ReadySet Heroes – Announce Trailer | PS4

ReadySet Heroes – Announce Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] When the trials begin, there can only be one champion. Unless you’re playing co-op… …in which case,
there can be two champions. Grab your friends, grab some controllers, and take your champion
from zero to hero. In the fantastically frantic, dungeon crawling, skill buffing, loot grabbing, ultimate competition! ReadySet Heroes

40 thoughts on “ReadySet Heroes – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. This looks like a nice way to just chill. Hang on the couch with a friend, talk about life, and do some dungeon crawling.

  2. Huge fan of Robot Entertainment I want to laugh and have fun, and thats what its all about, and thats what they deliver. (patiently waiting for next orcs must die game) =)

  3. STAY AWAY! Robot have laid off staff and shut down previous titles, many of which only lasted a couple of years despite receiving much financial support! Do not waste your money here!

  4. Wonder how long it'll be before they pull the plug on this one too. Killed me to lose OMD!U… Certainly won't dump cash into it without some feeling it'll stick.

  5. Please Robot we want new part of orcs must die . I really love all parts of this game and sabotage mode

  6. Thank You so much for bringing this game to PC! Please also bring BLOODBORNE to PC 🙂 That game also has Multi-Player component which will be very popular on PC!

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