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APPLAUSE Hello, one and all. It is Friday.
We made it through the week. This is House Of Games.
I’m Richard Osman. All week, four famous faces
have been battling it out, but one of them,
at the end of today, is going to walk away
with this trophy, so it’s all been kind of worth it. Shall we meet our players this week
for the final time? They are Vick Hope, Gethin Jones, Nicki Chapman and Tim Vine. Welcome, welcome, one and all. Vick. Yes.
Now, Tim won the first three days. Yesterday, though, you won.
I know, I got a fondue set! Beautiful House Of Games fondue set,
Vick walked away with. It’s lovely to win your first show,
isn’t it? Yeah, it felt good. I had a couple of good rounds and
I know that those particular rounds are not going to come up today,
so I’m obviously worried again. It doesn’t matter, though,
cos you’ve won one. Yeah. Once you’ve won one, exactly.
Gethin. Yeah. Talking of winning one, today
would be a good day, wouldn’t it, to win a game?
Doubling up, it would be, yeah. It’s been such a fun week, though,
and, actually, we haven’t been that far away but we’ve got some really speedy
buzzer-users. That’s the thing –
it’s been super close, especially a couple of the days, but these guys are absolute demons
on the buzzers. Yeah, I might just have a go today. That’s the key thing. Nicki, now,
it is double points Friday. I think I need them. Which means, I think,
you might be beyond help, in terms of winning the trophy. Let’s look
at the weekly leaderboard. I’ll tell you who’s got something
to play for. You always say that when you get
to me cos I’m at the bottom. I’m so sorry. Well…
Salt and wound, Richard. Let’s imagine that there have been
30 players playing and I’m just going to show you
the top four. OK, thank you. That’s nice. So let’s just take a look
at the top four from this week. Let’s see if any of you four
have made it into this top four. I hope you have. Who is in fourth place? Nicki!
Look, I made it in the top four! Congratulations!
That’s good news. Thank you. Lovely to see you
on the leaderboard. Six points. Gethin, you’ve managed to get
a little bronze medal on eight points. On the podium. There’s Vick and there’s Tim. Double points Friday,
so eight points for a win, six points for second, and so on.
So it could still change. I would say, Gethin and Nicki, you can win today,
that would be great. I think the trophy is going to be
beyond you. So, what are you saying, Rich? We should maybe team up and choose
who we want to win the show today? No, what I’m saying is you should
take care of Gethin Jones… Right. ..and you should win yourself a day
and win yourself a prize. Oh, that would be nice.
What are they? Shall we take a look? THEY GASP Interesting. There’s the deckchair, there’s the cologne,
signature cologne there. There’s the slippers,
there’s the action doll and there’s the sparkling wine. Nicki, what do you think
you would go for? I’d have to go for the deckchair.
Mm. Definitely. Everyone going deckchair. Tim, great win for Vick yesterday,
but you won the first three. I did, somehow, yes.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Another win today would see you
taking home that trophy. How are you feeling? How’s your
form? Well, I’m very excited. Lucky suit. Yeah, well,
I got rid of the other one. I was going to say,
imagine if you wear that shirt with the jacket from yesterday. We would not really see you
apart from your head. I’d just be a head and that
would really be quite intimidating, just a floating head.
You were “ahead” for three days. I was “ahead” for three days!
Oh, very good! Vick Hope, everybody. Listen, shall we play? ALL: Yes. Round One today. We’re going
to give away the trophy at the end. Who is it going to go to?
Let’s play Round One, shall we? Get this started. Now, that’s House Of Games, but we’ve changed one letter
to turn it into Mouse Of Games. That would be a game show
involving mice. Now, we’ve taken a series
of ’80s films, we’ve changed the titles
by one letter and we’re going to show you
a synopsis of this new film. Vick, you’re first. Oh, I think it’s Pie Hard. There we go, we’ve got it. Pie Hard is the answer.
APPLAUSE Gethin. OK. We’ve changed an ’80s
film title by one letter. Yeah. Here is the new synopsis. Pinhead… Was he…? Hang on. Oh, I think I know the actor.
He was in American Pie as well. I’m struggling with this one.
Yeah? We’ll time Gethin out. BEEP
Anybody? I’ll tell you the film
that Pinhead is in. Pinhead is in Hellraiser. Oh. So, it would be Bellraiser,
is the answer. Campanologist, bell ringer. Oh, OK. Nicki, here’s yours. I’m thinking Twins or something,
but… If you don’t know the film…
I was going to say, that’s it, isn’t it?’s literally impossible. That’s how I’m feeling. So, I would say,
if you don’t know the film, shall we save everyone
a lot of time? Yes, pass. Pass, exactly. We’ll time you out,
see if anyone else wants to come in. BEEP
Anyone? Tim? Babyrinth. Is it Babyrinth? No. BEEP
No, it is not, I’m afraid. Wrong film. Are we giving up? OK, I’ll tell you what the film is
and then you tell me what you think the new version is.
So, the film is Willow. Oh! Oh, we can’t… It’s Pillow.
Pillow was the answer. Pillow. Well done if you said that at home.
It’s a high-scoring affair so far. I never would have got that.
Tim Vine, what is this ’80s film? We’ve changed one letter
of the title. “Missing Welsh friend.” That’s obviously the bit
where it’s changed, but I don’t know Kiefer Sutherland
and his vampire gang, I’m afraid. Shall we time you out? I think
you’d better. Tim is timed out. Is anyone going to buzz in
on this one? BEEP
Anyone? VICK: No idea. Shall I tell you the film? Yeah.
The film was The Lost Boys. OK, so it’s the, er…
The Lost Boyos. The Lost Boyo is the answer.
That bit went well, didn’t it? Shall we go back down the line now? This time, it is going to be
works of literature. We’ve changed the title
by one letter. What are these new works, please?
Vick. I think that’s The Lizard Of Oz. The Wonderful Lizard Of Oz.
We’ll take that, absolutely. Well done if you said that at home. Gethin, what work
of literature is this? I will, um, save some time. Yeah? OK, anyone else? BEEP
You can buzz in, Tim, if you wish. Tim? The Canterbury… ..Retails. It’s not.
We’re just changing one letter. BEEP
Sorry, yeah. OK, I’ve got it. I think that’s the right book. Vick?
Could it be The Canterbury Sales? BEEP Yes, Nicki? Canterbury Taxes. There we go, The Canterbury Taxes.
Well done. Change the L to X.
The Canterbury Taxes. Well played.
And, Nicki, your question now. OK. I’m going to have to pass.
You’re going to pass. Let’s time you out.
BEEP Vick? Is it The Fantastic Mr Box? I think it is The Fantastic Mr Box,
from The Fantastic Mr Fox. I wouldn’t have got that. APPLAUSE And, Tim,
last question in this round. No, I don’t know.
No? We’ll time you out. BEEP
Anyone? I can’t remember the book. Shall I tell you the book and then
you can tell me the answer? Yeah. The book is Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
Oh, no. NICKI: Oh, yeah, of course! So it is, Tim? Lady Chatterley’s… Liver. Lady Chatterley’s Liver was
the answer we were looking for. It was banned.
Well done if you said that at home. That’s the end of that round.
Oh, Vine! It’s a shame, isn’t it? That was tough. Let’s look
at the scores. That was really hard. Let’s take a look at where we are. Gethin and Tim yet to get
off the mark. We have a leader again. It’s Vick. Well played, Vick. APPLAUSE Let’s forget that ever happened
and move on to Round Two, shall we? Round Two today is going to be… This is a team game. The player in last place gets
to choose their team. Tim and Gethin, at the moment,
you are both in last place. Who would like to choose?
Would you like to choose each other? There’s only one
we haven’t played with, so I’m thinking, should we go
that way? Yeah, good idea. Oh, yeah, we haven’t, have we?
Nice way to finish the week. Have you two not played together?
No, we’ve not. Sorry. No, it’s good. Gethin and Vick, you are a team,
Nicki and Tim. What a nice way to end the week.
Absolutely. Sitting where we stay. You Spell Terrible. You might
be able to guess what this is. I’m going to ask you a series
of questions. Fingers on buzzers. Buzz in with a correct answer, but you only get a point if
your partner can spell that answer. Oh, no! I can’t spell very well. Here’s your first question.
Fingers on buzzers, please. Here we go. Yes, Vick? Myrrh. Myrrh is the answer. Gethin, for a point for your team,
spell “myrrh”. I have no idea, so let’s go with M. Yes! Yes, so far so good. Yeah. I. BEEP
It’s not, I’m afraid. I got to M.
It could have been worse. We don’t pass it over, I’m afraid.
Oh. What would you go? H? Is it two Rs or two Hs?
It’s M, Y, isn’t it? M, Y, double R, H, isn’t it? Is it?
Let’s have a look. I think in Welsh it’s M, I… Oh, yes. Absolutely right.
I would never have been able… What is the answer to this,
and how do you spell it? Yes, Vick? It’s got two spellings
though. It’s Quixote. Quixote is the correct answer. Gethin…spell “Quixote”, please. Thing is, right,
there are two spellings. We’re looking for the English
translation spelling of Don Quixote.
Don Quixote, OK. Quixote. So start with a C. BEEP
I’m afraid not. Not a C, I’m so sorry. Can I guess? Yes, you can guess.
No points though, unfortunately. Q-U-I-X-O-T-E, is it? I think that’s exactly right.
Is it? Yeah. Moving on. What is the answer to this,
and how do you spell it? Yes, Nicki? Camouflage. Camouflage is correct. Tim, for a point for your team,
spell “camouflage”. C… ..A… ..M… ..O… ..U… Oh, very nice. ..F… ..L… ..A… ..G… …E. Well done. That’s tense, right? Yeah. That U didn’t feel right. The O and the U – the nation
were holding their breath with you on the O and the U, Tim. Very well
done. Here’s your next one. What’s the answer,
and how do you spell it? Gethin? Xylophone? BEEP
It’s not, I’m afraid. Tim? Glockenspiel.
That’s the right answer. The second I said,
“That’s the right answer,” Nicki just went, “Oh, no, no.” Are you ready for the humiliation?
Nicki, it will not be humiliation because no-one at home knows
how to spell this either. So, Nicki, we all wish you
the very best, as you embark on “glockenspiel”. This is the artistic way
of spelling it. OK, that’s good. G… ..L… ..O… I’m going to go for C… Oh, still going! ..E… BEEP
Oh, there’s a K there, I think, in “glockenspiel”. Ah. Next question. I’d take this one. Gethin?
Croissant. Vick, you have got a degree
in modern languages from Cambridge University.
No pressure! But I have one question for you.
Can you spell “croissant”? C… ..R… ..O… ..I… ..S… ..S… ..A… ..N… ..T. Oh, never in doubt.
Vick, well played. APPLAUSE Final question in this round. What’s
the answer, and how do you spell it? Yes, Gethin? Chlorine. It is chlorine. Very well played. For another point, Vick,
spell “chlorine”. OK, it’s whether it’s got…
It’s where the H is. OK, C… Is there an H? H. Oh! Yes, girl! L… ..O… ..R… ..I… ..N… ..E. Done it again. Chlorine.
Nicely played. Very, very strong end to the round
there from Gethin and Vick. That is the end of the round, so let’s see what that has done
to the scores. Tim, still in last place. Trouble. Uh-oh. Vick, opening up another lead. Well played. Well done, Vick. Thank you. Had a very, very big lead at
this point last time, as well. If you can win today,
it puts a lot of pressure on Tim for that trophy right there –
and you’re doing that at the moment. If things ended like they are now,
Vick would be our champion. Can Tim make a comeback?
Is Vick going to win? Round Three today is… What I’m going to do in this
is show you some categories, and then I’m going to
give you some clues. Those clues are the exact opposite
of the answer I’m looking for. So your first category is… Here’s your first one. That is Tim. All Saints. All Saints, well done. Next girl group. What is
the opposite of this, please? Yes, Tim? Small Apart. LAUGHTER BEEP God bless you
for buzzing in, though. Vick? It’s Little Mix. Little Mix, well done. I was sure it was Small Apart. Small Apart. There should be,
if there isn’t one already. Next girl group. What is this
the opposite to, please? Yes, Gethin? The Pussycat Dolls. It is The Pussycat Dolls. Well done. Next category. We’re looking for famous ships.
These are their opposites. Yes, Gethin? Is it Victory? Victory, well done.
NICKY: Wow! Next ship. Yes, Tim? Golden Hind.
Is it Golden Hind? Absolutely right with Golden Hind. Next ship. Yes? Titanic. That’s the right answer. Very well done. Nicely played. Your next category is… What are these the opposites to? Yes, Gethin? Musical chairs. Oh, it is. Well worked-out. Very good. Next party game. Yes, Vick? Pass the parcel. It is. Keep the unwrapped item becomes pass the parcel. Final question in this round.
Fingers on buzzers, everybody. What’s the opposite of this? Yes, Tim? Charades. BEEP
Sorry, that is incorrect. Yes, Gethin? Is it hide-and-seek? It’s hide-and-seek, yeah. Well done. Let’s take a look at what
that has done to the scores. What is the leaderboard looking
like? It looks like this. Vick, still in the lead
with seven points. You two are close. Very close.
APPLAUSE Two more rounds and we’re going
to find our champion. Round Four today is… We call it The Nice Round because
you help each other in this round. You’ve all got to guess
the name of a musical, and the way you do that is I’m going to give the name of
the musical to your three opponents. They’re each going to write down
a one-word clue to the musical and you’ll see those three clues
and work out what the musical is. If you get a correct answer,
you get a point. But it’s The Nice Round
because you also give a point to the person who gives you
the best clue. Vick, we will start with you. OK.
You’ve got to guess a musical. That musical is written down
on all three of these cards for your opponents to look at.
Take your tablets out, please, and write down a one-word clue
for that musical. Gethin, what is Vick’s first word? Bells. Bells is the first word. Ooh. Nicki, what’s your word? I hope I’ve got this right.
Grooming. Grooming. And, Tim, what is your word? Barbers. So, bells, grooming
and barbers are your three clues. Oh, I was going to say something
about Barbershop but that’s a film, isn’t it? Oh… Bells, grooming, barbers.
Could it be Hairspray? Is it Hairspray? Yes.
It is Hairspray. Well done. So, a point to you, Vick, but you’re
also going to give away a point. What did you get that from?
The one that made me think of hair was barbers, so… A point to Tim.
Give it to Tim. Nice of you, Vick, giving a point
to a main rival as well. Oh, I didn’t think of that!
I wasn’t thinking strategically. Thank you, Vick.
Bells is a great shout. I take it back, I take it back. I’m an idiot. But you were honest. You looked so classy. A classy fool. I’m so sorry. It was Hairspray. Very well done. Gethin,
you’ve got to guess a musical now. Vick, if you take that and pass them
along to Nicki and Tim. You’re all going to give
a one-word clue to Gethin. Thank you. We are ready. Gethin, you’ve got
to guess the name of a musical. You’ve got three clues to help you.
Nicki, what is his first word? Funfair, says Nicki.
Tim, what are you saying? Roundabout. There’s a theme
developing. And, Vick? I said fairground. Fairground, OK. Fairground, funfair, roundabout. No, erm… HE MUTTERS UNDER HIS BREATH No, I just… I can’t think.
Shall we time you out? BEEP
Tim, it is…? Carousel. Carousel. You can still give a point
to one of your opponents, though. Now you know the answer, which
one of those was the best clue? Well, only one person I’m giving a
point to and you know who that is. Well played, Nicki. Nicki. Funfair, of course. Thank you. And, Nicki, it’s your turn
to guess a musical, as well. There you go, Vick. Gutted!
Pass those along. Thank you. Oh! Nicki, you’ve got to guess
the name of a musical. You’ve got three words
to help you with that. Tim, what is Nicki’s first word? VICK: Oh! Oh, no. Sibling. Wow. Vick. Siblings.
Siblings is your next clue. Gethin? Siblings, OK. So, siblings, siblings, siblings. I mean, there’s a theme there,
isn’t there? The fact that you’ve all gone
for siblings, I’m thinking… ..Sound Of Music. Vick, is that right?
It’s Blood Brothers. Blood Brothers was
the correct answer. Well done if you said that at home.
Now, how do I give a point when none of them helped me?
Thereby hangs a tale. I would say maybe no points
for that. Oh! Or you give everyone a point,
but that seems a bit unfair because then you’ve just slipped
one point behind everyone else. So, if everyone else is comfortable,
shall we say no points? Are you sure? Sure. Tim, you’re
the last player in this round. You’ve got to guess a musical.
We’re all so sorry. Thank you. Vick, what is Tim’s first word?
Avenue. Avenue, says Vick. Gethin? I’ve gone with road.
Road, OK. And, Nicki? I’ve gone for something
very different. Number. Number. So, avenue, road and number. 42nd Street?
Is it 42nd Street, everyone? ALL: Yes. Well done. Nicely done. And, genuinely, I would not have got that
but for the word “number”. Point to Nicki Chapman there.
Tablets away, please. That’s the end of that round. We only have one more round
to play this week. Who is in pole position
before the start of that round? Oh, it’s very, very close. Tim, creeping up bit by bit. Vick, you still have the lead
on eight points – two points clear,
with the final round to go. I mean… It’s tight, isn’t it?
It is very, very tight. Gethin, don’t forget you’re
only two points behind. You haven’t won this week.
This could be a day you could win. As you know, this is my
strongest round, statistically. You’ve got to believe. I only
learned the rules on Wednesday! LAUGHTER Here we go, then, shall we?
One final time, let’s play… At the end of this round,
we are giving away our trophy. We are crowning our champion.
Who is it going to be? Fingers on buzzers, everybody. A point for a correct answer,
a point off for an incorrect answer. Your first category is… You’ll see a picture
of people born in the Midlands. There’ll be a clue underneath. Smash
them together, please. Best of luck. Yes, Gethin? John Oliver Twist. Well played, Gethin. John Oliver, Oliver Twist. Next picture, next clue. Tim? Toyah Willcoxford. She certainly will. Well done. Toyah Willcox and Oxford.
Next category. We know how to end on a high
on this show. Yeah! Isn’t that what you win
on this show? Pretty much. Oh, no! Vick? Oh, no… I was going to say chair radar, but
that doesn’t even make any sense. That’s incorrect, I’m afraid.
A point off. Tim? Swivel chair traffic control. It might just be, yeah. Swivel chair
or chair traffic control. Next office equipment is… Yes, Vick? Hole Punch and Judy. Hole Punch and Judy
is the right answer. Very nice. Next piece
of office equipment, please. Yes, Gethin? Print Piers Morgan. BEEP
Incorrect. Vick? Photocopiers Morgan. Is the right answer. Well played. Photocopier and Piers Morgan.
I could never put those two together in my life. Let’s take a look
at your next category. KLAXON
Time is up. The week is up. We are done.
Oh, I don’t know! I don’t know. We are done. I think… Let’s find out who won
Friday’s House Of Games. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Tim Vine won. Thursday, Vick Hope won.
Who has won on Friday? Storming finish for Vick means she wins by one point. Well done! Well played, Vick.
Another win for you. Let’s get the business of your prize
out of the way, shall we? What did we have again? Let’s take a
little look. Oh, I know what I want. You’ve taken home a fondue set.
What are you taking now? The deckchair. The deckchair. So, Vick, you’ve won two shows.
Yeah. Tim, you’ve won three shows.
We have one more thing to give away. It is this trophy. As is traditional now, I show
the quality of the trophy by… TROPHY PINGS WEAKLY
Oh, yeah! Genuine. Solid whatever that is. What a week it’s been. It’s been great fun
from start to finish. Only one of you can win.
Who is it going to be? Our House Of Games champion
for the week is… ..Tim Vine by one point. Can you pass along the trophy?
Congratulations, Tim. Well played, Tim.
Yeah, well done. Wow! Well done. Oh! Lovely. I mean, Tim, congratulations.
Thank you very much. Vick, unlucky. You nearly pipped him
at the post there. Yeah, gosh. Nicki, Gethin, sorry you didn’t win
a day, but thank you so much. Thank you. We loved it,
absolutely loved it. Thank you. It’s been an absolute treat
from start to finish. Thank you all. Thank you all for watching, as well. We’ll see you next time
on the House Of Games. APPLAUSE Oh, this is actually
really comfortable! Thank you. I’m looking forward to summer now.
I’m ready.

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