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Before RDCWorld1 would gain over 3 million
subscribers on YouTube, clock in nearly ½ a million followers on Instagram and each
member would have their own legion of fans… Before the boys of RDC World would hit trending
with their recent drops Anime House 3 and clock in million of views with ‘When you realize
your a side character in anime’ & ‘How Chick-Fila workers was when they heard about the new
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich’. Before They Started their own Anime and gaming
convention called Dream Con, And before their real dreams would change the world… RDCWorld1 is short for Real Dreamers Change The World and
the 1 I’m guessing is cause someone had already stolen the name. They are a group of six friends
led by Mark Phillips who originally wanted to create their own Anime show. Breaking into
traditional media is never an easy feet, and after some failed attempts at getting their
work seen by companies, it was decided that him and his fellow loving Anime & Manga buddies
would create comedy skits for YouTube. Their come up didn’t happen overnight, in
fact, it took them 3 years just to get to 2000 subscribers! What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael
McCrudden documenting the life and career of RDC prior to YouTube fame here for you
of course on Before They Were Famous. The crew just hit 3 million subs so we had to
get you their full story! We’ve covered other big YouTubers like Live Love Serve and
DJ Ghost this year on this channel so let us know who we should do next in the comments
down below. Before we start, I’ve got a trivia question for you guys… What song did Affiong play in I.S.S. off of
a Razor cell-phone that got his classmates dancing? Place your guesses down below, alright, let’s
get into it. RDC World is comprised Mark Phillips, born
on September 16, 1994. His cousin Leland Manigo born on October 16,
1995. Affiong Harris, born on June 8, 1995. Desmond Johnson born on May 10, 1994. Also,
Ben Skinner and Dylan Patel. All coming straight out of Texas. The story of RDCWorld begins with Mark Phillips
who is from Waco Texas located between Austin and Dallas. He grew up in a middle class home
with three sisters, two big brothers and two loving parents. In
elementary school, Mark loved playing dodgeball with his friends: Besides dodging, ducking, dipping, diving
and dodging balls left and right, Mark was also a storyteller: He used to make up comedy stories and would
include all of his friends within the storyline. One day, when he was in gym class, his teacher
told him to never lose his smile: In middle school he began to fall in love
with Anime and playing video games. Mark always did well in school and had a group
of friends that he hung out with every day in middle school. His best friends were named Elijah and Brandon.
The three of them were always joking and laughing in class. But unfortunately, Elijah got in
with the wrong crowd and stopped hanging out with them. And Brandon stopped talking to
Mark. So going into high school, he was all on his own. He made new friends and continued
his love for gaming at the time. He was playing Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Naruto
and Gears of War. After high school, he wasn’t planning on going to college. Mark’s original
dream was actually to become a Manga artist. The plan was that he would be the writer and
his friend would be the illustrator. But his friend became less and less interested in
the project over time: After adding in the new members, the group
sent in their work to companies but got no replies. Mark got really discouraged. His
goal was to one day have his own anime show, but with no interest in their project, it
seemed like a far-away goal. Him and his friend who he started the original
drawings with decided to come up with a new plan. They wanted to find a way to get their
work out there to the world. That’s when they came up with the idea of starting a YouTube
channel. So, they started a YouTube channel about their Manga called “The Resistance.”
which currently has under 1K views. That’s got 1K, it shows you how tough it can
be to get any sort of traction on YouTube. At first, Desmond and Leland were all in on
the channel, but after their early videos weren’t getting very many views, they got
discouraged and weren’t as interested in making vids. So, with no official deal for
their Manga, it was off to college for Mark. He attended the University of North Texas
where he graduated with a degree in integrative studies, that was in May of 2017. He also
made headlines by photoshopping his graduation pictures into famous album covers: Aright, I gotta give some air time to the
other members of the group. Leland Manigo take it away… Mark and Leland are cousins. Then there is
their friend Desmand Johnson And Affiong Harris These dude were always hanging out and joking together
while in college. The group of friends decided to start a new channel, this time with the
goal of creating funny comedy videos and skits. They wanted to gain the attention of the people,
but they always had the goal of going back to their original dream of creating a Manga.
Their first video that’s still up is called “Hilarious Home Video” back in 2012. The video might not look like much but the
comments today read, at 0:00 Legends Were Born. The second video that’s still on their
channel is called “Home Alone 4 Official Video” and it currently has over a million
views. The editing was pretty basic at first, but
the videos were hilarious from the beginning. The team began to build an audience and grow
their subscriber base over time. After a year of having the channel, they only had… well
300 subscribers. Goes to show you that growth takes time. They
boys enjoyed making skits so much that they kept creating. It’s not like every video
they dropped was going viral, but they were slowly building. They had some massive videos though, like
“How To Kidnap A Person” with over a million views “Things I Hate About Summer” which
also has over a million, “If Disney Channel Was Black” which has more than 3 million
and “How to Roast” which has close to 5 million views. Their uploads weren’t as consistent because
school was getting busy: Plus, while in college, Affiong started working
at Krispy Kreme Donuts. But they kept producing content and by 2015,
they had 1 million… Uh, nevermind, 2000 subscribers!!!!! But later in the year, the channel had gotten
15k subscribers and later in the year it bumped up to 30k. They kept posting skits and funny
videos and building their audience. Then some of their NBA content blew up online
where Mark would act like LeBron and his friends would be his teammates. They did the same for Golden State, and the
videos started to blow up: They did the same type of content about rap
and Anime and continued to grow their base. And in 2016, the channel had over 100 thousand
subscribers! Just goes to show you that things often take
a lot longer than you initially think, but if you’re persistent with things, then you
can really grow it into something amazing from scratch. 1 Week later, they Hit 1 Million Subscribers
on YouTube in May of 2017 so Mark posted a touching video. They also made it more acceptable to admit
a love for anime. They said in an interview with Tubefilter. I believe that people have always watched
anime, but they were just scared to admit it due to a number of reasons.
One of those reasons being that they were afraid of what people would think of them
for watching it. I strongly believe that we paved the way for
people to become more comfortable with their passion for watching anime through the content
that we create. That’s where a ton of our core fan-base
derived from. Later on, the group added new members Ben
Skinner: And
Dylan Patel Currently, the group continues to make great
content and they’re also making some big moves. I have a feeling it’s still just
the beginning for them. Oh, I almost forgot. Affiong’s grandfather worked as a probation
officer before becoming a substitute teacher after retirement. And one day, while in I.S.S. he got to use
his grandfather’s Razer phone and played Gold Digger By Kanye West. And there you have
the answer to the question from the beginning of the video: Who got that right? If you did
I owe you a follow. But as for the rest of the story, well you
know it, because this is Before They Were Famous:

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