Resident Evil Revelations Episode 11 Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations Episode 11 Revelations

previously on resident evil revelations
hold it right there she’s trying to activate the ship’s
self-destruct mechanism to destroy the evidence it appears my variety of
assistant has made the last see you guys do you read extraction is not possible
at this time I’ll executors hoping that trick out what have they created we can do this
Chris I I hope so really I defeat the giant all by God oh my god stop toy so please do what the
hell try get this one yes oh no I got are uses and some point
a freaking a seesaw all right all my gosh except he’ll just in case for you oh
where is it awesome alright yes cool my die damn it’s a diary a working oh crap a
close call Aereo Oh No for you awesome all right yes
oh my gosh do all right trying to kill it come on yes era all right so there was an alfredo
that goes call varicose tall oh come on do early come on I can’t find my other gun favors the
ladder hold on I’ll get us out of here no not
yet we can’t let this thing roll free oh ho like a little time all right to be died enemy trust me oh my god by area it’s a boy die yes come on now stop going Oh man oh crap what oh my god Aereo I died come on
they ha me keep rowing like not stop Aereo
Stella here yes
oh my god they’re everywhere so froze why oh man do so pretty girl then right area you go over them out come on now so it though there you go so I oh my god why keep growing like oh my god I’ll put it off I hope so
nope oh my god now most of my like dreamer yes that’s all she wrote for the synovium it’s me what’s happening on our way out
they lost Parker Jessica took the whole ship down
the FBC well Morgan was one step ahead of us the whole way
yes I see I hate to think this could all be a
mistake my mistake come clean with us O’Brien don’t leave
anything out all right it all started one year ago right there
Tara creature yes they call it Terra Grigio okay so second right we should get to
the command room oh my gosh damn all right the Commissioner Lansdale was right the
boss has pushed for an expansion of the FB C’s perfume this is just the kind of
thing he was warning the world about and this incident will bring the crisis of
the limelight it could be good VR really sure maybe the international community
will filing it the message if BC has a lot of growing mr. Sain things all right okay she just you did
oh no nice diary oh my god you want to help the cadet we have to
get do who does something like you can’t Cammie the hell that’s the last of them it’s okay I’ll
be fine don’t try to act off alright
somebody lent him a shoulder HQ has told you to me I can still fight
you’re not convincing me come on grab on aye sir we can’t pull out yet there are
civilians out there we have to do something right
we have to regroup yes right to regroup definitely yes pull this off Justin you
doesn’t met who want although in the Bo Dellinger’s terrorists must be brought to justice all right man you go chill there no ammo Bob Bob are you fucking serious damnit all right oh this way ah come on out learn some strengths
before you get yourself cute true very true
please no more hunter are you serious diary my die
there you go I am more all right I’ll see him oh come on man
die check this room cool
gotta know mo that good i Rago this road you’re losing blood well duh okay the magnets on the fourth floor we might
find something to bandage him up we’ll be back congested don’t go
anywhere everything will be okay all right let’s
go partner all right I go cool now you dad wait no
more free to roam without good so ah yes thank you kanae awesome cool how that go just right here so I’ll go bathroom here all right so I think so it quite place we will ask guys will grow up because okay all right here we go here we are so I
think so on the right way yes oh come on hi ray Jesus Christ
there we go it’s any of its a more but it’s more
ammo ah yes that’s it man holy crap oh my gosh how you did
check this on yes thank you save it are you real hey bow fucker yes yes yes
thank you here we are just what I need also got some more ammo ah yes thank you
thank you very much Omaha you gotta be fucking kidding me very oh yeah I forgot I got my arm movie
ticket oh sorry died sorry oh crap see go out corner oh my gosh
scare me I did I went the wrong way god dammit my
bathroom buyback oh man yeah here i order you to stay alive coming hell oh
my god there you go are we almost there holy cow
this ain’t good hey boys let me join a party Oh oh man bye hey Jessica
do you like it bees you about ready safe it’s not all right cadet now you owe me one
I get you want justice served no more here always end up getting the whole
unit killed yeah welcome to the real world yes sir okay that should ease the pain
I should be able to watch and follow us the elevator to the command room is
right there okay good guy here aren’t you jack
dang I am oh I can fend off anything that comes our way
all right I don’t see nothing it was so close to clear oh my gosh die there you
go yes thank you where are you cadet awesome now the delivery dispatch one of these POWs
it’s too professional and how did they manage
they-the NBC’s fast intelligence network just as an app unless somebody wanted
this to happen cadets you’re stepping other bounds
not here to investigate this thing but here to resolve it I it sounded
well we don’t know yeah so I have bad feeling about this very bad feeling all right oh my god tiger oh my god there’s so many of them there you go yes yes there we are are you man hurry up rookie
we’ve take care of it yet you’ll find shuttering oh my god till the hunters oh my gosh close call Oh oh my gosh it’s a meal them that’s it I would hope
so let’s eat the command room yes I understand that I can hear you just fine
that is simply splendid news everything is in perfect order
enjoy the rest of the celebration of the Queen Dido Morgan you intended for the
virus to break out on our ship well we shouldn’t be mad I’m not done yet
you still have an important purpose the ship serves as a controlled environment
and the data on your mutation will serve a venerable purpose the boldness of yourself absorbed
ambitions is impressive I have always disgusted by what you
Americans can dream up I will take that as a compliment
way nearly you could end up being a liability so we’ve kept video records of
all of our interactions if they go public your life is finished you may do as you please use of the
satellite has been approved the new virus will be completely eradicated full soon shalt thou beware thine eyes
shall answer mate to thee of this seeing the cause which reigneth down the blast Oh Cujo Jessica has escaped we were so close
Hey sorry you alright thank God somebody with some type of
things don’t be so hard on yourself marker now it’s my turn to save you come on
we’re getting out of here that’s the spirit cadet wait i confuse raymond realized that
Morgan was not who we see so we set this trap together the whole feltro revival
act the mountain hideout a coordination of the ships all to put heat on Morgan
but sir couldn’t you at least told us I couldn’t risk it
not with a hole inside the BSAA my apologies all that work in both the
shinobi a– and the Semiramis yeah I know but I haven’t given up yet Ethan
quit they’ve left us with an ace in the hole
the data analysis they sent us the results area well what were they we
assumed Veltro made use of two sister ships in a terra Grigio panic but that
was a third final hi friends so thank you for watching Oh was evil
revelation I rebooted don’t forget click the like scribe commas here think
forward check out my channel just to get my flight I see you

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