Singaporeans Try: Horror PC Games (Five Night’s At Freddy’s and Try To Fall Asleep)

Singaporeans Try: Horror PC Games (Five Night’s At Freddy’s and Try To Fall Asleep)

Hi guys! Hi!
Hi! Do you play computer games? Oh, a lot. Too much. Overwatch, Destiny, Dota. Uhh… Depends eh.
Yes! Hot Dog Bush! When I was a young kid, I used to play Maple. When you were young lah. Ya lah. I was already quite old during the Maplestory phase. Do you like horror games? Eh, I hate you lah.
Are you serious? I don’t want, I don’t like!
Not again. I really very very scared of horror things. I don’t like the, you walking, walking then suddenly *BAM*! Is that kind right? Confirm. On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, you will be playing, horror PC games. Oh my god, is it the Five Nights At Freddy’s? Five Nights at Freddy’s not scary one.
What’s that? All I can say is I’m not happy. Eh! Why must off the lights eh! Lame. Eh, is there someone hiding behind! Walao! What the shit. Okay, new game, new game let’s go. Is that Freddy? Lame, this one okay what. From 12AM to 6AM, monitor cameras… Oh, oh, oh. Haven’t read finish. Oi! Oh there, answer the phone.
Eh, pick up the phone. Where’s the phone, where’s the phone. Can I, phone. P-H-O-N-E. No lah! We cannot move.
Pick up. Pick up. Oh wait. Someone’s gonna say something? (Game voiceover) Hello. Uhh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled down on your first night. Welcome to Freddy’s Fazbears Pizza. Where fantasy and fun come to life. What did he say? He like so monotone when he say, “fantasy come to life”. Is he like trying to distract us or something? No, because we can only turn left and right. Just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Wander? Uhh… They’re left on some kind of free roaming mode at night. Free roaming? Where got such thing one. If they happen to see you after hours, probably won’t recognise you as a person. They’ll probably try to forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit. Then you should’ve just worn the suit now. Oh! Can select. Wait, so now we’re in the room, this is just the surveillance camera. How do we control, there, okay we click. Eee! Eh, that’s the monster ah? Oh we can… Oh!
Oh! You were the one who jumped! Close the doors only if absolutely necessary, gotta conserve power. Conserve power?! Oh my god we left 69%. Our door close or not? That’s our door lah. Oh my god, our door’s been open all the time eh. Eh, close lah, close lah, close. No, but if close, out power will be low. So we need to keep it open. So if you click… And then the usage is higher. Oh. Ooh! This is them! Oh shit! Did you see? Wha-wha-what? The guy is missing! Was it there in the first place? It wasn’t. They are moving. Oiyo! This thing come out! Oh my god, if anything comes we must close the door. Eh, we end work what time ah? 6AM, 6AM. Okay, okay. You think can tahan(endure)? Can tahan one night? I don’t know man. There’s a figure here mah. Ah, don’t think you sneaky I never see you ah? Bird still here, this one still here. Ahh! Easy lah! I know where y’all are. Oh my god. Eh, someone is missing here! Ya, the guy, the duck moving. Oh there.
Oi! Duck move here already.
Scary… We are at 6% eh.
Okay, light… Eh, close! Jia Hui, close! We are gonna run out of power. No, but he’s there! Did we make it? Yes! 7%
Yes! Oh my god it is 6AM! 2B ah! 2B already!
0%! It’s 0%! Oh! Freak! Oh, dead, we dead, we dead, we dead. Confirm come out already. Where, where, where is he? Oh! Okay thank god we made it. Wah, heng(lucky) ah, we made it. Wah. Oh my god, we made it. Wah, straight away go night eh. We don’t even get to live through the day to experience our triumph freely. GG(good game), you play. You know what, I slightly peed in my pants a little. Oh wow, they fast come here already sia. This just spoils everything. (Game BG sound) Dum dum dum. They’re singing again. Dum dum… They call you dumb dumb. Si ren(stupid) teddy bear! I realise right, it’s always they come in when we not looking eh. So we just like, stay here. And then we listen to the noises. Oh my god. Oh, it’s off. On your CCTV! You guys suck! This security guard job ah… Sibei(super) paranoid sia. Yasia. Oh shit, we left 1%, GG(good game) is this how we die? Ya. 4AM, no battery. Oh no. Oh my god, what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to like, can we still do stuff? Click! Click! Fight! Fight! Fight! How?! I don’t know! I clicking! I don’t we can fight or not! Zao(flee)! Zao! Zao! How to… Cannot lah! Oh god, oh god. Chao si eh(noisy)! Wait, stop. Is it over? I don’t want to be security guard! Oi! coming back already. This is a cockroach that you can’t kill.
There, he coming already. Oh shit. Come on. 6AM please! Don’t die! Oh! Heng(lucky) ah. We made it again. Wah. Oh my god. Are we like, acing this game or what? Not scary one lah.
Eh, you never even do anything! Can you use the… Your turn. Don’t want. Your turn. Okay, just listen to the guy. Oh no, shit, what the hell. What, what?! Oh no! They coming already! Fast. No, no, don’t close, don’t close. Then wha-what is it?! Don’t open! I scared!
Keep it open! Then who is in front of me! Nothing. He’s here.
Check light, check light. Calm down! Open the door and shine light. Open the door, shine light. You do it. Why?! Oh no, I no more power? Why cannot press here? Don’t talk, don’t talk. Just don’t talk. Okay lah, that wasn’t that bad lah. Damn it. We almost made it. We almost made it. I think it’s like a bit more strategy than horror. Yea. I think it’s not super scary. Umm. It was lame lah, walao! Because it’s just a lot of waiting! Then, okay, maybe it’s just us. Like, we can’t figure out the strategy. Wah, tough. I need a sip of water. Okay, next game. Oh! You mean not playing one only ah? Try To Fall Asleep. If it’s really just testing whether we can fall asleep, I’m damn talented at it eh. I almost put it in my resume, you know? I think we’ll do better at this. No, how you know? This one not security guard what. Hey. Fire. Relag ah. ‘Z’ is switch light, ‘C’ is close eyes. (Game Voice over) Hello there, you must be John Herring right? Now that you have healed from your physical damages, We can start to work on your brain damage! So we got brain damage lah. That you have memory losses as well as a few brain damages that might cause you to umm… Hallucinate. Okay, so, the horror is in our brains. In order to heal your brain damage, you just have to sleep and rest. This robot like damn nice sia. A bit too friendly hor, I don’t trust it. If you could close your eyes… And keep them shut for a moment… See? Your sleep level just increased. Okay, go to sleep. Oh! Oh shit! Oh shit! What what? Look at that! Got some skull. So we need to on the light and quickly wake up. Wah, it’s like your reality is shit then your dreams are also shit eh. Eh, ape tu(what is this)? What the heck? Why are we at the pillow? Why the pillow like become big? Wait, we like shrinking is it? Okay, sayang sayang(hush), sleep, sayang ah. Ong ah, ong ah ong king kong(hush). Sleep, sleep, sleep.
Please just sleep. Oh my god! I saw something move. What thing?! Something move inside the cupboard. Hello! Hello! Hello! Come out of the closet! Eh? What the heck? Exit the main building and locate the power generator. Exit sign, exit sign, exit sign. Where? Oh my god, do you see that?! Okay, I face this fall okay, I face this wall. No! Later we’ll get a shock please! Eh, go drink water first. No, no, don’t want! I don’t to drink water! Oh can run! Oh shit, I can press shift and run. Okay, turn it on. The fuses are gone. Find the fuse. Thanks game. Thanks Obama. Can you pick it up. Oh. You damn lame eh. You are the worst teammate. Eh, we are okay! Flee? Flee? Flee? Flee where? Flee from what? Walao eh, this game! Meanwhile… Eh this house quite nice ah. Oh, it’s a office. You know you are the only team that is here? Okay, okay, need to go down, need to go down. Flee. What flee? Oh my god! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! I’m tearing up by the way. It’s okay, we got this. Don’t cry. Maybe inside here got, oh there, there! Oh! Ah, wait, wait. Ready to run or not? Ready to run or not? Okay! Ready ah? Okay, okay, flee. I’m running! Why so slow?! Why so slow?! Run, just run oh my god. Ah! Mama! Bloody hell. This game like impossible to win sia. How to escape sia that one. I like, tired finding this thing sia. Install first, maybe you install then maybe the next one will appear right. Ho! Did you fix the generator? Yes, of course we did. Yes, but this is odd! Odd! Oh, someone is waiting for us. Darlin’, we’re coming home! Oh my god, Cate! Can we leave her to die? Cate! Cate… She’s dead! You shock me sia. This is where we came from. Wait, don’t turn, don’t turn, don’t turn. Just, just look at the corner. Cate… She confirm the.. I’ve got to warn the others. Shit man, Cate was our only hope eh. Oh. Now is night 2? Must we play night 2? ‘X’, now can hide in blanket. Come on, just sleep. Dreaming okay? Dreaming, dreaming. Dreaming, dreaming. Eh, did you see? See what? Got one figure outside. Oh shit. Turn on the light, turn on the light. I turning on, cannot, cannot. Close your eyes, close your eyes. Okay, he’s not here. Wah, you see the stress hor, is zero. But actually I’m damn stressed. Okay, how’s the night shift? Alamak, we at Five Nights at Freddy’s again? Oi! Relag ah. Sorry lah! I scared lah! I don’t want to play already. Huh? Got murderer. Wants me to find notes? Is it a bridge? Uhh. Islands connect via a bridge right? Uhuh… You and your science things. It is a bridge. Looks like there were some truth to my assumption. Oh here. Flee, flee, flee, flee, flee. Okay, okay, I try my best. Funny sia, we ran into the man. Can you do the flee part? I don’t know how to do eh. John, you just go round and round. And try and look back and see what is facing you. Okay lor, try lor. Go, go, go. Look back! Walao eh! Where strength is restored at night. Where is strength? The bedroom. Eh, there the house. How to go in? Eh, how to go in? Eh, like this never ending sia, this fence. Oh, there there. Eh?
Eh, cannot go in leh. Eh?
Eh, cannot go in leh. Wrong house. Knock knock, who’s there? It’s me! Wait, we are inside already lah. Oh, we’re inside ah? The note, the note. Oh, lord. Get ready to flee. Wait, wait, wait. Okay, recce first, recce first. Chiong out right. Go, go, go. Flee, flee, flee, flee. Run, run, run, run, run. Eh, can run faster or not ah? This girl. Whatever it is…
Is it you must follow the… We died ah? Jump into the water! Shit, I don’t know how to get out eh. Eh? We survived! Where morning starts with a cup of coffee. A cafeteria? Where would you have a coffee? Cafeteria. Where are you?
Where are you? Wah, this cafeteria damn far eh. Go there I better order all the freaking drinks they have. Oh shit, oh shit, wait, wait, don’t pick up, don’t pick up. I feel like the thing will come out from here so we run that way. Okay, ready ah? You use the mouse to turn ah? 1, 2, 3. Run, run, run, run. Oh fudge. Eh? Oh no, we got caught is it? No, I think our stress level too high we die already. Alright, so what do you think of the two games? I think Five Nights at Freddy’s more straight forward, more easier to play. You know what you need in this game or not? You just need a gun. Which one was your favourite? I personally prefer Try To Fall Asleep. Cause’ I think that it’s more immersive. Like, I like that I can move around. Definitely the second one. Typically, horror games will be playing on jumpscares and whatnot, This one was, little jump scare but is also like, real life. Five Nights as a Freddy. What the heck is Five Nights as a Freddy?! Five Nights with Freddy. No! Five Nights at Freddy’s. Oh, at Freddy’s. Did these games made you braver? I mean I was never really a scaredy-cat to begin with anyway.
Ya. No, it just goes to show these games made us look more weak. Ya, that’s true. Eh, he was crying leh. He started to tear up. Tear! Tear and cry different. Lesson learnt, I’m gonna get myself a clapper. In my room. For the lights, so that if I hear anything right, I just like… Then on, then I…

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  1. I think this is a wrong time to watch it leh 😂😂😂
    (10.01pm by the way)
    10:53 Lol, bloody h*ll reminds me of Ron Weasley lol.

  2. Smartlocal needs to do more horror pc games and review! Made my day with the jumpscares and laughters… esp Fauzi melayu mode on hahah

  3. Watch this at 2.27 AM in the middle do my papers. U guys scare me. The first ever smtv that i never watch finish. So sorry, but i will leave the heart 🥰

  4. I wanted to entertain myself with their reactions but I was scared to see the game so I had to ask my SEVEN year old younger brother to watch it with me and I still go cover my eyes so that I only see the participants’ faces eheheheh

  5. THIS IS SO FUNNY! I always love the Singaporeans Try content and hope to meet yall someday! Why not try other horror games like slenderman or amnesia?

  6. Any otakus who were just damn happy at the “sind das essen Ihr wind sie die jeager”

    Sry I prob spelled it wrongly 😀 I did lmao sry

  7. Dis is lowkey best horror gamer channel i have found out about so far!!!

    Sees the channel

    *immediatly subscibes

  8. JUMPSCARE LIST (I adjusted the time to be a few seconds before the jumpscare so yall can take cover haha)

    3:30 Freddy (RIP headphone users)
    4:40 Freddy
    4:57 Freddy
    5:30 Freddy (as expected)
    6:12 Flashing image of Freddy
    6:24 Freddy (RIP headphone users)
    6:31 Chica
    6:37 Chica (RIP headphone users)
    8:58 Glass breaks
    9:20 Creepy figure
    9:46 RUN
    10:03 RUN (again)
    10:20 RUN DEVIL RUN (I love SNSD)
    10:46 Skeleton
    11:12 Girl screaming from afar
    11:18 Girl, on the floor.
    12:00 Creepy figure outside the window
    12:44 RUN
    13:04 RUN
    13:47 RUN
    14:33 RUN

    You're welcome.

  9. This whole time im just like its okey. Not scary. Then a jumpscare and * insert windows shut down sound or whatever *

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