Scaredy Cats Play The Friday The 13th Game

70 thoughts on “Scaredy Cats Play The Friday The 13th Game

  1. I can’t even be brave when there’s something scary I close my eyes and press my ears to not hear anything LMAO
    Like if you do that!

  2. The intro music of Pretty Little Liars scares me too. Solidarity.
    Also: This is the spooky content we need. πŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸ§‘ Happy almost-Halloween!

  3. Till this day, I ask my friend to play my Resident Evil 4 whilst I sit in the back of the room and command his game play FOR ME.


  4. Wow yeah let’s get a bunch of scrubs who don’t actually play games and hear there input on games.

    Good job, BuzzFeed

  5. I’m such a scaredy-cat I downloaded this game for 12 hours because my internet sucked, opened the title screen, said nope nope nope, and uninstalled it.

  6. I’m from Crystal Lake, not New Jersey though but Illinois :). I freaked out the neighbor kids with that fact (I live in Oklahoma currently)

  7. hahahaha i like how jared's strategy is to not freak out too much but literally whoever edited him to scream AHHH! HE"S RIGHT THERE!! from the get-go πŸ˜‚ is pretty good at putting this together. Megan is just living through the game while wondering about Tommy while Jasmine is a fighter and she stick true to her strategy and hit Jason. all of them didn't freaked out at their deaths which is a pretty good thing in itself.

  8. Lol if u wanna kill Jason u have to knock his mask off and then get his moms sweater from the cabin across the lake

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  10. They should have had Ryan do this, he's the biggest scaredy cat there is. Jason could come at him with a tube of toothpaste, and he'd load his shorts.

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