PS4 & Game Giveaway 2019 – Nintendo Switch Giveaway, PS4 Giveaway, and Xbox One Giveaway,

what’s up everybody I’m giving away
three more consoles in eight days that’s right the 28th of April is the last day
you can participate in any of the three console giveaways so I’m excited I’m
pumped and if this is your first time here my name is Greg and I’m a gamer
holic and if you are a fellow gamer mahalik make sure you subscribe to my
page like this video and also click that bell for notifications that way you
don’t miss out on any opportunities to win something now this episode is gonna
be a little bit different because I want to try something new but because of it
I’m actually about to do a $100 giftcard giveaway so if you want to participate
in the free giveaways the links are at the bottom and if you want to actually
check out some of our previous episodes to get more entries the playlist will be
at the bottom as well but right now YouTube just put out a new analytic
system called YouTube studio beta but I can literally track exactly where my
traffic comes from whether if it’s from an outside source whether it’s from the
emails notifications youtube search etc I can see all of that so for a chance to
win 100 on a gift card this is what I want you to do now in order to do this
you either have to have the youtube app or do this on the computer what you do
is you click the description and at the bottom you hit 420 contests it should
take you to this search page securer shadows that twice but if it doesn’t
just in the search bar clicking secure shadow dies twice now the most important
part is you want to click the filter button either at the top right or to
type left if you do not use these two filter settings you will not find the
video so first go to upload date and click this week and then you want to go
to subtitles CC for closed captioning and click that as well once you go back
the video should pop up on the first screen click the video that says three
console giveaway with the black screen now I know a lot of you guys may have
already watched this video but please watch it again because I’m gonna give
you guys double entries and also again the opportunity to win a $100 gift card
now for those people who are new to this throughout the stream I’m going to be
reducing passwords each password you redeem will be entries towards the
console giveaway I do all the videos and then also at the
bottom you can see all the rules of all the giveaways that I’m doing so before
you get into as far as submitting your actual passwords what I want you to do
is you know scroll all the way down at the bottom and make sure you leave a
comment that you found the video to the search what you can put I found it or
just found it or whatever you want to put but again that helps me keep track
of who’s actually watching this video so then once you do that go back up and now
it’s time to actually submit those passwords now the correct link to
actually submit the passwords is going to be hidden in the last paragraph where
it says tags click on that it will take you to a web page and from there it says
watch the stream and collect passwords for 20 search but go in and put in your
information and then also again remember this is going to be for double entries
towards the YouTube console giveaway and only people who get the correct answers
will get interest towards the $100 giftcard giveaway as well so again if
you already watched the video and submitted the passwords the first time
around this will be extra and this will also be tourist the gift card giveaway
but this is how I do on my video so if you want to go back and get extra
interest on previous videos go and check them out again I’m gonna put the
playlist in the description as well but with that being said I want to say thank
you guys for the love and support if you have any questions comments concerns
theories hypothesis feedback conclusions or just want to say what’s up make sure
you do so in the comment box with that being said again thank you I’ll let you
guys later peace

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