Shenmue III – Spirit Of The Land TGS 2019 | PS4

Shenmue III – Spirit Of The Land TGS 2019 | PS4


100 thoughts on “Shenmue III – Spirit Of The Land TGS 2019 | PS4

  1. It may not be perfect, it may look dated, but it's Shenmue 3, and i've been waiting too long for this. I just wanted a conclusion even if it was made using Paint.

  2. Uh… something looked off about the faces of the characters in the trailer. Or was that just me?

    Otherwise the game looks pretty nice graphic-wise, nothing ground-breaking but pretty nice.

  3. Character models seem to be improving a lot! This is actually starting to look like a modern game, and I’m loving the art direction.

  4. Such a dissapointment….we do not get complete physical copy…only digitally in digital deluxe edition you can get a future dlc(s).

  5. They better give us an option to call Tom with his background music playing in the background or else this adventure won't feel complete.

  6. All I wanna know is if the game will have dual audio or not. All I can find is a 2016 article that has Yu Suzuki giving a maybe if they have the funds for it.


    That is my trial code. One orher person can use it as I don'r want to use it. You need a epic store account

  8. Gonna save my judgement, love this game (tattoo-level-love), but please, please make the music quality like it was on dreamcast when you put it on other devices

  9. Im really happy were actually getting this game, though I wish they could port it to the Dreamcast as well. So many still love and play the Dreamcast.

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