Rep. Zoe Lofgren On The New Bolton Revelations: ‘A Game Changer’ | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Rep. Zoe Lofgren On The New Bolton Revelations: ‘A Game Changer’ | MSNBC

  1. Adam Schiff pictured below with recently arrested Ed Buck?

  2. "No possible explanation" why the Republican senators would not want Bolton under oath? Those incorrigible liars have been tripping over each other for months trying to generate any old flimsy excuse for doing just that. Why not invite someone on who has been paying attention to the news?

  3. Boy… what a f'n time to be alive.

    Never in a million years would I ever have dreamed (even in a nightmare) that our country's leadership would be so craven and lacking integrity to allow such a despicable and morally/ethically bankrupt individual to achieve the position he has now.

    Absolutely f'n heartbreaking how things have devolved.

    Power over Integrity.

    Power over Ethics.

    Power over People.

    Power over All.

    If they ain't careful… they gonna have to call themselves Ozymandias, Kings of Nothing.

  4. Seriously???!!! THIS is a game-changer for her? Not the facts and the witnesses' testimonies all of which are public knowledge, not Trump's tweets and TV appearances in which he himself admits to it, not the constant arrogant obstruction of justice, but a summation of an unpublished manuscript is a game-changer for her? Geesh…

  5. if the gop says the book is not evidence, then they have to call Bolton to testify !
    MUSAGA dump trump/pence/gop and the criminals in the wh/executive branch/senate/supreme court

  6. History will not look kindly upon Republicans for enabling the hostile takeover of the United States of America.

  7. Bill Cospy got prosecuted by testimonies of  women with old news ; who may have or not had a motive ..And you mean to tell me that these conservatives cannot rely on all these government officials testimony???

  8. there is a big big reason why moscow midnight mitch and gang will do everything to prevent a witness to a drug deal testifying. there are gaping hole on the boat bolton added testimony will sink it.

  9. Lawyers are the lowest of the tree of scum. Their only aptitude is to flap their lips to generate a profit. The filth of man feed upon each other to create their illusion of power. Everyone is taking advantage of each other. There is not a heart among them, you have no power to stop them. You have to understand, your poor 1% owners need more money. But their human livestock can no longer keep up with feeding the beast. So it is time for your owners to thin out their herds and start a new. now back to your Reality TV, FakeBook and your iPhones. Your Idol god drumpf, is going to "Make It Go Away.!"

  10. Republicans: you have no proof
    Democrats: here is proof
    Republicans: democrats make fake proof
    Democrats: prove it
    Republicans: I can’t. I just think it’s fake because it doesn’t fit what I believe.

  11. Stop politics all together. A bunch of dinosaurs trying to control the future. They can't even follow their own rules. Just lie until they die.

  12. I'm sorry, but is she really that naive? Does she really believe the GOP will vote for witnesses? I don't see that happening.

  13. Trump has a secret weapon the Dems have no clue about. And
    that is woman of God evangelist Paula White. Remember Trump has been anointed with
    oil and by laying of hands by Paula and other Christian evangelists of note
    along with prominent Orthodox Jewish rabbis. All demonic forces that come against
    Trump will be annihilated just as the Bible says.

  14. So now we wait to see if the republicans will ask to listen to Bolton, the guy that wants to talk, or will they continue to pretend to follow their oaths? If they ignore this then they will answer for it. When a majority of Americans want Trump out, then you take your chances when you give us the middle finger.

  15. After President Bernie Sanders appoints a new administration, you can bet that he'll instruct the IRS and the Attorney General to launch aggressive investigations into Donald Trump.
    Justice is very important to Bernie. So if Trump is lucky, he'll only get 500 years in prison. BERNIE 2020

  16. Simple why the Castrati Senators will NOT want Bolton to be there as a witness. He will tell the truth– as the rest of the thinking and sane world knows.

  17. All these Cons tying their Big Wheels to Trump's Clown Car, are going to lose their elections & their dignity! At least they could hold on to their dignity, if they called witnesses & acted like they wanted a fair trial.


  19. Their only explanation for not wanting documents/evidence, Bolton and any other witnesses is to help aid Trump in a cover up. What's the law on aiding a cover up? When this is all over, these people helping him cover it up, all need to go to jail. Right now Mitch is aiding him the most by these absurd trial rules.

  20. Is Anyone really shocked that the LIAR n Chief is challenging Boltons statement… Only Idiots and Fools believe anything tRump says.

  21. Trump and his defense team have made their position abundantly clear. They believe that the American people are stupid and that America should be ruled by a dictator. That's been the point of dragging these other countries into our affairs. Trump wants assistance in the overthrow of the American government. That makes Trump, his team, and all who continue to support the overthrow of the Constitutionally formed government of the United States of America traitors in the law of our land. It's time for patriots to stand firm.

  22. Character matters…. America has never benefited by letting bad politicians off the hook… feet to fire… that is what character starts with…

  23. ok – Americans' it time for all of us to "hit the streets" Hong Kong style

    PROTEST time !! Let the people decide – send a clear message

  24. I just think the republicans are in real troubleThey cant find their balls because they are afraid of what Trump will do to them politicallyThe American ppl are going to remember what they are doing now come election time….which will hurt them politicallyRegardless of what happens with the presidential election….I could see the house and the senate both being taken by the republicans…..and then they will get this guy out with another impeachment.

  25. These Republicans are a bunch of liers and I think there is something more than just the Bolton's testimony. There has to be money involved. Probably most Republican Senators have received lots of In God We Trust dollars. Otherwise they would not be defending a Mafia like figure as Trump. They know he is a con artist. Shame on all of them!
    Hope the American public are not that stupid!

  26. If Bolton's book has been released ONLY to the NSC for clearance to be published by Simon & Schuster, how do you suppose the Democrats got a hold of it? Totally illegal, folks. Is this proof that the Democrats ARE the deep state? I hope whoever leaked this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  27. And this is the country that thinks it can lead the free world??? Hahahaha, the USA is an empty barrel, all talk, all lies.

  28. Now trump's water protection roll backs make sense. He's not trying to drain the swamp. He's trying to pollute it. Doing a fine job too by the way.

  29. Trump is going to need a diaper when Bolton testifies, and yet Trump may say "I never met the guy, I don't know him" 😂

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  31. Trump's team doesn't have a defence…but they will use name calling and other tactics to defend this lowlife Trump…republicans have lost their seats and that is why during the live viewing with Trump's team, ken Starr is trying to call the House on the months, on the articles of abuse of power, they spent on testimonies but have no evidence….whereas ken Starr took a year and investigated even hairdressers and others to impeach Clinton for ' lying '
    He is talking about why they're doing an impeachment in the year of an election to affect his chances…well I remember when Trump brought out a fake investigation on Hillary about her emails 3 weeks before an election he was losing ( actually he LOST the popular vote)… ken Starr what is your real argument?????

  32. this whole presidency has been a a process of Deevolution of the morals,principles and integrity of a nation and the once sacred position of the presidency..Look at what its become! and worse yet, look at how a portion of america has accepted This as "normal and no problem here" No matter how these proceedings pan out, ONE thing for sure has happened in the process: Things have been brought to Light..people have been made aware… whether they act with that knowledge or pretend that its not happening and deny it, is up to them…

  33. "This is a gamechanger"
    GOP: "How can this be a game changer when we are going to ignore it and disparage it for the narrative we've already created, just like all the other evidence??"

  34. I truly wonder if any sort of "red line" exists for most Trump supporters.
    His apologists are so quick to rationalize whatever nonsense escapes his lips.
    I'm starting to think he actually could murder someone in broad daylight, on camera, and with scores of witnesses, and many would say "fake news"

  35. Kiling one person its like killing all Human beings!
    Dictator Trump you killed a lot of people
    Soon or later you will respond to God and court!!!


  36. Angry and Criminal Trump now no Dictator Putin no Russian Trolls and Bots Army cant help you anymore !
    Time to respond everything dirty and Criminal you did!!!

  37. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Andrew Yang 2020

  38. For god sakes people, Trump's own Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvany, held a news conference and stated unequivocally that the dotard extorted Ukraine and added "so what'. This is not rocket science, remove Donnie Moscow before he takes us all down with him.

  39. ​Obama DOJ hoaxed the FISA court into granting FISA Title I authority over Carter Page, which then extended throughout the Trump transition well into the first year of Trump's presidency.

  40. Sham, sham, sham..
    It's hard to believe that his corrupt and lying administration led by a corrupt and lying "President" is actually going to get away with their crime. Corruption has got this country by the balls and in its clutches.

  41. ​Adam Schiff pushes Russiagate smear used to justify criminal #Spygate abuse of @realDonaldTrump and other innocent Americans.

  42. Im so proud of the managers. We need to hear from Bolton If the Senate denies witnesses they are indirectly complying with a cover-up. Just listening to his defense team it's clear it's a convoluted baseless argument that their waging for their criminal client.

  43. Since when is simply saying something a crime or impeachment???!!!
    It's what a President DOES not what he SAYS!!!
    They got their money and within the time prescribed!!!
    Plus, Trump gave Ukraine tank killing Javelin missiles!!! Obama gave them nothing when Russia invaded!!!

  44. John Bolton need to speak the "F" up for the good of this country – as well as his publisher, if not, he proves like all the rest – it's about prestige and money…he knows that the fix is on and the Senate Republicans are brought and paid for.

  45. "There's no possible explanation for why they won't want Mr. Bolton under oath." Here's one: Senate Rs are treasonous scum, and they fully know any testimony by any of several men would completely convict the pResident in the court of public opinion (discounting cultists, of course).

  46. Forget the witnesses and who's telling the truth. Just get the documents that Trump has refused to hand over and the truth will be plain for all to see. Documents do not and cannot lie!!! NOW America will insist on seeing the documents and anyone who votes NO on producing the documents clearly has no interest in the truth and their career is OVER in 2020!!!

  47. Forget the witnesses and who's telling the truth. Just get the documents that Trump has refused to hand over and the truth will be plain for all to see. Documents do not and cannot lie!!! NOW America will insist on seeing the documents and anyone who votes NO on producing the documents clearly has no interest in the truth and their career is OVER in 2020!!!

  48. Wait just a minute. So the central argument of the Fox News pundits and opinion commentators for the past seven months is complete BULL SHIRT? Who knew?

  49. "Anyone who has seen attacks of narcissistic rage knows it can be brutal and destructive. The afflicted
    person, outraged at the deprivation of the adulation to which one feels entitled, becomes blind to other concerns such as safety to others or the self. Upon collapse of one's grandiose image, which required adoration to buttress, one is no longer capable of repressing the painful feelings of inferiority and inadequacy that resurface. This experience is more menacing than any existential threat could be. Access to weapons or war-making in such a state is extremely dangerous, for they become highly attractive as a means of restoration." Dr. Bandy X Lee, Yale School of Medicine 1/2020.

  50. Oh there's an explanation why the Senate wouldn't want Bolton to testify, just not a good one. Remember "everyone was in the loop!" Explanation: COVER UP! The GOP won't allow their whole administration to go down. Unfortunately for the Republican party, history will remember & take the majority of the Republican party down with it. Check back with me in 10 years & tell me how the reputation of these corrupt players held up. Same with Nixon, who had his supporters until the end, now today those same people would never admit that. Too bad for the Trump cult however, there's now a digital record.

  51. Like all leaders, Trump has feet of clay, it is just that they are much bigger than most. The name of the stone cast at Trump's clay feet is arrogance.

  52. "We will Remember in (November the Treacherous Dem"s – Impeachment plot!) " It stand to reason that such high crimes of Treason should never be forgot!!!! MAGA~2020……..

  53. "We will Remember in (November the Treacherous Dem"s – Impeachment plot!) " It stand to reason that such high crimes of Treason should never be forgot!!!! MAGA~2020……..


    "HUGE! President Trump’s Approval Rating at 50% — Jumps 4 Points Since Democrats Opened Their Sham Impeachment Trial"
    President Trump’s approval rating jumped FOUR POINTS in one week since Democrats began bloviating on Wednesday 22 Jan 2020 in the sham impeachment trial.
    On Wednesday President Trump’s approval rating was at 46%. That was the day Democrats launched their opening arguments against President Trump.

    On Friday 24 Jan 2020 President Trump’s approval rating was at 49%.

    On Monday 27 Jan 2020 President Trump’s approval rating climbed to 50%!

    Since Democrats started talking and lying, opening to the American public, President Trump’s approval numbers climbed three points.

    Trump’s approval rating is 4 points higher than Barack Obama’s rating at the same time in his presidency.

    And this is despite the continual media attacks against President Trump.

    Democrats also lost 40% of their audience since they opened this sideshow.

  55. So far this presidency has been a John Le Carre novel, but now it's turned into Lewis Carroll and Arthur Koestler rolled into one.

  56. Zillion of times I have heard a bombshell, gamechanger, overwhelming evidence and always turned out nothing. Even if true not impeachable. Trump had every right to withhold aid. In no law it says we have to pay aid to a perceived corrupt government. A government that clearly was acting corrupt with Biden in the front.

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