Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E64 (23 Jan 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E64 (23 Jan 2020)

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Hello there, it is Thursday and that
can only mean one thing, it is Thursday’s House Of Games. I’m Richard Osman. All week four famous faces have
been battling each other for the opportunity to put their
hands on this beautiful trophy. Our players this week are
Michelle Ackerley, Matt Forde, Judy Murray and Fred MacAulay. Welcome, welcome. Now, Matt, we’re going to have
to start with you, OK. Oh. What a masterclass
that was yesterday. If there’s any youngsters who’ve
always wanted to do House Of Games professionally,
show them a tape of that. Just everything you did went right. What this is teaching me is
that victory is as painful as defeat for me. But that’s a good thing to know. But at least I can console myself
with a House Of Games towel… Yes. ..and a House Of Games suitcase. Amazing performance yesterday, Matt.
Very well done. Thank you. Michelle, you’re doing pretty well
on the weekly leaderboard. Shall we take a look? Yeah. Here’s how we’re looking. Matt is out in the lead there on 11,
you and Fred are tied on 8. Nothing anyone could do yesterday,
though, right? I mean, Matt, you were just
storming ahead, weren’t you? There was no chance. Maybe today, I think, you know, it
could be our day, couldn’t it, Fred? Has to be. Potentially. Just overlooking you there, Judy. I didn’t mean it like that, Judy. Understandably. Judy, bottom of the leaderboard, but I think all week you’ve been
providing motivation for some of the more…I’m going to
say emotionally fragile players. Amongst us, yes. Shall we take a look at the prizes
for today? Yeah. Let’s have a little look, shall we? You could walk home with
one of these. There is a onesie there you
could win yourself. A House Of Games washbag,
alarm clock, a memory stick and our old friend… What’s that? Someone wants a fondue?
Why, we have a fondue set. Judy, what do you think you’d
take home? I think I probably would
take the onesie. Oh, that’d be nice. Very, very cosy. Fred MacAulay. Yep. Matt won on Monday, you came
straight back and won on Tuesday. Matt won on Wednesday, can you come
straight back and do him again? Disappointingly, when I came in
this morning, the engraver who does the trophy was
asking me, “Is there an E at the end
of Forde?” Oh, don’t say that. Fred, what would you take home if
you were to win today, do you think? Got to be the fondue set.
Got to be fondue. I’ve got the salt and pepper for a
whole eating experience. Oh, yeah. Perfect. You’ve got towel and suitcase. Fondue set and salt and pepper. You guys are good. Shall we get on, play Thursday’s House Of Games? Our first game is… Fingers on buzzers, please. I’m going to ask you two
questions at a time, the answers are anagrams
of each other. Here are your first two questions,
buzz in when you know both answers. BUZZER
That is Fred MacAulay. Coral. Carol. Is it coral and carol? Good start to the show for
Fred MacAulay. Well done. Nicely done. Here are your next two questions. BUZZER
Yes, that is Matt. Liberal. Braille. Liberal and Braille, they don’t
sound like anagrams, do they? But they are, well done. Braille does not look like an
anagram of Liberal. No, but it is and I’m having
the points. Oh, yeah. Take a point… I don’t think we
should take a point. Oh, don’t. Oh. Now, here are your next two. BUZZER
That is Matt. Spectrum. Crumpet. I’m going to give it to you, Matt.
I will give it to you. It’s crumpets and spectrum. Good. Very well done. Here are your next two questions. The answers are anagrams
but what are they? BUZZER
Matt. Mars. Arms. Mars, arms. Oh, well done. It’s the best pub in space. Is absolutely right, well done. Next two questions. BUZZER
Matt. Romance. Cameron. Is it romance and Cameron? It is romance and Cameron. Romance Cameron not an instruction. Please don’t try that at home. Your next questions now. # Smile an ever… # BUZZER
Judy. Sword and Words. Sword and Words is the right answer,
Judy. Well played. Here are your next two questions. BUZZER
Matt. I’m going to mess this right up. Erm… Oh. You’re taking too long. Association.
I’m so sorry. Association. Go on. And ricotta. It is not association and ricotta.
Anybody else? BUZZER
Fred. Is it Riot Act and ricotta? Riot Act and ricotta. Oh. Beautifully done. Oh, that’s good.
Well played. Final question in this round. These two things are anagrams,
what are they? BUZZER
Yes, Fred. Mariachi. Harmonica…s. It’s not mariachi, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Judy. Maraschino and harmonicas. Maraschino and harmonicas. Ah! It is, very well done. Thank you, Fred. Did some of the heavy lifting there,
Fred. Yeah. And then Judy was just at the net…
Knocked it off. ..for the final smash. Well done. Let’s take a look at the scores
at the end of that first round. Michelle yet to get off the mark. Judy and Fred have 2 points each. Matt Forde, early leader with
4 points. Well played, Matt. Let’s get straight onto Round 2,
shall we? Round 2, usually a pairs game, the person in last place gets to
choose, don’t forget, Michelle. OK. So put your thinking cap on. Yeah. Round 2 today is… We’ve played this before. You were a team, weren’t you,
when we played this before? Yes, yes. Yeah. And it worked pretty
well. It did, yeah. So I think we should stick at it. Yep, you’re staying with Matt?
Staying with Matt. Thank you. OK, Michelle staying with Matt,
Judy staying with Fred, England v Scotland again, for the
third time this week. You know how we play it. Tablets
out, please, everyone. I’m going to ask you a question,
they will both write down an answer and we’ll take the average for
each pair. Here is your first question in
Distinctly Average. Anyone over the age of three who
speaks, writes or reads Welsh. What do you think at home? What do
you think in Wales, especially? I hope you’ll do rather
well on this. Michelle, how many Welsh speakers
were there in Wales in 2011? You know your series
Fantasy Homes By The Sea, which is my favourite programme in
the world? Yeah. What’s the best Welsh seaside place? Tenby. Tenby. Yeah, I didn’t see many Welsh
speakers there so my figure could be
very incorrect. Well, the thing is you can’t
tell just by seeing. That’s the thing about it. It’s true. Sometimes if you just
look, you don’t know. No, yeah. Tenby. Tenby, Matt, that’s where we’re
going to head after this. OK. So, 50,000, says Michelle,
you happy with that answer? Gone a lot lower. Gone for 2,000. 2,000, OK. So your average, I think, is 26,000. 26,000 Welsh speakers. Judy, do you think they’ve gone
too low or too high? 5,000. 5,000, says Judy. Fred, what are you thinking? I’ve gone way higher than that. I’ve gone for 200,000. 200,000. What do you think at home,
particularly if you are Welsh? What do you reckon? You over 100,000, you under 100,000? How many Welsh speakers are there
in Wales and who has won the point? Oh, wow. Point there to Judy and Fred,
well done. That’s encouraging to hear, isn’t
it? Yeah. Yeah. 560,000 is a flourishing language,
that’s terrific. And here is your next question. That’s removals, stamp duty,
solicitor’s fees, and so on. It’s not the actual cost of
the house. So just the cost of moving house. Including stamp duty. Including stamp duty. What do you reckon? Anyone who’s just moved house
would have a rough idea of this. It’s a tricky one, Judy, isn’t it,
trying to work out…? Yeah, there’s lots to work out.
What have you gone with? I went with 30K. £30,000, says Judy. Fred, up or down? Down. 20K. 20K. So not a million miles
apart from each other. So both happy with each other’s
answer, then? Mm-hm. £10,000 apart. Lovely. Matt Forde, what have you said? Gone lower at 15,000. 15,000, says Matt Forde. You’re all roughly in the same
ballpark, though. Michelle. Not really. I went real low. And you’re the only property
expert on the show. This is going to look real bad. Which of those looks more
convincing to you at home? What have you said? Let’s find out, shall we? What is the average cost of moving
house in the UK and who has won the point? Point to Michelle and Matt,
very well done. Who was closest there? Matt, very
close, 15,000. Yeah, very close. Final question in this round. One point each so far in the battle
between England and Scotland, who’s going to take it 2-1? Write down an answer to
this, please. As the crow flies,
that distance in miles. You must have flown over to New York a number of times, Judy, with
the boys. Yeah, I can’t say that I counted the
miles, though. Wish I had. What do you think at home,
have you got an answer here? And have we got an answer,
Matt Forde, what are you saying? Based on anything or… I think it’s roughly 5,000 from
London to New York. So you’ve added 100 for York.
Yeah. OK. Cos of the tilt of the Earth
or something. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, for the tilt of
the Earth. Michelle, what do you think? 300,000 I went for. 300,000. Is there a New York on the Moon? You could actually go slightly
further than the Moon for 300,000. Yeah? But that feels like too far. Sorry, Matt. It’s all right, mate. Sorry. I don’t want a fondue
set anyway. Let’s take a look, shall we, at
your average? Matt, imagine the episodes of
Mr Bean you’d have to watch on that flight. Fred, have you gone 300,000? I’ve just been sitting here humming
that Proclaimers song, I would walk 500,000 miles, and I would walk 500,000 more. I’ve gone 3.3. I’ve gone low. I think I might have gone under
3,000, but I don’t know the answer. Judy, you’ve done the journey
most, probably. I went for 5,000. 5,000 as well, same as Matt. And are you confident with that? I think it might be slightly
less than that. It’s about eight hours to fly
and it’s about 500mph. Oh, OK. Maybe 4. Well, you and Matt have both
sounded fairly convinced. Let’s take a look at your average. So… ..if it’s anywhere under about
76,000 miles, you’re going to win the points. Let us find out, shall we? How many miles is it between
the UK and New York and who has won the point? Is it England or Scotland? Oh. Fred, look at that. Close enough. That’s very, very impressive.
Very good. I just put an extra nought on by
mistake, you see, an extra couple of ones. Yeah, I was going to say two
extra noughts on. A couple of noughts. That is the end of the round, a point there to Fred and Judy,
very well done. Tablets away, please. We’ll take a look at the scores. Michelle has 174,000 points. Oh, I’m sorry, 1. It says 1 point. 4 points for Judy and Fred. Closing the gap on Matt, who is
still our leader, with 5 points. Closer now, right? I know. Three more rounds to play on today’s
House Of Games. Matt Forde has won two, Fred has won
one, who is going to win Thursday? Let’s find out. Our next game is… We’ve got our own social network at
the House Of Games, which has been going for
thousands of years, so we’ve got users going right
back through history. I’m going to show you now some posts
by these historical figures, you just have to tell me
who they are. Fingers on buzzers, please. Your first post is this. Who is this, please? BUZZER
Matt has gone so early. I think it’s Guy Fawkes. Oh, that’s risky. Shall we take a look at the
other hashtags? Very good. It was… Very well done. Let’s take a look at our next
historical figure. Who is this? BUZZER
Judy. Florence Nightingale. Is it Florence Nightingale? It is not Florence Nightingale. Oh. Anybody else?
BUZZER Yes, Michelle. Mother Teresa. Is it Mother Teresa? It is not. Anyone else? Let’s take a look. Here’s our next historical figure.
Who is this, please? BUZZER
Yes, Fred. Albert Einstein. Is it Albert Einstein? It is Albert Einstein, well done. Next figure, who posted
this, please? BUZZER
Yes, Fred. I mean, veni, vidi, vici was Roman
times, but is it Boudicca? Is it Boudicca,
the Queen of the Iceni? It is Boudicca, very well played. Here is our final post. Who has posted this on the
House Of Games social network? BUZZER
Yes, Fred. Sigmund Freud. Is it Sigmund Freud? Well played, Fred. You know, I knew that was Freud and
I was just waiting for that third one and then… I
should have just gone. Ah, it was a Freudian slip. And that’s the end of that round.
Let’s take a look at the scores. Michelle, still on… I’ve had
a shocker. You have had a shocker,
haven’t you? Yeah. Judy, you’re on 4. Matt on 6. We have a new leader,
ladies and gentlemen, the King Of Scotland himself,
Fred MacAulay on 7 points. This is going to be a battle royal. Judy, you’re only three
points behind. Surprisingly. You could still win this one.
You could still do this. So, two rounds to go, Round 4 is… Now, you all did a little bit of
homework for this one before the show and I’m going to ask
each of you a question. There will be four possible answers,
one of those is the correct answer, the other three have been written by
your opponents. If you give me the correct answer,
you’ll get yourself a point. If you give me an incorrect answer, you have just gifted a point to
whoever wrote it. So, can you get a correct answer
and can you fool your opponents? See if you can see the correct
one here, Michelle, we will start with you. This is your question. One of those is the correct answer, three of them were written by
your opponents. They’d all be unusual gifts. Yeah. A polar bear. That sounds like the
most unusual. Polar bear, Michelle is going for.
Is that the correct answer? It is the correct answer,
well played. Oh, wow. Point for you and nothing for
anybody else. Customs union was… That was me. Matt Forde, I knew it
would be. I knew it would be. Shetland Islands was… Me. Fred. And wooden skis was Judy. Very well played, I was
quite convinced. Apart from customs union, they were
convincing alternatives. Matt, question for you. OK. Answer me this, please. One of those is correct, the other three were written by
Michelle, Judy and Fred. They all sound made up. Well, everything’s made up. But they all sound fictional. Erm… What do you think at home on
this one? I don’t think it’s either of the
last two. I think it’s the second one,
Le Marcher-Parler. You’re going to go with
Le Marcher-Parler. Is that the correct answer? Oh. It is not the correct answer. First, let’s see what is
the correct answer. Oh, I knew it was going to be
a little trick. And you’ve just given a point to
someone else, as well. Who has Matt given a point to? Me. Judy Murray, that’s nice. Matt, that’s very kind of you, thank
you. Point to Judy Murray. Pied a terre was… And Marche Tarche was Fred. I could have guessed that
was Fred’s. I think I might have gone
Marche Tarche. So, talkie-walkie, well done if you
got that. Judy, your turn now. OK. Question for you, four
possible answers. One of those is correct, three of
them written by your opponents. What are we thinking, Judy? I think it needs to be the
5th Earl of Battersea. Let’s find out, is that the
correct answer? It’s not. What out of those three is
the correct answer? Mr Chicken is the correct answer. Mr Chicken. Judy, you’ve given a point
to someone. Who wrote the 5th Earl
of Battersea? Fred MacAulay. I knew it would
be you. Well done, sir. A point to Fred. And I’m going to guess
William the Conqueror and Joe Pasquale’s ancestor. Right, Fred, you are last in this
round. Yep. Can you spot the fakes here? Can you truffle out the real answer? OK, I’m going to discount
Some Like it Hot and Everybody Comes to Rick’s. And I’ll go with Escape From the
White House. Was the play called
Escape From the White House? It was not. What was the answer? Oh. Well done if you said that at
home, terrific answer. You have just given a point
to someone. Who wrote Escape From the
White House? Me. Judy, what a round you’re
having, Judy Murray. So a point to Judy Murray. That’s the end of that round. Well played. Some Like It Hot was… And, Matt, you wrote
The White House of My Summers. How lovely, you should write that as
a novel. That’s quite romantic for you. Well, I’ve never seen Casablanca,
but I thought, “That sounds like white house,” and then I wanted to make it sound
like it was a play. And you didn’t put
(starring Joe Pasquale). Right, on Monday, Matt won. On Tuesday, Fred won. On Wednesday, Matt won. Who is going to win today? Let’s take a little look at the
scores with one round to go. 2 points for Michelle. Very close up the top, though. Matt and Judy,
you have 6 points each. Fred, is he going to get his second
win of the week? 8 points. One round to go. This is exciting stuff. Last round, as always, is… Fingers on buzzers, everybody,
here we go. There’ll be a picture, there’ll be a
clue underneath, smash the answers together. Point for an answer, point off for
an incorrect answer. Your first category is… Those will be the pictures, smash
them into the clues below, please. Good luck, one and all. Here is your first question. None of them are even risking it. Quite right. Just keeping
their counsel. Do you know this one at home?
Let’s take a look. Tori Amos and Moscow Mule. Here is your next singer-songwriter. BUZZER
Yes, Matt. Joni Mitchell and Webb. Joni Mitchell and Webb… the right answer, Matt. Well played. Joni Mitchell,
Mitchell and Webb. It gets tenser. Next category. Those will be the pictures,
there will be clues underneath. Nope? Nope. Let me show you. Apostrophe and Ophelia.
Ah, right. Well done if you said that at home. These lot are so terrified of losing
a point. On Monday you’d be like… RICHARD IMITATES BUZZER Next punctuation mark, next clue. BUZZER
Matt. Exclamation Marky Mark. Exclamation Marky Mark. Or you could have had
Exclamation Mark Wahlberg. Just got yourself another point,
well done. Next punctuation. This is so close now. Shall I time you out? Mm-hm. I think that’s an ellipsis,
isn’t it? So it would be Ellipsisters Are
Doin’ It For Themselves. Oh, wow. Very good, well done if you said
that at home. Next category. This is the cagiest this round has
ever been. Oh, man. It’s quite exciting, though. Those will be the pictures. BUZZER
Fred MacAulay. Joan Of Arctic Monkeys. It’s super close at the moment,
you know that, don’t you? It is Joan Of Arctic Monkeys,
well done. Here is your next one. KLAXON Fred, have you done it right at the last
second with Joan Of Arctic Monkeys? I think he has, yeah. Let’s find
out, shall we? Who has won Thursday’s
House Of Games? Has Matt won his third one or has
Fred won his second one? Or do we have a tie-break? Fred MacAulay by one point
is our winner. Well played, Fred. Fred, you’ve already told us
what you’re going to take home but will you confirm? I will confirm, it’s the fondue set. The House Of Games fondue set goes
to the King Of Scotland himself, Mr Fred MacAulay. Well played.
Thank you. Shall we take a look at the
weekly leaderboard? We have one day to go. That is
double points Friday tomorrow. And the leaderboard looks like this
going into it. Judy, you have 5. Michelle, you have 9. Fred, 12. Matt, 14 points. Double points Friday,
8 points for a win tomorrow, 6 for second, 4 for third,
2 for last place. Another brilliant show,
congratulations, everyone. That was loads and loads of fun. One more day to go. One more day and
we’ll be handing out that trophy. I will see you all here tomorrow.
Looking forward to it already. We’ll see you here, as well, on the
House Of Games. I have no experience of this.
Kiss it. Kiss it.

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