SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE | Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – Part 1

100 thoughts on “SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE | Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – Part 1

  1. Ashley bum bum goes to camp for all the time and chica goes to camp 7 phantom foxy comes out at 2 in the morning

  2. 12:23 me when I see my mt math test result.

    17:48 also me remembering my first day of school & 21:28 me when the bell rang for lunch break.

  3. its the marinet and at the begging the phone guy said that the music box only affects 1 anamatronic and its marinet if you dont keep the music box wound theres no stopping it from popping up on your screen its just what happens

  4. Five Night At Freddy 3 : Springtrap, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Bonnie, Phantom Chica, Phantom Magle??
    I don't know… I don't rememder…
    I am SO sorry…

  5. Five Night At Freddy 4 : Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Foxsy or Nightmare Mangle, Nightmare Chica… And Nightmare Balloons BOY…? Nightmare Puppet?…, Fread Bear or Golden Freddy… And… Nightmare…

  6. And I am SO sorry, Markiplier…
    I am from Finland…..😑
    👍🏻I love ya
    I LIKE your vid!
    (you are save In my comment) (Right)(-_-)
    I hope you are…

  7. I didn't even see Chica commin'…. AH AND THAT'S NOT A JOKE FOR THE INTERNET TO ENJOY

    Y'all. It took me 5 years to get the joke. It didn't register with my brain until now.

  8. Mark: Way back when I didn’t know any better. Way back when everything was happy.

    Me: You’ve seen nothing yet, Markipoo.

  9. 2014 was such a good year I remember me as a kid hanging out with my friends discussing about fnaf and predictions about the purple guy good old times 😅😅😅

  10. Yeah I am already thinking thath puting my headphones to be loud to hear it even though I am eating ceraeal is a bad idea…

  11. Who realised that he said "bon bon" and there's a puppet named bon bon in sister location, AND he said it before sister location came out!

    7:23 ༺ TOY CHICA
    13:58 ༺ MARIONETTE

  13. when i was little i always got jumpscared by toy freddy, when he got there, i see him (takes a long time for me to put on the mask) and i have the mask on, then i wait a bit, nothing happens, mask off, jumpscare.
    i thought freddy was like, hiding under the table :/

  14. Been revisiting the FNAF series and I’m getting a shit ton of nostalgia already even tho it’s only been 5 years since it all started lmao! I also just realized that this video came out on my birthday… wow FNaF 2 technically came out on my birthday. That’s awesome!

  15. This is purely a great series. Thank you, Scott, thank you, Mark, thank you animatronics. (Especially Chica for being a real pain in the arse :>)

  16. 1st time, You got attacked by Toy Chica, and Second You Got Attacked By Marionette (Puppet), Third time, You Won The Game (1st Night)

  17. "So hey, we've given you, an empty Freddy Fazbear head! Problem solved!"


    5 years later and that still makes me laugh

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