Signs Your Ex Is Thinking About You (And What You Can Do About It!)

Hi everyone, I’m Brad Browning, relationship
coach and breakup expert from Vancouver Canada. You may have come across my YouTube videos
or heard about my best-selling “Ex Factor Guide” program, but today I want to talk
to you about something that anyone who has ever gone through a breakup has dealt with,
and that’s the pestering question of whether or not your ex is still thinking about you. Well, the short answer to that question is
yes. In fact, most people still think about previous relationships, despite how it ended
or how much time has passed. The thing is, if you were in a relationship that was emotionally
intense, then you’re going to still think about the person who made you feel that way. When couples call off a long term, meaningful
relationship, both of them will usually experience a tidal wave of emotions; good, bad, sad,
angry, regretful, relieved. As time passes it won’t matter how you and your ex ended
things or what emotions were flying high, the memories you made together will still
come rushing back as you begin to find your own path again. As more time passes these
memories may become few and far between, but if you broke up recently, your ex is more
than likely still thinking about you on a daily basis. If you have been in a relationship with someone
who has impacted your life, then you’re not just going to forget about them. Sure
you can return their belongings and replace the things around your house that remind you
of them, but still, it’s impossible to erase someone completely. This may be a good thing,
or a bad thing, but believe me when I say that for these same reasons your ex hasn’t
forgotten about you. So, if you’re still not convinced that your
ex is indeed still thinking about you, here are some signs to look for. Calls
First on the list, you know your ex still thinks about you if they call or text you
often. Yes, sometimes communication after a breakup can be necessary, but if your ex
is finding pointless excuses to call you, it’s because they miss you being a part
of their life and aren’t ready to handle the fact that you broke up.
While you should keep communication to a minimum and try the no contact period that I recommend
in a handful of other YouTube videos, sometimes there is no way around speaking with you ex.
In these cases, keep conversation positive and light. Do not argue or show them how upset
you are without them, but instead show them how great you are doing on your own. If your
ex is constantly starting arguments with you, chances are they are not happy with the break
up and believe it or not, they do in fact miss you. Always remember that people have
funny ways to show they still care, especially when they are upset. Actions speak louder
than words, and while their words may not be kind, the fact that they are taking the
time to contact you says otherwise. Secrets If your ex moves on and decides to keep their
new relationships discreet, then they’re probably still thinking about you, and their
decision to hide the new relationship could be for a few reasons. Maybe they’re taking
your feelings into consideration and think that hiding the relationship will protect
your feelings, or perhaps it’s because they don’t want to completely lose the chance
of getting back with you. Either way, their decision to keep their new love life a secret
was something they put thought into, and in those thoughts, they were thinking about you.
The Social Signs After a breakup, it’s not uncommon to want
to wallow in your misery for a bit. Some of us like to play sad songs, watch sappy movies,
and read tear jerking stories; after all, the saying “misery loves company” didn’t
come out of nowhere. If you see links to heartfelt songs or breakup
quotes in your ex’s facebook or twitter updates, it’s a sign that they are still
thinking about you and the relationship. If they’re doing something on Facebook that
is out of the usual (like posting lots of pictures when they usually don’t), then
they might just be trying to make you think they’re doing great. This is one of the
banes of social networking. Your ex can be discreet and yet, say a lot. Be wary of this
because stalking around a facebook page or twitter feed can turn into a painful obsession.
Asking Friends If your ex still thinks about you or wants
you back, they’re going to talk about you or ask about you through your common friends.
If they are, you’re going to find out sooner or later. Information like this spreads through
the grapevine, and if it does, you’ll know your ex has been thinking about you and paying
attention to what you’re up to without them. Seeing Them Everywhere
Have you bumped into your ex recently, accidentally, out of the blue? Is it happening a lot? Did
you run into each other like this when you were together? If not, there’s a good chance
their reason for being where they are when you are was planned and intentional. You may
have a sneaky friend who’s leaking information to your ex, or you may be letting too many
people in the world know about your daily plans through your Facebook posts. Bumping
into each other may feel nice, but it’s not going to reduce the pain. If running into
each other becomes a pattern, consider rearranging your schedule for a while until feelings die
down. So, now that warning bells are going off and
it’s clear that your ex is still thinking about you, what do you do? What does it mean?
This is important to understand. Exes don’t stop thinking about their exes. It’s natural,
and something that’s inevitable. Even if you’ve had a bad relationship, you can’t
help but wonder if you’d get back and consider the proverbial ‘what if…?’ But for now,
you need to block your ex from your thoughts, even if they have been giving you a lot of
attention or thought. Even when your plan is to win them back, do your best not to think
about them right now, it’s for your own good. If you are hoping to someday make up
and have a lasting relationship, it’s important to reset the image your ex has of you before
getting back together. If you’re interested in finding out more
about reseting your image and making your ex second-guess their decision to break up,
visit my website at to invest in my Ex Factor Guide program or personal
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