Rocket League : Dunk House

Rocket League : Dunk House

The dunk has finally come back to rocket league– And thats a goa– No, no no no no no. Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, go in, go in. No (Laughs)… no …Yeah! Yeah! I’m about to do my biggest move yet Alley-oop, baby! (Announcer) It’s a slam dunk! (Dunkey)it’s… actually it’s a slam dunk. Here’s a shot I learned from gaming grandpa You just let the ball roll right off the rim and it’s… it’s… (Announcer) It’s a slaaam dunk! (Dunkey) It’s not a slam dunk, that’s not right 5 to 5, overtime it all comes down to this last goal whoever sinks this one wins the game SORRY! Did I steal the b- oh shit oh… shit you know people score on their own goal all
the time in this game it’s not a big deal It’s an accident- look at stupid! He just scored on his own goal. (Laughter) Fucking Dumbass! (Continues to laugh) on his own goal Let me show you how to play the game Like a.. You… you have got to be fucking
kidding (Announcer) It’s a slam dunk! (Dunkey) Not every goal is a slam dunk you fuck. This one’s for you gaming grandpa Now that’s a slam dunk. Nuh-uh Don’t be doing what you’re doing don’t no don’t no no yeah yeah yeah don’t no no no Yeah yeah Make my day. get this shit out of my face . . oh god… no no Nooooooooooooo Wait a minute. this ball is not regulation size. Oh, Goal it’s it, it’s in. What… where the fuck is my points? Give me my goal you dumbass ball! it’s in the thing. Hey! Put it back Change the ball. This is not an improvement this is the very worst concept for a
ball we gotta both wack it in. Yes, get in there! Yes, yes, the world’s first- hey get out of
there you son of a bitch. That’s a… That’s a goal. Oh my god. It’s the co-leader of Ikon, Les Lions I gotta make a strong impression to get in the clan. Yes! Yes! I’m in the clan baby. Yeah. I don’t think i’m getting in but that’s
just because he’s never seen my… (Dunkey reads the words as they come on-screen) Here I go for the biggest goal of all time Dang it… I missed it. But luckily I still brought my Peter Burrito’s Cincinnati slambo shot All the way from Bumfuck, New Mexico I’m in the clan. I don’t care. I’m in the clan. Another goal for Ikon baby! You know I get so many parents every day
coming up to me “But Dunkey… how come my son can’t be in Ikon” and I
simply say because your son… sucks so much dick at this video game. Ikon wins it again baby. another point for Ikon Ooh, that’s another goal for Ikon, baby. You’ll never get in the clan because you suck! (Opponent) You didn’t even do that. You suck at this game. Shut up! I got that… I got No I don’t okay I got this one (Teammate) No! No! How this- I saved it! (Leah) I tried So you think you can get into Ikon you little bitches Well, think again! (Through laughter) Ikon scores it again baby. Once again it all comes down to this. Five to five. The last goal: This will determine who wins. From beyond the grave… Ikon scores it again (Opposing player) I goaled it for you retard (Dunkey) And that’s why you’ll never get in Ikon clan Thing is, here at Ikon clan we don’t accept losers who score on their own goals Excuse me fellas Ikon coming through.
You see the key is- no no (Announcer) Slam dunk! god dammit (Nice Music)

100 thoughts on “Rocket League : Dunk House

  1. dunkey I don’t think I’m getting in but that’s just because he’s never seen my… DOWNTOWN DUNKERONI THREE CHEESE BRONCO DICK SURPRISE WONDERMIN’S HELLSHOT FROM OUTER SPACE YOU BITCH

  2. My baby bro was playing apex legends and there's this thing where you see players on a giant banner. He went to the banner and the guys name was Ikon_(his name) and I immediately thought of you. Funniest shit ever

  3. After all this time i just noticed…-

    BLUBBERDUCKY!!! You see, he doesn't just show up anywhere.

  4. Ya know, my girlfriend was gonna leave me. But that was before she found out about my Downtown Dunkeroni Three Cheese Bronco Dick Surprise Wondermin's Hellshot From Outer Space You Bitch! Now we are married, have 2 kids, and a sustainable income! Thank you Dunkey!

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