Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E82 (18 Feb 2020)

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Hello, there. Welcome back to
House Of Games, I’m Richard Osman. It’s Tuesday. Four famous faces are playing all
week over a series of rounds and at the end of it, one of them
is going to take home this trophy. Who is playing this week? We saw
them on Monday. Here they are again. It is Gareth Malone…
Hello. ..Jamelia…
Hi! ..Paul Martin and Susan Calman. Welcome, welcome, one and all.
Susan. Yes. Our Monday winner. Yes. Well done. Very close, though.
It was a very close show.
It was super-close, wasn’t it? Yeah. Absolutely super-close. One
point from Jamelia.
How did that make you feel? Has it given you confidence,
going in to the rest of the week?
No, I wouldn’t say so. It does make me realise though
that the start of the show yesterday, when you were saying,
“I’ve only got one right,” and then she stormed it, that some people are downplaying their abilities
on this show. No! I think, conversely,
I overplayed my hand. Paul. I got a point. Listen, you ended the show on one
point, but listen, today is your
day. I’ve got to do more. This is it. I’m
going to better my one point today. This is it. And the one point you
got was spectacular as well. It was. Very, very nicely done. Do you
do slow-mo on this show? Oh, I’d love to see that. Just see
a… It was back of the net! Jamelia, welcome back. Yes. Lost by
one point yesterday. Yeah, yeah. No-one is more surprised than me. When you say no-one is more
surprised than you, I disagree. I’m more surprised! But if you win today, and now, we
have to accept that as a possibility, here are the
prizes you can choose from. OK. Let’s find out. What would you
like to take home with you today,
were you to win? There’s the House Of Games
dartboard, the pillow and duvet set, there’s a tie, there’s some
beermats, and those salt and pepper shakers there as well.
Um, I think the coasters. I love a good coaster.
The coasters?! No-one has ever
said coasters before. No! They’re talking points.
Yeah, exactly. Well, I suppose so. That talking point being, “What on
Earth are those coasters?!” Gareth.
Yes. Shall we take a little look at the
weekly leaderboard after yesterday?
Oh, yes. So, Susan took through four points
with her win, Jamelia three, Gareth, you have two. Paul, one. But you could see how
close it was yesterday. It’s going to be a close week, I
think. Yeah, I’m quietly confident. I’m less confident than I
was at the beginning. Yesterday, you were noisily
confident. Yes.
Today, you’re quietly confident. I’m looking forward to seeing
what you are… Pianissimo
by the end of the week. Great fun yesterday. Let’s
start again, shall we? See who’s going to win
Tuesday’s House Of Games. Our first game today is: This is nice and simple.
I’m going to ask you two questions, the answers to which are
anagrams of each other. Fingers on buzzers, please. I like seeing the Calman perch,
as well. Front of the seat. Absolute focus. I mean,
it is absolute focus. Oh, it’s absolute focus. I shouldn’t
really be putting you off.
No, you shouldn’t be putting me off. It is very bad form.
Look at… Paul’s got a face
of non-absolute focus. Come on! Come on! Get on with it!
Put me out of my misery. Absolute focus. Mild worry.
Here we go. Good luck, everybody. Here are your first two
questions, the answers
are anagrams of each other. BUZZER
That is Gareth. Elbow and bowel. That’s a nice
start to the show. Well done! Well done, Elbow and bowel. You’re off the mark. Well played,
Gareth. Next two questions. BUZZER
Gareth. Han Solo… Solo, Oslo.
Solo, Oslo. Oh… Solo and Oslo. You’ve got
to give him that. Yeah. You’ve got to give that, come on.
Well done, Solo, Oslo, well done if you said that at home. Next question in the
Gareth Malone round. I know, I know! BUZZER
Susan. Costumier and Tom Cruise. Who
thought those anagrams up?! Costumier. Tom Cruise. Well done. Well done! My favourite thing about this round
is seeing what things are anagrams of each other. Yeah! Gareth Malone is an anagram of
hotel manager, if you need another one for a different…
You are kidding me! Really useful. That’s amazing!
Well, it’s not amazing, but… It is amazing. To me, it is.
That sort of thing, I like. Hotel man… I’ll never forget that.
Fingers on buzzers, please. Here is your next one. And what is the title of this song?
Oh, sorry. That was Jamelia. I don’t.. I don’t know
the first one. OK, I know the song
is called Waterfalls, so I’m now helping
somebody else out. Yes, that’s very much the way
you play this game.
OK, we will time you out, Jamelia. BUZZER
And that is Gareth. I didn’t know that, thank you,
I appreciate that.
Waterfalls and Fats Waller. Oh, very nice! What a team you make in
this non-team round! You did that so many times last
time, and you still only managed
to lose by one point. I can’t believe you got that
from such a short clip. It’s one of my favourite songs, TLC,
Waterfalls. TLC, Waterfalls, lovely. Next questions. BUZZER Susan. Aliens, saline. Aliens, saline, that’s the
right answer, well done. It’s a battle of the two
wings here in this round. Seat one and seat four. Yeah.
Final question in this round. BUZZER Oh! Hotel Manager.
Dannii and Indian. Dannii and Indian. Very well played, Gareth. At the end of that round,
let’s take a look at the scores. Jamelia and Paul yet to get off
the mark. Well done, Gareth. Susan has two, Gareth has four
points. Well done, Gareth! Well played, Gareth. Round two is always a pairs game,
as you know, and the pairs game today is going to be: The player in last place gets
to choose their partner.
We’ve got joint last… So, Jamelia, I will ask you to
choose a partner today. Me? You
played with Gareth last time. Yes. I think I’m going to go with
Gareth again. You’re going to stick
with Gareth? Yeah, yeah. Stick with the person in first
place. I’m very confident in Gareth.
Jamelia and Gareth, you are a pair. Paul and Susan, you are a pair
once again. Hard luck.
No, we’re going to knock it.. We’re going to knock it out of the
park, it’s fine. Before the show,
you did a little bit of homework. You completed some clues to
something in the world of
entertainment. Oh! “Uh-oh,” says Jamelia. Your partner is now going
to have to guess what these clues
are leading to. OK? I apologise in advance.
I apologise too!
This is going to be horrific. This is going to be horrific.
Welcome to All In The Details. Jamelia, we will start
with you. Oh, why? Gareth has completed three clues…
OK. ..that will lead you to a film. OK. OK? OK.
So, we started the clues, Gareth
had up to three words to fill in those clues. What film is Gareth
trying to lead you towards here? OK. According to Gareth… It’s not in the Netherlands. Your next clue… According to Gareth… I think.
OK. You can’t give extra clues. Hm! And… According to Gareth… Zither. What is that film? I have no idea what a zither is.
I don’t know who Orson Welles is. And as you know, if you watched
yesterday, I’ve got no idea what happened in Berlin. But apart from that, though,
you’re feeling confident? Apart from that, yeah.
I’m very confident. I mean, I know it’s one
of the Police Academy movies,
but which one? Please make it Citizens On Patrol,
that was the best one! I’m really sorry. Schindler’s List?
Is it Schindler’s List, Gareth? It isn’t, no.
Gareth, can you tell us what it was? Yeah, it’s The Third Man.
The Third Man. Well done, if you said that at home.
Pretty good clues, actually. It is a zither.
It is a zither, yeah. It’s Orson Welles, you’re quite
right. Post-war Vienna. Oh, is it? That’s where it’s set, yeah. That’s
why I didn’t know what it was. If you knew the film, at home, I
suspect you would have got it from that, The Third Man.
Good start to the round. Paul, Susan’s going to give you
three clues now and they will lead you to a TV programme. Oh, no! So, three clues… Here
we go. Feeling confident. Here are your clues.
What TV programme is this? According to Susan…
Oh, come on! I hadn’t seen it. Well, that’s very
helpful! It narrows it down! It does, a lot!
Your next clue is… According to Susan… OK. According to Susan… So, it’s set in a place… Set in a place? Mm. Ha! Just take a guess. Do you know? I wouldn’t have a clue.
Just get something, say something. Go for something, lead character
inherits a watch… That… Is that…? Did you really
think about…? No! Say something! Nothing else is allowed to be
said during this round. OK. This round, just so you know,
is playing out pretty much as it always does. OK! Poirot. Interesting. Can I have
a little guess? Yeah. Is it Downton Abbey? No. Argh! I’ve never seen it because I
don’t watch programmes with half-naked men in it.
And I’m reading the papers,
that’s all this show is. Oh, it’s that one with the fella
with the scythe. Oh, I know! Poldark! Poldark. Very well done,
if you got that at home. It’s set in Cornwall.
That’s a place. Comes back from the
American Revolutionary War. That’s a war. And he inherits a family’s mine. It’s the same as a watch. Of course it is. Gareth, Jamelia
has given you three clues. Oh. And they are… Think outside the
box! Sounds like these might be good
as well. No! Oh, OK. They’re clues
to a playwright. Yup. Uh-oh. Here’s your first one… According to Jamelia… OK, so Noel Edmonds. That’s what she’s
leading us to so far. Mr Blobby. Here is your next clue. Oh, wow! According to Jamelia… That seems mean. Very interesting. OK, Oasis. Yeah. Your final clue… According to Jamelia… That’s interesting. Deal Or No Deal. OK,
right, so that… RICHARD GASPS I’ve got it. Yeah,
I’ve got it as well. That’s so good. Yeah.
Thank you! Deal Or No Deal, Banker… Noel Edmonds. Edmonds. Mm-hm. Edmond. I’ve got this. Paul’s got it! Can
we get a point cos we’ve got it? Paul… Oh! Paul, can I tell you? I was just about to say,
“Even Paul’s got this.” Oh, no! I’m really
disappointed in myself! Shall we time you out, Gareth? I
think so. Gareth, that’s not quick
enough. Come on. So, what Jamelia’s done there, she’s
essentially given you a clue… Brilliant. She’s given you three
clues. Three great clues. Thank you. Clues to the first name
of this playwright. And so, who’s
the answer? Noel Coward. Noel Coward was the answer. I presume it was Noel Coward. Oh, I
got Noel, but I didn’t get Coward. Noel Coward. Those are good clues. I didn’t know who Noel Coward was,
but I knew some other Noels. So, I thought that would
be the clue. Oh, I see. If I’m ever in an Armageddon
situation, I want to be with her because that lateral
thinking was extraordinary. I was thinking, “How are we going
to get this?!” And as soon as I
went, “Oh, yeah. They’re all Noels.” Brilliant. Unlucky, no points
for that. I tried. So plays would have included
Hay Fever, Blythe Spirit. He also wrote songs. Yes. And a London… Theatre. named after him. The Noel Coward Theatre. Susan. Yeah. Paul is going to give
you three clues now. Great. And they’re going to lead you to… OK, a band. It would be lovely to get a
point in this round. Unless it’s the Nolan Sisters, we’re
in trouble. You’ll get this.
You will get this. Right. You’ve got to get this. Paul, here
we go. I will get this.
Here’s your first clue, Susan. Yeah. According to Paul… OK. Ooh! Right, that’s a city I know. I’ve
been there. It’s in the south. According to Paul… And your final clue… If you’ve written
“good”, I’ll hit you. OK. OK. Right. I mean, my guess is, because
you’ve written “I’m so depressed”… You’ve got it. The Smiths. Is it The Smiths? It is! Very well done! Well done!
Very well done! Very well done! Is that an
actual Smiths’ song? It is not an actual Smiths’
song. But it’s a clever… I think This Charming Man was their
first ever Top 40 single and a Hatful Of Hollow was the
compilation album in 1984. Very good. Well done, if you said
that at home. But very good clues as
well. Very good. That’s the end of that round.
Yes! Do we get a point? How about that? Let’s take a
look at the scores, shall we? Oh, brilliant. Jamelia still to get off the mark. Paul has one, Susan has three,
Gareth’s still out in the lead with four points. Well done.
Well done, Gareth. Thank you. Round three today is: Before I tell you how we play
this, let’s find out what the elephant in the room is today. Van. White van.
Van is the thing. So what I’m going to do, I’m
going to ask you a series of questions, fingers on buzzers, you
have to give me the answer, but if the word “van” appears in the
answer at all, do not say it. Ah! I’ve got this. I see.
Yes, this is tricky. Say the answer without the word
“van” in it. Here we go. We can do this. Good luck,
everybody. Here’s your first question.
Fingers on buzzers. BUZZER
That is Susan. Illa Ice. Is it Illa Ice? It is, Vanilla Ice
turns into Illa Ice. Here’s your question.
Don’t say “van”. BUZZER
That is Gareth. Dick Dyke. It is Dick Dyke. Well done. Dick Van Dyke. Here’s your next one. # Now the children of
the world can see… # BUZZER
Susan. Cara Of Love. Is it? Cara Of Love. It is, well done,
by The Housemartins. Next question. BUZZER
Yes, Gareth? Ity Fair. That’s right.
Is it Ity Fair, from Vanity Fair? It is, well done. Ity Fair. Don’t say “van”, but
answer me this, please. BUZZER
That is Jamelia. Couver. Is it Couver? It is, Vancouver, well
played, Jamelia. Fingers on buzzers, please.
What is the answer to this? BUZZER
Yes, Gareth. Gil…bert…and…Sul…li. Is…the…ans…wer…Gil…bert
and…Sul…li? Yes, it is, of course.
Gilbert and Sullivan. I could see the answer,
but I couldn’t see the van! So you’re going, “Please don’t say
van, please don’t say van!” What is the title of this song? # He made me feel like, ooh… # BUZZER
Gareth. Ha… A… Is it Haa? Haa! Very good. It is! Very good. It was Havana by Camila Cabello. Very nicely done.
Thank you. You’re good at taking the
word “van” out of things. I know! One of my specialist
skills. It’s on my CV. Final question in this round. BUZZER
Susan. I The Terrible. Is the right answer. I The Terrible. That’s the end of that round. Oh, my goodness!
End of the van round. I think we had a lot of
fun there, didn’t we? Two rounds to go on
Tuesday’s House Of Games. Susan won on Monday. Let’s take a
look at the leaderboard on Tuesday. Jamelia off the mark with one.
Paul also has one. Susan, you have six. Gareth,
eight. Storming ahead. Thank you. Yes, two points in it
and two rounds to go. Next round is: This is played on your tablets. Oh. Tablets out, everybody, please. What I’m going to do, I’m going
to read you out a series of
events from history. You have to tell me the year
in which they happened, please. And the person who gets
closest wins. Good luck at home as well. See if
you can get the years on these. When did this happen, please? Everybody is in. What
do you think at home? What have you gone for here? Gareth, whoever is closest wins
a point. Where have you gone? I’ve gone 78 BC. 78 BC. I mean, could be, couldn’t it? Could be. Doesn’t sound crazy. I’ve got no real… I
can’t justify that. Yeah, it just…
Like, a long time ago. Yeah. Olden days. In days of yore. Days of yore,
as you say. Jamelia. What are you thinking? I… I… Just literally stabbing
in the dark. I have… 1278. Yeah. Paul, what are you saying? 900 AD. 900 AD. And Susan. Well, I couldn’t work out whether
it was BC or AD, and so I thought, I think possibly similar
to you, I’ll go close to… 82 AD, so go right back, in the hope
that maybe because it’s the closest to, it might be…
You might get the point. Yeah. We’re about 1,300 years
apart from top to tail. When was it and who
has won the point? Oh, well done, Gareth!
Right, yeah, wow! Well done, Gareth! 400 years out, but you still
get the point, Gareth. Great. 490, but that really was
olden days. Yeah, BC. Next question is… So, the first talkie. Ballpark must be simpler
for this one. Mm. Have a little think at home. When
was The Jazz Singer released? Jamelia, when was The Jazz Singer
released? I have no idea. I’ve gone with 1939. 1939. I think it was around then
that they started… Talking in films. I think. We’ll find out in a
moment. 1939, says Jamelia. Paul. Have you gone before or after?
1921. Slightly before. 1921, says Paul.
Susan? Well, the ’30s, there were
definitely talkies in the ’30s, pre-war, and ’39 was Gone
With The Wind, Wizard Of Oz, type situation, so I’ve done ’24, cos
I think it was in the ’20s. 1924. So I’ve gone ’24. 1924,
says Susan. and Gareth? Well, I thought ’20s as well and I
also went for 1921. ’21 as well. I just had that in my head
I don’t know if it’s right, Paul. My thinking was 1926,
but I think that might have
been the General Strike. Shall we find out? What do you
think at home? Are you in the ’20s?
Are you later, are you earlier? What is the answer?
When was The Jazz Singer released
and who has won a point? Oh! Oh! 1927, the point goes to Susan.
Well done, Susan. Well done, Susan. Well
done, Susan. Well done if you said 1927 at home.
Here’s your next question. What year did that happen in? That’s an interesting one,
cos again, I’ve heard of him. Mm! Stand and deliver!
I wouldn’t… That’s the guy. I think that was the guy, right?
Mm-hm. That was his catchphrase. Or Adam Ant. Or Adam Ant.
It was one of the two. One of the two. Yeah. Hm, what do you reckon
at home on Dick Turpin? Paul, what have you gone? 1890. Oh, dear me! 1890, says Paul. Susan? I thought it was earlier than that
century, so I’ve gone bang in the middle, kind of, 1750.
Whenever I’m asked a historical
question, I always think…1750? Yeah, pretty much, yeah.
There or thereabouts, isn’t it? Gareth, what are you saying? I similarly thought sort of
smugglers and that kind of era… 1780… 1780. ..says Gareth. And, Jamelia?
I’ve just gone with 1899. 1899. Let’s find out – when was Dick
Turpin executed and who’s won the
point? The point goes to Susan.
Well done, Susan. Luck. 1739, well played. Well done if you got
that at home as well. Your final question in this round,
when did this happen, please? Oh, come on! Why is it all about
when things happened in England?! Ask me about when I had a sandwich! There’s history teachers all around
the country just going, “We did, like, a whole project on it.” We probably did a term on the
Spanish Armada and you weren’t paying attention at all.
Everyone has got an answer. Yeah.
What do you think at home? I know some of you will know this,
absolutely. You will get it dead on. Susan. Um, I plumped for a century
we haven’t mentioned yet, is literally what I’ve done.
So you’ve gone… 1446. 1446, says Susan. Gareth,
what are you saying? No, I’ve gone later.
I went for 1610. 1610. Jamelia? Well, I just followed what you
said earlier, if you don’t know, say 1750. Ten to six! Very good. I really hope you
win for that! And, Paul? 1795. 1795. So we have a difference of opinion
here between our four players. What do you think at home? I’m sure
some of you will get this dead on. When did the Spanish Armada
set sail for England and who has
won the point? Gareth. Well done! Very well done.
22 years out. We have one round to go. OK. Is
Susan going to win her second show? Is Gareth going to win
his first show? Let’s take a look at the scores,
leading in to Answer Smash.
They are… Jamelia and Paul have one each. Jamelia, you were doing so well last
time. Susan, you have eight. Gareth, this time, you have
a two-point lead. From the start of this show, Gareth
has made his intentions clear.
I know, I know! I’ll be honest, Jamelia.
It’s going to be hard for you to
catch up now, I would say. Yeah. I think yesterday was your big
chance. Yeah, I think so as well.
The final round is as always: Fingers on buzzers.
Point for a correct answer, point
off for an incorrect answer. Point off. There’ll be a picture,
there’ll be a clue underneath,
smash the answers together. Your first category is: Oh! Oh! I like the fact that both
of you have gone, “Oh!” That is a great leveller. Pictures of footballers,
there’ll be clues underneath. Smash them together, please. BUZZER
Yes, Gareth. Rio Ferdinandrew Lloyd Webber. Well done. Rio Ferdinandrew Lloyd
Webber. Nice start to the round. Rio Ferdinand and
Andrew Lloyd Webber. Smash them together,
that’s what you get. Next footballer, next clue. BUZZER That is Susan. Peter Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Is correct. Peter Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Peter Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon. Next category is: Those will be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath them. Smash them together, please. BUZZER
Susan. Hadrian’s Wall-E.
Is it Hadrian’s Wall-E? Well played, Susan.
Hadrian’s Wall-E. Next up, what’s this landmark and
what’s the answer to this clue? BUZZER
Susan. Parthenon Je Ne Regrette Rien. Is the right answer. Well done. It’s getting super, super-close now.
Fingers on buzzers, everybody. Best of luck. What is
the answer to this? BUZZER
Yes, Gareth. Pyramidsomer Murders. Is right, or
Great Pyramidsomer Murders. Well done. Well done if you said that at
home. Next category, please.
KLAXON No more categories! No!
No more categories. Come on! Oh, come on! That’s super-close. I know one thing, that’s Jamelia
and Paul have not won. Yeah. But this is close. But I couldn’t
tell anything else. Let’s find out. Susan won Monday’s House Of Games. Who has won Tuesday’s
House Of Games? It is… ..Gareth Malone by one point. Very well played. Susan, you
won by one yesterday. Today, Gareth wins by one. Yup.
Gareth, you’ve on yourself a
prize. Shall we take a look? This is great. It’s a great moment.
What are you going to have? I want to nestle up to that pillow.
And duvet. Pillow and duvet set. Is there a duvet? Yeah, there
certainly is! Oh. I’m all in. Gareth Malone wins a House Of Games
pillow and duvet set.
Thank you very much. Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard, two days down. Here are the points you take
through to Wednesday. Paul, you have three.
Jamelia, you have five, Gareth has six, Susan has
seven. Very, very close. Both days have been very close
and the weekly leaderboard very close as well. It’s going to be nip and tuck
all week, I suspect. Paul, tomorrow, come on, we’ve got
to get you off one point. Don’t you worry, I’ll get it
together, I’ll get a good
night’s sleep. Thank you all so much.
It’s a pleasure. Thank you. I will see all same time tomorrow.
We’ll see you as well. Same time, same place,
on House Of Games. Wow, look at that. Jealous? I am, that’s a good spot.

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