100 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege: Caveira Elite Set – New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Her mvp animation should have been where she wasn't on screen then the camera or camera guy gets interrogated from behind

  2. I swear if someone says that this reveals too much all you have to do is look at a UFC match to prove yourself wrong.

  3. Ubisoft f**** add leaning on console and stop giving us that b***** saying that they aren't enough buttons since they are. So f**** add it cuz what is stopping you? That's right nothing. So, will you please Add it.

  4. BTW black and red is the color of flamengo, the soccer (ahem football) club with the largest fanbase in brazil. they didnt pick that color randomly. i see you ubi.
    also she looks like she is on drugs at the end lol

  5. Who would win a fight IQ or Cav since now there are 2 boxing elite skins it would be reasonable to see who would win on a fight.

  6. Why is that her elite animation ?? IQ already have something like that come on y’all come up with something different. Smh

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