PS4 Primary System Deactivation

PS4 Primary System Deactivation

Deactivating the primary PS4 system for your account is a good idea if you’re sending your
system in for service if you’re selling the system
or giving it away or if you’ve bought a new system deactivation may be necessary before you can activate a new PS4 as your primary here’s how to do it log in on your primary PS4 system scroll up…and select [Settings] go to [Account Management] followed by
[Activate as Your Primary PS4] then choose [Deactivate] and select [Yes] if you don’t have access to the PS4 system that you want to deactivate then please visit our website that’s where you can deactivate all systems associated with your account this can only be done once every six months so deactivating your primary PS4 from the actual system is the recommended option go to in a web browser and sign in to your account select [Other Settings] choose [Continue] and then select
[PlayStation Systems] using the [Deactivate All] button will deactivate your
primary PS4 system as well as all other PlayStation systems that are activated for your account this means that you’ll have to re-activate PS3 systems or PlayStation Vita systems for use with your account before you can play downloadable content on those devices

99 thoughts on “PS4 Primary System Deactivation

  1. Y r people assuming ps5 will release next year it's not confirmed. They need at least a year to fully promote it and they need a presentation just like the previous consoles.

  2. Oh I thought you made deactivation easier… What a disappointment. When I try to deactivate the other systems that I can't even access it says, "Deactivate the system in the account settings of the console." And that bs.

  3. Remember the golden days of game sharing in the early PS3 life cycle where you can share your games with up to 5 different accounts man I miss those days so much!

  4. This is nice and all. But you should be able to deactivate on your desktop. (Pc, another ps device, cellphone, etc) you know… like iPhone.

  5. THANK YOU!!! My PS3 super slim went to the screen restore failed, must format. So now I can deactivate all on the site.

  6. So what if I bought a new system and didn't deactivate it the old one but activated the new one? What happens then?

  7. I got an email saying that sign in id changed it has epic account linked to psn and now i cant link my epicaccount yo anew psn because its already linked and theyre not responding

  8. I will not spend another dime for a $20 PS Plus😠. Because I have $10 for one month, but it won't let me advance. What am I supposed to do now😡!?

  9. You think Sony could get an animated demonstration of the Parental Controls for the PS5 starring Kratos & his Boy!

  10. Sony, I have a problem. When I try to enter "other settings" it appears to me that they are undergoing maintenance and it has been happening for 2 months. What happens to the servers? can you help me, please?

  11. So if I deactivate all…will I lose all of my PS4 data or will I jus have to reactivate the system ND continue playing…..i have a PS3 ND ps4 but I can't play none of my p3 games I downloaded…I also don't wanna mess up my PS4 by deactivating all systems…someone help me plz

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