Resident Evil Revlations Episode 3 Ghosts of Veltro

Resident Evil Revlations Episode 3 Ghosts of Veltro

previously Resident Evil Revelations Jesus no one could have lived through
that and stories of that resurrection are
true that’s the set of the kajillion marker it was all Ryan will go after Dylan Parker make
your way to the Mediterranean bastard all my weapons
can you reach HQ no comms are as it seems we’ll be stuck in all right friends so welcome back to my
channel of Jessica Murphy like my name Joseph so welcome back to another
episode all buzzy whole revelation this is Row 2 Raziel 3 remake so I would take
a break I’ll do a game play persona 5 I will return to play that game and
January 13 French so I’m do like up so today tomorrow and all play through
Friday so like do it so this is episode 3 Fran so I do it let’s do her thing cadet I can still
fight that’s the spirit it’s over the city is finished I see our members your efforts are
commendable this is one wake-up call which was long overdue there we go so I grab some items otherwise leave behind marker come in
the facility has been breached we’re closing shop prepare to go home
split up take you to the helipad that’s an order I’ll cover the whole way with
Jessica then make sure they reach the heliport evacuation procedures here all right oh wise putters shoot all the
bitches I’m going to kill all enemies in the
hall if they come subscribe France uh so crappy got this all right so where we have to
go Oh get this one although cut contains I take off there so to the back for oh boy oh my god by Ray all right so let it go oh my gosh regulars Mandy boy mo right now it’s our turn to
get on the chopper it’s all I didn’t check they grab this yes oh man I read no differently all right let go upstair by this way huh to
oh good oh my god but also I would be like all the way out of the
target sorry to drag you into this you’re buying me dinner next okay already yeah this room downstairs okay heads for other other beer so oh my
gosh Bakula Devon map already kill that thing another sort
oh my gosh yeah no I’m offering Oh shotgun m3i boom I this bad boy yeah
check this room ah herbs thank you so what we got here the FBC Michael yes odd per day I let go oh my god by the face so why I I buy say I shot
like three time in a row oh my god oh my bad I they got this right nerve do it do it
I think ah all right check this one okay they’re nothing
so what do you think about that O’Brien guy that’s not what I meant I agree I feel it being in the FBC
distorts our moral compass oh my gosh I need to heal how to heal again ok triangle right officer six more I oh my god all right so guys go this way ah yes
thank you very much I hope as this one are they I don’t see nothing
I don’t see that Damon oh boy okay this really it’s a lot yes again oh my god you’re alive okay good yeah we can get through oh yeah hurry oh man right behind us most call bastards these wholesome I hope so yes who shot that show drop herbs all right so I go to the other beer come on they’re almost here oh boy I think they’re here for you it’s
because in our first oh my gosh oh my gosh it took me other really come on down are you oh man right now the opportunity by Ray Arielle are you serious Jessica putting away go stall yeah I was crazy yes can’t believe Morgan
decided to fry the city with the solar energy satellite
city all over again yes white off the face of the earth by tomorrow morning
would be just a name in history we did do everything we could right I
hope we did I hope so hope so that lobster dinner you whenever I ever gone back on my work I real most there I think so get the letter we gotta go okay ladies
first Wow it’s a trigger that chain reaction
city right and destroy everything Derek regions now Paul he came to help
but did nothing well we try our best I mean I try my
best so that’s you isn’t it BSAA
a little too late what is the FBC doing kids I’m some agreement I don’t have to
answer anything you have no authority over this there’s no time to fight we’ve
got him at a rest I don’t even know why you’re here who you’re fighting Raymond
stop right there nothing will change unless you get your hands dirty do wave me will you talk about so the
FBC is on the ship – what’s going on here we’re operating without any Intel
we need to search this ship for answers not that I relish the idea I so search
the bridge yes got some more ammo what the heck oh great tirade my scanner article on any judge this
room I mean yellow there okay it’s not
working oh boy it’s not working okay
so I let go this way I’m Andy key for this one all right so
all you have to do is spike oh this one all right cool yes got the key yes I can show Oh cousin part ah yes how
many card reader all right so I opened this one up what is this is I oh god please help me
this can’t be happening don’t leave me to die in this cell
uh-huh I’m trapped here there are monster here
are wheels while everyone dead well yeah or dying there are no no survivors shit
we all going to die check av area is that map yes we should
find an emergency communication room if we go through the hall oh wow don’t tell me I put my hand in there how
horrible this must have been a painful death
Wow I like damn it oh well we should go to the
emergency communication maybe try to contact HQ okay all right fine dream how
do you know him I used to work with him and let’s leave
it at that ah now imma go go back get it yes all right go get it awesome
43 excellent how’d that go this way oh hell no the
die see guys 64% check again so I let go high upper the upper check this wrong they see by this one
don’t found in room 303 what the hell is going on Basia are crawling all over the
ship there are tearing it to pieces I have never seen Masha like this oh their
movements are stiff Oh God they’ll see nothing here also
nothing check this yeah I don’t see not their
friends are they go this way
no other way Yeah right here come here okay just check around oh shit oh my gosh are you dead yet another one come on come up there man other feet of epoch are till its high
rate I be there pay 8% I’ll come by now give me a break yes t spinning Wow it’s like an opera house
in here who’s this emergency communication good we ain’t here ah fabricated a gym one posted a note
here promenade deck is next to the hall let’s
go all right by the keeper find a rum cake all right so up here to check okay so opening what the heck oh thank you oh right I
have no clue I try to do this off Oh very real all right all right there we go – oh they’re not see I cool well that does it the inspirations gonna take a while come
back mate okay so I come back later for that all
right how’s it go so big place very big place of me all
friends so I gotta eat two minutes left so okay
it’s not working I they go this way okay so Michael downstair they return here yep nice hear that yes it looks like we found the promenade
think oh boy area Spidy help sound creepy we have yet to find one survivor still
sound creepy oh oh I see it there you go cool before you open it France open it just chuckle Ralph okay Mayday this Emma is I they need dog oh my god I’m trapped trap got my Weibo fucker where you go trap for money come on copy this motherfucker right am i way oh my god oh my god it’s a crazy come on come on you saw bitch oh crap oh my god
oh my god oh my god we’re partner come on oh my god I raise
refrain Indiana man finally there you go that the key to the emergency
communication room yeah right man all right let’s check in here all right let’s go back now go to the other room that he came
from all right to make sure all right so I go
through here hmm is this alright so then nothing in here
except hallo that’s it so okay that come now go through the right here so all right bye see Harry oh yeah I got
four minutes left France oh my way stop revealing men I’ll see if we go to a bridge or a floor
like along a bridge if not a bridge back a little deck
okay back go to a deck crap great okay sell both on lock oh this is where we came from Paul a
dick I me a bridge it’s a bridge or deck okay so I said go round circle grant maybe try a lower cabinets or
opportunity first No chuckle Wow bitch I got this anything so lost right now damnit let me go at this room this way so alright franpsycho something right here
so thank you for watching the Oliver’s evil revelation I really appreciate
don’t forget good – like scribe copywriting for check out my channel
Josie come on fly alright see

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  2. Never knew resident evil had such weird creatures. Gotta keep an eye on ammo. There are a lot of them. Great video bro:)

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