Some Nintendo Switch Games Will Require Additional Storage Space To Play

Nintendo has announced that certain games
coming out on the Nintendo Switch will require an additional download and a microSD card
to experience the full version of the game. Nintendo Switch game cartridges hold about
16 GB of memory so essentially any game that is bigger than 16 GB will require an additional
microSD card or system storage space.  This announcement comes as NBA 2k18 announced
that it is 25gb on the Switch, therefore, additional memory will be needed to experience
the full game.  Now taking a look at NBA 2k18 with from
recent gameplay videos it seems like this is a great looking and playing complete version
of the game.  It looks closer to the Xbox One and PS4
counterparts than I expected and this is great.  I would love developers to make the Switch
experience of cross platform games as close to the same experience that you would receive
on the Xbox One or PS4.  This will only benefit the Switch and because
of the portability factor of the Switch purchasing the Switch version
is that much more enticing. Now you could argue that Nintendo forcing
consumers to buy an additional microSD card to play certain games is the same as expanding
your storage on other devices when you run out. But I don’t think this is the same concept
for two reasons.  Firstly, the Switch was released with a
measly 32gb of internal storage. Some of that storage was taken up by the operating
system which leaves you with even less memory to store games on digitally.  Nintendo gives you the option of picking
up games physically which led consumers to believe that you wouldn’t have to expand
internal storage if you wanted to buy all your games on the physical cartridge.  Secondly, the Nintendo game cartridges are
16 GB.  So basically instead of increasing the size
or having variable sizes of cartridges for developers to put their games on they are
keeping them all at 16gb. This announcement also coincides with Nintendo
announcing that they are partnering with Sandisk and releasing Nintendo branded 64gb and 128gb
microSD cards. Now, I understand that the point of business
is to make money and Nintendo has never been short on money.  But, this to me seems like a massive anti-consumer
move that was calculated.  Memory isn’t fixed and I believe that
Nintendo has the power of creating cartridges with different sizes that developers could
use if their game was bigger than 16gb.  Nintendo also must’ve known in advance that
games like NBA 2k18 which is graphically intensive and has a variety of game modes would need
a lot more space and they could’ve put more internal storage on the device itself.  Instead, they have decided to charge customers
additional money on top of the game in order to experience it fully. This move also reduces, in my opinion, the
incentive to purchase a game for the Switch that you could get on the Xbox One or the
PS4.  The big selling point is the fact that you
could play the game on the go. The portability feature makes up for worse
graphics, fewer game modes, or different gameplay mechanics to compensate for the lack of power
in the device.  However, if you now have to spend additional
cash on a microSD card when purchasing a game at the full retail price this may deter consumers
from picking up the Switch version of the game. Again, I believe Nintendo knew exactly what
they were doing and I believe that this is a very anti-consumer move that even the biggest
Nintendo fans will find it hard to justify.

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