Save me Mr Tako! Nintendo switch review – PLATFORMING GAMEBOY STYLE!

Save me Mr Tako! Nintendo switch review – PLATFORMING GAMEBOY STYLE!

hello what’s up fellow switchers
I hope you well it’s James Romero here at switch watch your home for everything
Nintendo switch related I’m back today with another review and this one was
provided by Nicolas and developed by one man band Chris galati yes it save me
mr. tako at this October this friendly little octopus is gonna take up some of
your time but is it worth your hard earned cash let’s jump in and find out
save me mr. taco is a labor of nostalgic Gameboy yes klav produced over four
years by one man in it you play as the titular octopus mr. taco the cutest darn
octopus you have ever seen set in a world where octopi are at war with
humans he saves a woman from drowning on a stormy night a ferry spots his good
deed and grants him with the ability to breathe on land what comes next
is a riveting adventure where one little octopus is determined to do the right
thing and see the good in humanity at the cost of betraying his own family and
race the story is surprisingly touching it hops back to the Nintendo greats like
Zelda and Mario with a sprinkle of Kirby and others thrown in and it is integral
to the game saving mr. taco is a platformer from days gone by the game is
set across a number of linear levels which are laid out across six worlds in
a similar fashion to Kirby your little octopus is easy to control the left
stick moves you right and left and B is to jump whilst Y spits ink at your foes
in the spirit of a friendly little octopus you don’t kill enemies instead
you stun them by spitting ink temporarily freezing them the game uses
this stun mechanic in an interesting way you often need to stun enemies and use
them as platforms to reach Heights which adds a very fluid dynamic you need to
move quickly to stun a foe jump on them and then usually dodge other photos or
stun them again before the first one wakes up and kills you
controlling taco is excellent the controls are tight and the way that
levels are laid out is superb it combines fast-moving runs with full-out
puzzles and pesky enemies in a well balanced way that results in a thrilling
experience the game strikes a fine balance between the ero that inspired it
and modern gameplay elements the physics for example lead to a more fluid
movement that will satisfy a Game Boy fans without
new comers immediately you are struck with a sense of cartridge and nostalgia
on loading up the game but this in itself doesn’t do it justice this isn’t
simply fanfare service to the games gone by it is a fully fledged experience in
its own right as you progress the difficulty ramps up in an even way and
even when you do get to the inevitable frustration you never feel as though
something is just not achievable the attention to detail doesn’t end with
the level now either we are also treated to progression in the form of hats
mr. taco can find 50 unique equippable z’ that range from a bow and arrow to
bombs double jump an extra speed some parts of the game cannot be completed
without a certain hat and in the style of Castlevania you will notice areas
that are unreachable at the time you find them later on finally a certain hat
will let you Reavers at that level to uncover its secrets when you equip a hat
you only get to keep it on until you die doing so strips you of it until you
reach a checkpoint where you could pick a hat to equip again this tension was
really well done and makes you appreciate the power of your chosen hat
on your travels you come across good folk and bad magical creatures and
everyday citizens in the game cities and throughout its level and 18 dungeons the
game’s dialogue is impressive and as well as the classic queues and quests I
found myself genuinely moved by some villages plights and the law that has
discovered through chatting to NPCs at every point in which you think you of
the game close to sussed it froze a couple that you there are a load of
different playable characters for certain levels with their own traits
including one which cannot attack enemies at all making it difficult to
maneuver through their levels another curveball example is when you suddenly
have side scrolling levels which you need to crank up the pacing in order not
to die saving mr. taco is a magical adventure that is executed exceptionally
well and is crafted in such a way as to maximize the fun it’s 18 bosses are each
really unique and when you finally do complete the game and experience its
ending you’ll be able to replay these battles in boss mode whether you play
this game on the move or on your TV you’re in for a treat marc-antoine
archaea a composed the soundtrack and I have to say it’s seriously catchy it
features Game Boy ear with chip tune tracks that stick in the back of your
mind the music is up-tempo and takes you on a
trip down memory lane we have a track when you encounter the ferry and a track
for dungeon-crawling each is fit for purpose and enjoy to hear the sound
effects are a simple affair splitting Inc sounds right and the odd grunt or
hoop from enemies is not over the audio is understated and effective working
marvelously well with the visuals to produce a certain feel that is just
right for this game is it possible to make a game with visuals rendered
entirely in mspaint if you’d asked me this before saving mr socko I would have
said no and yet Chris has managed to accomplish this feat I don’t know if he
is just a sucker for punishment or war but the art style and detail are amazing
when you take this fact into consideration the reason for this lunacy
is authenticity is to strive to make a game with a four color palette or pixel
by pixel as someone who grew up with a Game Boy and Game Boy Color who strikes
a chord of me the characters emotion is crafted well and the details for shading
and light in particular are fantastic again six worlds are varied in the
addition of changeable color monochromatic palettes at the touch of a
single button at any point is excellent the game oozes character and the visual
support that’s entirely you could play this game in four by three for a
traditional feel or in widescreen or even a host of options and it’s great to
have so much choice whether on the move or in doctor mode I found it a treat to
the eyes in a diamond in the rough kind of way from a performance perspective I
experienced no issues whatsoever load times are nice and short and there are
no rendering problems or slowdown saving mr. taco is not a short game it’s story
grabs you and there are many delightfully hidden treats waiting to be
discovered as well as 50 hats each with a unique skill or for a unique purpose
it is posted up at 11 pounds 50 in the UK and $14 99
thus for year in the making game is certainly worth your hard earned cash
catch it in the currently careless 50% off sale and it’s an absolute steal
indie titles at their best bring a focus and passion to a game that doesn’t
appeal to a wide audience say to mr. taco probably started out that way but
it’s so good that it’s a must platform title that everyone can enjoy
it’s crafted superb we threw out from his chip tunes and pixel art to the
story and it’s nuanced gameplay it’s an absolute must-have title and that
absolutely amazing 9 out of 10 it thoroughly deserves it we recently did
an interview with the developer Kristy can find that posted on our website and
in it you just get to see how much passion he has and it really does show
when you play the game we’ll also post it up a gameplay video a couple of days
ago of the first 30 minutes or so so if you’re undecided why not go and check
that out I hope you’ve enjoyed this one guys let
me know what you think down below and as always if you do find that you enjoy
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thumbs up I’m James Amara and this is switch watch
take care and I’ll see you again soon

27 thoughts on “Save me Mr Tako! Nintendo switch review – PLATFORMING GAMEBOY STYLE!

  1. Fantastic review James. so this a one man team game, nice 👍🏽.. I can see myself playing this one.. use to love my gameboy days 😁😁

  2. Fantastic review, and I’m def grabbing this. I really appreciate y’alls channel, so many games I would have missed otherwise.

  3. I'll admit, when I first saw the icon on the Eshop, I immediately thought of it as shovelware in the form of game boy graphics, but this review has made me do a complete 180. Looks to be a very fun game.

  4. Top of the morning from across the pond! Love your reviews, keep them coming. Finally, someone NOT from one of the “simple minded” flood of “professional journalists “ …..and I use that term lightly!! Rock on Juan!

  5. This just proves that no artstyle ever goes.. well.. out of style. If my dream of making games had ever become a reality, I would have wanted to make a game on old blocky PS1 graphics.

  6. Played on my way to work, in every break, on my way back home and the last two hours today. This game feels and plays just awesome!

  7. Seems pretty interesting, but didn’t like the character and the story looks incipient. I’m probably getting it as soon as I get some spare time.

  8. This game kicked me right in the nostalgia. Only thing that would make it more authentic is if there was an option to have half the screen taken up by missing lines in the LCD like my first game boy had. Played through the entirety of links Awakening that way <3

  9. Seriously, thank you all working hard at SwitchWatch for making these high quality video reviews. And with so much passion too. I freaking love and appreciate it! So much so that I had to write this, which never ever happens. So, yeah, great job, keep it up!

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