Single Girl Seduces A Disney Prince In The Sims 4 | Part 48

100 thoughts on “Single Girl Seduces A Disney Prince In The Sims 4 | Part 48

  1. hi can you name two kids Betty and Jughead from Riverdale or Chrissanthi which is my own name. I love this series and this family.

  2. What about some Christmas themed names?

    Girl: Noella, Carol or Carolle, December, Eira (Welsh meaning ‘snow’)
    Boy: Rudolph, Noel, Claus

  3. If you read the toddlers to sleep, it raises their imagination skill really fast! I'm 41 babies into my own 100 Baby Challenge, it's taking a long time 😛

  4. Kelsey, why haven't you revived Harry yet? It's not against the rules, right? You could be up 1 child. I like Harry…I want him to live a full life. :c Please?

  5. Suggestion name babies after characters from Disney's movie Brave: Boy: Harris, Hubert or Hamish
    Girl: Merida, Elinor or Maudie

  6. Baby names!!!
    Twins: girls: Meredith and Christina
    Boys: Derek and Mark
    Boy and girl: Meredith and Derek
    Like Gery Anatomy 🙂

  7. Would it be worth upgrading everything to 'unbreakable' so the ghosts just haunt things without breaking them? Or do they break anyway??

  8. PLEASE LIKE SO KELSEY SEES!!!!Here me out guys….When the sad day of the end of the 100 baby challenge guys lets see if Kelsey will do a 100 baby challenge Supernatural edition. Baby daddies and mommies have to be. Alien, Vampire, Mermaid/Mermen, Witch/Warlock or maybe also plant sim. Same rules of the challenge but supernatural partners. We will start the challenge with the matriarch of the girl born the last before thee challenge is over. MAYBE some aquatic kids will help conquer Kelsey now fear of pools in the Sims…..

  9. Name suggestions:
    Girl- WENDY, Aelin, Lillian, Celaena, Emily, Ithaca, Debbie, Riley, Millie, Luna, Tilly, Matilda
    Boy- Rowan, Aedion, Cameron, Luke, Parker
    (some of these are from my favorite book series so I'd be super happy if you used them)
    I've been here since the beginning 😀

  10. Also on a side note how many expansion packs do you have? I just bought the game (yes because I watched you and wanted to play) never played before. I am playing it on a ps4. It is a learning curve. I have the game and parenting pack. You have winter and mine dose not. What additions do you have?

  11. Baby Names inspired by The Umbrella Academy:

    Boy Names: Klaus, Luther, Five, Diego, Ben, Reginald (Reggie)

    Girl Names: Allison, Vanya, Grace, Clare

  12. Christmas names for girls are, Hope, Joy, Holly,Noel, And boy names are, Nick,Nicholas, and thats all i have for now!

  13. can you name new babies these names:
    for girls: Juliana or Hadley or Isla
    for boys: Liam, Gab and Oliver ( in order to name after Olive and Olivia)

  14. You should get earbuds for Kacey to help keep her Fun up. Also, if you don't feel like cooking get a mini-fridge and microwave to have quick meals. Also, you might want to re-lock the nursery door, so kids don't wake up the babies.
    Boy: Oliver/Ollie
    Girl: Avery

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