Rodo is changing the car leasing game

Rodo is changing the car leasing game

The car leasing game is changing Finding qualified customers is tough. If only there were a way to get completed lease deals delivered straight to your dealership Now there is with Rodo, the car leasing app the easiest and fastest way for people Everywhere to lease cars from local dealerships like yours Now’s the time to grow your business with Rodo Lease more and do less. Contact the Rodo team today Ready. Set. Rodo!

2 thoughts on “Rodo is changing the car leasing game

  1. I would advise anyone who is considering using Rodo (Honcker) to be extremely cautious before engaging in any kind of a lease deal.

    The deals look great initially, however it is my personal experience that they, and/or their dealer partners practice false advertising by raising their prices after running your credit but before confirming pricing with the customer, leaving you with a much higher price than advertised and a ding on your credit score. Sadly it seems to be just another business that places profit ahead of customer satisfaction
    and doing the right thing.

  2. Do not lease from this company or such companies. I hate companies that prey on the less fortunate(not everybody with no credit is an offender and not all with good credit are good people). Just another initiative app like service that's looking for hype but raises money fees after checking and hitting on your credit score(they dont say that on their ads). Making it easier for the rich person and harder on a poor. Creating No fairness or balance between the economy or business. We in 2019-20 and enough of all these for profit and advantage taking seeking companies. Such companies keep the poor poor and rich rich indirectly and destroy the balance of the economy thru being hyped, promising nice deals and pricings to same day deliveries to persuade you and alter your thinking deep down knowing you won't be able to keep up with those prices after a while so they can come snob their car back then run process again with somebody else if your credit isn't way up there. Just like all those other car dealerships. No difference or peace of mind.

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