Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E35 (22 Nov 2019)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E35 (22 Nov 2019)

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APPLAUSE Good evening, everybody. It is Friday, that means it is the
final of this week’s House Of Games. All week, my four contestants have
been battling it out. Today, one of them is going to get
their hands on this trophy. Who is it going to be, though? I’ve been joined all week
by the following people. They are the Reverend Kate Bottley.
APPLAUSE John Thomson.
APPLAUSE YolanDa Brown.
APPLAUSE And Joel Dommett…
APPLAUSE the end there.
THEY LAUGH If you haven’t watched
the rest of the week, that’s a clue to how Joel has done. Actually, do you know what?
He’s done really well. You’ve done OK.
Yeah. You’re too hard on yourself. I know, I am a little bit
too hard on myself. You know, I think, sometimes
you’ve got to think, hold on. I’m young, I’m really handsome.
Perhaps things are OK. JOEL LAUGHS I mean, perhaps. Perhaps I could do
without a duvet. Oh! Now, duvet talk. Kate. Uh-huh. You won yesterday, it’s your third
win of the week. Yeah. And you took home the House Of Games
pillow and duvet set! You seem surprised by that! Is it
treating you well? Absolutely. You know, it looks beautiful
on the guest bed. We’re not going to get any guests
coming stay any more, so I’m quite happy with that! That is a great way to get
rid of unwelcome guests. I might market the House Of Games
duvet set to get rid of unwelcome guests. Good idea.
That is a good idea. Kate, shall we take a little look
at the leaderboard going into our final day? Kate, a pretty healthy lead
there, 15 points, but it is double points Friday. The
winner today will get eight points. Second place will get six,
four points for third and so on. You could still be overturned. Here’s the man who could overturn
you, John Thomson. So you won on Tuesday.
Yesterday, lost by a point. Pipped at the post… I mean, you
really were. the priest. THEY LAUGH Pipped at the post by the priest. I like it, John. John, good luck
today. Thank you. YolanDa, let’s take a look
at the prizes for today. ALL: Oooh! Action figure! Action figure! Look at that! Shoehorn, a pair of binoculars
there, a towel, House Of Games stick of rock. How about that? YolanDa, what do you think
you’d take home if you won? I would take home the doll, because
my daughter has got a great array of Barbie and Kens.
But there’s not enough Kens. HE LAUGHS You would be the new Ken!
And if your Barbie has some fashion dilemmas, you could
always pretend he’s Gok Wan. There we go! Or Sue Perkins. THEY LAUGH Shall we do this? Four days
done, one day to go. Good luck to you all. OK. Five rounds away from discovering
who’s going to win that trophy. Shall we play round one?
Yes, please. Today it is… Now, I’m going to ask you some
questions on the buzzer. Buzz in, give me a correct answer, but you have to give the answer
in the past tense. Shall we play? Let’s do it.
Here’s your first one. That is Joel. Jon Snowed. Jon Snow. Past tense, Jon Snowed. Well done. Next one. Yes, Joel. Kept. Well done. Next question. Who is this, please? That is YolanDa. No, oh… Er… D… SHE STAMMERS
No. I can’t get the past tense of it! Kate. Billie Holidayed. Billie Holidayed, is that right? It is. Well done. Next question. Yes, John. Bungled. Bungle becomes Bungled, well done. Next question. What is this song? MUSIC STARTS PLAYING # Come on, hold my hand # I want to contact the living # Not sure I understand # This role I’ve been given. # Yes, YolanDa. Um, mmm… Oh, it’s the chorus. # I just want to feel… # No.
RICHARD LAUGHS I love your buzz-in technique.
This isn’t going well! Shall we time you out? Yeah. I don’t
know the name of it. Anybody else? Kate. Real Loved. Is it Real Loved? It’s not Real Loved. MUSIC PLAYS # Come and hold my hand # I want to contact the living. # What’s it called? # Not sure I under… # Joel? Going to go with Feel. Felt! Felt! THEY LAUGH There it is!
I forgot what the round was! There it is! I think we might have
to give him that. Listen, John would’ve buzzed in.
I’m going to give you both a point, because, John, you would’ve buzzed
in and got it, but I can’t, in all conscience, I can’t take
that away from you. Because none of us could
remember the name of that song! Felt that was the answer to that. Next question. Yes, that is Kate. Sprouted. Yeah, I’ll give you that.
Brussels sprouted. Well done. Final question in this round,
hooray! Thank the Lord.
You mean “thanked the Lord”. Thanked the Lord. Here it is. That is John. Keith Mooned. Course it is. Keith Moon becomes
Keith Mooned. Well played, John. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we? See where that leaves us after round
one on Friday’s House Of Games. Joel in the joint lead! Shall we play round two? Yeah.
Today it is… Now, this is a pairs game. YolanDa,
the person in last place, gets to choose their partner.
That is you today. Who would you like to play with? I’m going to play with Kate.
You’re playing with Kate. John, would you swap with YolanDa,
please? We’ll do the dance. Come over, John. Thank you, sir. After you. Hello! This is how
we’re going to play this. I’m going to ask you a series of
questions. Every single question has a two-word answer. If you know the answer, buzz in. You
must only give me the first word. Your partner then has to provide
the second word. OK? All right. Good luck, everybody. Here is your first question. Buzz in if you know the first word
of this answer. John. Red. Is correct. Joel. Er, er, Red… Is it Red Rum? Is it Red Rum? It is Red Rum, well done. That’s how you play You Complete Me.
Beautifully done. Well done, gents. Yeah, that was great stuff.
Here’s your next question. What’s the two-word answer here? Kate. Calcium. Is it calcium? It’s not. John. Carbon. Is it carbon? It is not. Let’s take a look at the answers. Well done if you’ve got
one or other of those at home. Next question. Wow. What is this song? MUSIC STARTS TO PLAY That is Joel. Mr. Mr is correct. John? I only do funk and soul. THEY LAUGH
I don’t do… New Age stuff. I don’t do mournful indie. Try and sing the whole thing. I only know one song beginning
with Mr, and it’s not that one. I don’t know. I’m sorry.
We will time you out… Blue Sky. Is it Mr Blue Sky?
It’s not. It’s not, I’m afraid. Kate. Brightside. Let’s have a little listen. Mr Brightside by The Killers. Next question. Yes, Kate. Da Vinci. It’s not, I’m afraid. Oh!
That’s two words in itself. Oh, course it is. What is it…
I just saw it the other day. Um… Er… The, um… I know the sequel
to The Da Vinci Code, but then there’s another
one which I can’t… Can I just guess something? It’s not… Oh, yeah, buzz in
if you want to guess something. Vatican. THEY LAUGH Is it The Vatican… City. It’s not The Vatican something. What would’ve been your reply
if it was “The Vatican”? The Vatican Legends. THEY LAUGH Somewhere at home, Dan Brown’s
going, The Vatican what?! Angels And Demons was the sequel. Let’s take a look at this one. This was The Lost Symbol. The Lost Symbol. This isn’t
an easy round so far, isn’t it? Next question. Kate. Ben. Is it Ben? It is. Nevis. Is it Nevis? Yes, it is Ben Nevis. Next question. Who is this? Joel? Kate. It is Kate. John? Beckinsale. Kate Beckinsale.
Correct answer, well done. Next question. What’s the two-word answer here? Yes, John. This is hard. Yes. Yeah… Star. You can see the trick
they played here. Star is correct, John. That gives you a slight dilemma,
Joel. What do you think the second word
is? One of two, isn’t it? I’m going to go with Trek, please. Is it Star Trek for the point? Yes, it is. Well played,
Joel and John. That is the end of that round. Thank goodness for that! YolanDa and John, if you swap back,
please. Well done. Job well done.
That was good fun! Let’s take a look at what it’s done
to the scores. ALL: Oh! Let’s play round three
straight away. It is… We’ve got props for this round,
and here they are. Take one and pass that along.
What you’ve essentially got is a magnetic board with the word
“hamster” spelled out on the front. Now, what I’m going to do is ask
you a series of questions. The answers are all there
somewhere amongst those letters of the word hamster, so you have to
rearrange them. Make it a tiny bit harder, firstly,
they’re facing away from you. And secondly, you’re all going to be
wearing blindfolds. Oh, man! You’re kidding me!
Take one and pass them on. You’ve got to get the answer, then
you’ve got to find those letters. Are you ready? Not really!
THEY LAUGH Blindfolds on, please, everybody. Is this is where you put this on and
everyone just leaves the room?!
Oh, my God, can you imagine? You know what?
That is the best blindfold. Oh, my word, you’re right. OK. So you’ve got the letters
of the word hamster. I need you to spell out answers
to the following questions, please. The very best of luck. When you’re
confident you’ve spelled out the answer, press your buzzer,
please. Here’s your first question. Oh… YolanDa, have you spelt it? Oh, you’ve spelt Mars! That’s brilliantly done,
but it’s incorrect. YOLANDA LAUGHS You did so well, though.
Buzz in, please, if you… Kate. Earth. Earth, well done. Here is your next one. The title of a ’70s US sitcom
set in an army hospital during the Korean War. Kate is in already. MASH. MASH, well done. It turns out to be
your special skill, Kate. Here’s your next question. This is so difficult
on so many levels! Kate is in. But she’s got an incorrect answer,
I’m afraid. OK, you can buzz in again. Oh! YolanDa. Got it with a wonky E,
but it is correct. Hearts. Well played, YolanDa. Next word. You’re looking for… That is YolanDa. Has she done it? She has. You’re so good at
this, YolanDa. Final question in this round. What was the question, sorry? The
first name of the comedy actors with the surnames Rogen,
MacFarlane and Green. Oh, John, you just got beaten
by YolanDa there. YolanDa has got Seth as well.
Very well played. Oh, the first one! That is the end of that round.
Blindfolds off, everybody. Oh… My heart is beating so fast! Wow! My heart’s going crazy. YolanDa, you were unbelievable at
that. My heart is beating so fast! I’ve never seen anybody
play that game as well. That is like something
to get you into MI6! Pass your boards down, please,
everybody. You’re going to get the call.
You’ll get the recruitment. Honestly, if you feel my heart
right now, it’s… Let’s take a look at the scores
at the end of that round. A very good round for YolanDa there. ALL: Oh! Look at this! Now we’ve got a game! Look at this. Game on, I think they say. Two more rounds to go. What is round four going to be
today? It is… Now, in this round, there’s going to
be four answers. We’re going to tell you what
the answers are right now. And they are… Those are the four answers in this round. We’re going to play this one at
a time. Joel, I want you to choose an answer for Kate. What’s Kate’s
answer going to be in this round? SHE CHUCKLES Um… Tasselled wobbegong.
Tasselled wobbegong. So, Kate, your answer in this round
is tasselled wobbegong. OK. But what is the question? You choose one of these three,
please. One of those questions has
the answer tasselled wobbegong, but which one? What do you think at
home? What are you going for? I’m going for the “Which species
of carpet shark gets its name from the fringe of branching
dermal flaps around its head?” The answer is tasselled wobbegong.
Is that the question? It is. Well played.
Very nicely done. Very nicely done. YolanDa, would you pick
an answer for John, please? Oooh… Bag of salt. A small bag of salt. I was hoping you were going to
choose that cos I want to know what the question is. So do I!
Let’s see. Let’s see. Everyone’s game, this, isn’t it?
A small bag of salt is the answer. Which of these is the question,
John? I mean, they all sound fairly convincing. Yeah. They do, yeah. Ooh… The idea of a speeding fine
on horseback in that period is a bit kind of… I do find that a little bit
hard to swallow. Too salty.
THEY LAUGH Like a small bag of salt, so. I’m drawn to the Queen being gifted, as a tradition, the Governor of
the British Virgin Islands. So I’m going for that. So the answer
is a small bag of salt. Is that the gift given
to the Queen by the Governor of the British Virgin Islands? A point to John as well. Very good. Very nicely done. Ulysses S Grant was fined for
speeding on his horse, but 20. Incredible! That’s mad. THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER I was using the same logic as you.
Does that still stand today? I wouldn’t have thought so.
Speed camera, could you go past one at 40?
Not in 1872! They’d make a fortune
at the Grand National. THEY CHUCKLE John, will you choose an answer
for YolanDa now? Yeah, I’ll go, um…
I’ll go for Jane Cain. Jane Cain.
That is your answer, YolanDa. But what is your question? It’s one of these three… I don’t know that name.
I played this game wrong. I should’ve given you that question.
I heard a documentary the other day on, um,
the person that spoke on the clock. Oh, really? Yeah.
What was she called? LAUGHING: I wish I knew! She was talking about
the whole experience. Maybe as a sign
I should go for that. Yeah. I don’t know the answer, so
I’ll go for the speaking clock. You’re going to go for
the speaking clock. What do you think at home? Have
you gone with that as well? I would like it to be that.
I know. I’d love it to be that. Let’s find out.
The answer is Jane Cain. Was she the first person to provide
the voice of the speaking clock? She was! Well done. You’ve got to listen
to documentaries! Beautifully done. First woman to
climb Mount Everest was Junko Tabei, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
was the first English woman to qualify as a doctor. Kate, you’ve got to choose Joel’s
answer, now. Shall we go for 325? I think we should go for that, yes.
325 is your answer, Joel. What is your question? Um… I mean, it feels like
I could work out a quarter of a basketball game. Um… What are we thinking?
What do you think at home? It’s… Minutes… I can’t believe that Gone With The
Wind would be that long, would it? I mean, it’s famously
a long film, but… I’m going to go with “How many days
was Edward VIII’s reign?” We’ve got three correct answers
so far in this round. Have we got four correct answers?
Would you all have gone for that? Yeah. I’d have gone for that.
It’s very specific, you know? Yeah. Let’s find out.
The answer is 325. Was that the amount of days
in Edward VIII’s reign? It certainly was. A point
for everybody. Well done. Gone With The Wind is long,
but just under four hours, and 720 seconds in an NBA
basketball game quarter. Ah, well done, everybody.
That was nice, wasn’t it? How lovely on Friday that we’re
sharing the points out so much. But do you remember,
before we started this round, how close the leaderboard was? And then there were two rounds
to go. Yeah. Now there’s one round to go.
And listen, I’m no mathematician. I think this is still going to be
close. Let’s take a look, shall we? One round to go on Friday.
Here are the scores. I have never seen a leaderboard
like it. THEY ALL EXCLAIM How about that? Oh, no! It all comes down to this!
This is amazing stuff. Amazing stuff.
What a competition we’ve had. One more round to go. We’ve been quizzing all week, and it
comes down to this final round. And the final round is… Here we go. It’s been a pleasure
being with you all week. One of you is about to become our
champion. Who’s it going to be? YolanDa and Joel, also in with a
chance of winning your first day as well. Oh!
Winning your first prize. There’ll be a picture, there’ll be
a clue underneath. You know
how it works. We smash the answers together.
Here’s your first category. Fingers on buzzers, a point for
a correct answer, a point off if you give me an incorrect answer. UK Politicians. Those will be the
pictures. There’ll be a clue
underneath. John. John Prescottage pie. It’s the right answer, John. Well played, John Prescott, cottage
pie. Next politician and next clue. Kate. Yvette Cooperu. It’s the right answer, well done. And “Cooperu” is a fun thing to say. Cooperu’s a great thing. It sounds
like a bird. Yes, it does. Yeah. SHE TRILLS LIKE A BIRD Ooh, I think that’s the Cooperu. Your next category is… Fun. Feels nice to be
out of politics. HE LAUGHS There’s a few said that. We’re going
to show you three pictures of festive politicians. THEY LAUGH And can you arrange the names
on a board with magnetic letters? SHE CHUCKLES Here are your festive things
and your clues underneath. Smash them together, please.
Still anyone’s game. Yes, that is YolanDa. Snowmanchester United. Snowmanchester United,
is that right? It is. Next festive thing. Yes, that is Kate. Eggnoggin The Nog. Yes! Of course it is. Eggnog and
Noggin The Nog. Eggnoggin The Nog. Oh, that is fun to say, too. Here’s your next festive thing. Yes, that is John. Stockingfisher. Oh, very good. This is a hell of a battle going on
between the two of you. Here’s your next category. The pictures will be impressionists.
I’m assuming people who do impressions rather than painters,
but who knows? Yes, John. Jon Culshawshank, er, um… Jon Culshawshank, er… Jon Culshaw, sh, shank… I’ll give you it, cos it’s
the prison we’re looking for. Yeah. You were exactly right. I was waiting for you to say
“Redemption”. Yeah, me too. Yeah. Jon Culshawshank. Well done, John. Next question. KLAXON ALL: Oh! There are no more…
What does that mean? We are closed down
by Jon Culshawshank. I think you’ve won by one.
Let’s find out, shall we? Kate, you’ve won three times this
week. John, you have won once. It was super close going
into that final round. I mean, that was like watching the
Rumble In The Jungle, wasn’t it? It really was, it really was. Let’s find out who’s won
Friday’s House Of Games. It is… THEY ALL EXCLAIM John Thomson, by one point. One
point yesterday, one point today. And, you know what?
What a lovely way to play Friday. Three points between
all four of you, a terrific performance
from everybody. John, before we get to the matter
of who has won the week, you have a prize to pick up. Indeed.
What would you like? It has to be the Richard Osman
Gok Wan hybrid doll. Oh, lovely. John, thanks for having
the House Of Games action doll. Very well done, John.
Terrific performance. We are about to give away
the trophy, though. Who are we giving away the trophy
to? It was double points Friday. Don’t forget that. Oh, yes. Let’s take a look. Who has won
this week’s House Of Games? It is… The Reverend Kate Bottley
is our champion, everybody! Look at that! Kate,
let me present you with your trophy. Congratulations. Thank you so much! Well done! Well done. Congratulations! I think we’re all winners though,
today, aren’t we? No, just you. THEY LAUGH And John, to be fair. What a week. Thank you so much. Been
such a pleasure to have you here. And congratulations to you, Kate, for being our House Of Games
weekly champion. Terrific stuff.
Very, very well deserved. Been an absolute pleasure from start
to finish. Hope you enjoyed it, too, and I hope you’ll join us again
soon on House Of Games. APPLAUSE Ah, what a winner.

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  1. I thought Kate was smart….but she believes in the invisible man. If she has a rebuttal than why is her god better then the others?

  2. I was VERY wrong in my knee-jerk reaction to the first day. This was a pretty exciting Week of House of Games — of Richard Osman.

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