining levels simply allows for more choices
when it comes to the available tactics in terms of the weapon kits. What you may use for Turf War isn’t necessarily
the best idea for the Ranked Battles. And the Ranked Battles have seen a few minor
changes as well. Splat Zones now has an indicator showing how
much of the zone each team has inked while Tower Control has new checkpoints where the
tower temporarily stops leaving a potential counterattack open for the opposing side. However, once the checkpoint is passed, it
never returns making it easier to come back if they lose progress. The Rainmaker weapon was changed as well though
I didn’t get the opportunity to try that mode. Still, Ranked Battles are about what you’d
expect. There are some other smaller changes to the
design of the multiplayer though. Each mode in Ranked Battle have separate ranks
and Crusty Sean sells meals that can increase how much money or experience you earn in battle. Tickets for this can be found in the single
player or a fee can be paid in order to rake in the benefits. And once you have this meal, it stays around
until the the battle quota is fulfilled. Even if takes a few days, every multiplayer
match will get this temporary boost until it’s used up. Finally, the maps change much more frequently;
every two hours instead of four. With eight maps available in total, at least
currently, it’s not hard to play the one you want. Plus, they’re all winners. Only two return from the original Splatoon
and both have been updated for the better. And new maps are just as fun but the Humpback
Pump Track is a personal favorite of mine. But even beyond that, players aren’t dragged
back to the main menu every time the maps change from now on. Instead, a notification pops up to let you
know things have changed and you’re taken to the Lobby. It’s incredibly simple to jump back in or
even change your equipment to better take on the new maps. And because of the way you can put the Switch
in Sleep Mode, you actually don’t see the new hosts, Pearl and Marina, that much. They only appear for special announcements
or when coming back to Splatoon 2 from something else entirely. It makes the whole process feel much quicker. The final new addition to Splatoon is Salmon
Run. It’s only available at certain times, but
when it is, up to four players can join together in order to fight a new Salmonid enemy. I was only able to play with random people
which seems to change up the rules somewhat. Back when I previewed Salmon Run with Nintendo,
we played using the local option where we could all choose our weapons from the ones
available and even the set the difficulty. With random people, those options are nowhere
to be found. Instead, each person is randomly given one
of the four weapons for that round which could make it tricky if you’re not used to that
weapon. But I kinda liked that idea because it made
me try things that I wouldn’t otherwise. The rest of Salmon Run plays the same with
the team working together to splat the Salmonid and stay alive over the course of 3 rounds. Each round has a quota of Golden Eggs to collect
which can only be obtained by defeating Boss Salmonid, of which there are eight varieties
each with their tactics and challenges. Every player can only hold one Golden Egg
at a time to take back to the collection basket making teamwork key, especially since, if
the Eggs are left alone for too long, the Salmonid can steal them back. And once the quota is met, the players still
have to survive the round which can be incredibly tricky. It doesn’t take long for Salmon Run’s
difficulty to ramp up as the the tide can rise and lower offering more or less territory
to battle in. On one hand, less territory corrals the Salmonid
and makes them easy to splat. On the other it leaves less room to escape
when the Bosses start invading. And that’s the true difficulty of the Salmon
Run. Not only are there tons of normal enemies
to fight, but you also have to handle all the bosses and their varying strategies. It’s hectic, hard, and a ton of fun. It’s the type of challenge that makes me
want to try again and again. And the rewards aren’t bad either with money
bonuses and even unique equipment that are already maxed out. You’re definitely going to want to play
this mode though I discovered something interesting about it. If you don’t get matched up with enough
players, you’ll still be able to play, even if you’re by yourself. The quotas get changed to reflect this, but
the time is your worst enemy. I’ve never beaten Salmon Run on my own or
with only one other person. Once you’re splatted, that’s it. There’s no one there to revive you. Three is manageable, but four is absolutely
the ideal. But there’s something fun about that kind
of challenge as well. Salmon Run is just an excellent addition to
Splatoon. And the game looks great as well. The colors and style really pops while the
ink in single player has extra touches such as a glitter-like effect. It’s unfortunate that it’s not there in
multiplayer, but the game still looks fantastic. The music is good as well. While the single player tunes never got me
quite as pumped as the original game’s, the multiplayer soundtrack is just as good. It made me ready for every match and kept
everything varied. There’s no denying that the presentation
is top notch. Splatoon 2 is a truly great game. It expands and improves upon the original
with only a few minor missteps here and there. But that might be its biggest problem. Some might not regard these changes as enough
for a sequel. That there’s just too much of the same. And while that may be fair in some regards,
I also found myself not caring. I love this game too much. It is a purely fun experience that brings
me back again and again and again. To me, the devil is in the details. Dig deeper, and you’ll see the changes. And if you’ve never played Splatoon before,
this is the best way to start. Don’t miss out on it. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more on Splatoon and other things gaming.

100 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

  1. Apparently this one hasn't changed all that much from the 1st one. Well as a person (and I'm certainly not alone) who never had a Wii U for me this is my first time and I LOVED the beta. Trust Nintendo to reinvent a classic genre in there own Nintendoey fashion ???

  2. You really don't need to dig that deep to see the changes. Just participating in the splatfest I got a completely different vibe from even the smallest details such as minor animation changes. Splatoon 2 feels like a huge improvement.

  3. Are people gonna over look that salmon run isnt a mode where you can access anytime? That's crazy and dumb, why does Nintendo do things like that? I also hear you can't guarantee matches with your friends on your team and the game scrambles the players once in a match…what the hell!? Why!?? This is my first next gen Nintendo console coming from ps4. Nintendo has a lot of work to do on the online compatibility compartment. I thought I would be able to play arms with my friend as a duo, but that game also scrambles you up.

  4. I am the worst kind of gamer with splatoon. A noob. The only splatoon thing I have ever played was the splatfest demo. But I will get better, for I am getting this game release date! Pre ordered!

  5. Help! Can I purchase the Japanese version of Splatoon and play it in English? English isn't listed. Can't understand why this wouldnt have it.

  6. Need to change your wording, match servers are pathetic P2P trash with 12.5Hz tick rated, servers are only used for login/authentication. So needed have literally killed any ESPORT scenario with this game. Not that nintendo will ever be a big name in esports with their current business practices anyway.

  7. I think it's absolutely stupid to criticize the sequel for not changing things up too much because it's a brand new IP that's also a very innovative and fresh take on the genre, add on top of that the fact that Nintendo pretty much nailed the gameplay so really, why would you want a sequel to change things up a great deal when simply expanding and improving on this is more favorable, especially with how successful the original was. I'd understand if this was like the 4th or even 3rd entry but I honestly cannot think of a SINGLE sequel (Super Mario Bros 2 doesn't count) that didn't drastically change things up from a well executed 1st entry.

  8. I am so excited to play Splatoon 2 I can't wait to play it I'm going to grind this game soooooo Much!?

  9. It's a little disappointing you can't pick your weapon in Salmon Run, but other than that everything seems pretty great. Incredibly hyped for Splatoon 2.

  10. 1 like=1 dollar for me to buy this game

    Just kidding my money is waiting literally for a month but i would appreciate likes ?

  11. Is there ever going to be an offline/solo turf war mode? It sucks because my switch is having wifi problems, they had local multiplier but it wasn't the same. It shouldn't be that hard to just have bots.

  12. The game seemed pretty good from I played before in the Global Test Fire and the first Splatfest. I can't wait to play more of it tomorrow!

  13. Watching this on the night before release, dying from excitement. I already played the betas, I know it's great, I just wanna dive in!

  14. well i wasnt sure about getting the twitch cause the only games i wanted it for was zelda and mario kart but this game looks so so fun i think im gonna pick one up

  15. I have the game now. You have no idea how I love and addicted I am. Handheld mode is unbelievable as always it leaves my jaw dropped playing a console game in a handheld device. Graphics are sharp and vibrant its so lovely

  16. Ok so I get splatoon today or tomorrow and I need friends to play salmon run and other things. Does anyone one have any ways to chat and set up matches (I have kik and discord)

  17. How has nobody brought up how much slower you swim through ink in multiplayer compared to the original splatoon or even in splatoon 2's single player? I don't understand why they would slow it down so much it makes navigating maps so much more clunky and ends up with so many more spawn camping situations since it's harder to escape…


  19. one other detail that I like about this game is the way Murch (the replacement for Spyke) works. Now he can wipe the abilities off of your gear and turn them into ability chunks. You can then use those chunks to customize exactly what you want on your gear. Now instead of spending millions of gold trying to roll 3 ink savers, you can just keep wiping the gear until you have enough chunks.

  20. There's no way to play Salmo Run solo or with AI Bots..plus it can't be played offline either.Come on Nintendo I NEEDS this mode to be playable solo with bots & offline

  21. was a little sad when a saw that 1 and 2 are similar but then I thought wait call of duty has done the same thing for 10+ years, overall splat 2 is great and on a superior console. no complaints from me. good video!

  22. The ending of this games campaign should have a shadow of a plane hovering over your Inklings head, and as they look up they see Mario and Peaches plane flying over them about to land on what is now revealed to be Isle del fino. Inception horn sound starts playing, fade to black.

  23. This is close to botw for me. I didn't have a wiiu and it's been such a blast starting from scratch here.

  24. Botw – 98/100
    Splatoon 2 – 92/100
    Mario Kart 8 DX – 85/100
    Arms – 78/100

    4 killer hits so far(my opinion).

  25. i friggin hated sheldon's request so much and he's now one of my least favorite video game characters because of it. fuck you sheldon.

  26. I really do like this game, its just it doesn't have the original vibe that splatoon 1 had. I was a die hard fan of the original, and I was expecting more from the sequel.

  27. All people complain about 32 gb switch free space. I have zelda, gonner, oceanhorn, implosion, mario kart 8, arms, street fighter, fast racing rmx and minecraft. I still have 23 gb free space. If i have 9 games on my ps4. There would be used 400 gb in total.

  28. I haven't given this game much of a chance but it's just not hooking me at all. Maybe I'm too addicted to ARMS to pay much attention but I get the feeling that it's just not for me (which is odd because I'm not a story adventure type player, more of a quick simple game type). It should be right up my alley but I'm just blah about it.

  29. The call of duty, modern warfare, or halo for nintendo. I love this game. Its fun. I highly recommend it. I admit, I wasn't too sure at 1st, but after buying the Splatoon 2 bundle pack and trying it… Totally worth it. I'm Hooked! lol. no pun intended.

  30. I havenโ€™t seen this but while ur waiting for a lobby to fill up you can change the sound of the background music

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