Prop Master and Historian Fact Check Weapons from ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘300’ | Vanity Fair

56 thoughts on “Prop Master and Historian Fact Check Weapons from ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘300’ | Vanity Fair

  1. dude on the right is a part of a show called Hollywood Weapons where they try to recreate action scenes in real life, slightly cheesy but entertaining, sadly only has one season so far

  2. Gladius is a stabbind sword, yeah yeah, BUT he is a slave who have been thrust in there WITHOUT a shield. So I think natural instinct would take over, and that is to slash wildly, as he did

  3. I want another episode of this, but also with a linguist. Language is so often overlooked in historical movies that you have words like divorce, suicide, million, f*ck… in periods of time were they did not exist. It would be nice to watch an expert in the topic say what they think about it and what they find good, just like these two guys. Great chemistry too!

  4. the amount of mutual respect these professionals in their respective fields have for each other is really humbling

  5. I judge these two (or possibly the editor) for neglecting to mention how epic the Battle of the Bastards was in quality. Kit does an amazing job and Miguel made a masterpiece! It really helps us to visually understand how gruesome battle can be.

  6. Wait what? A phalanx was or can be triangular? Well then how is the lead phalangite protected? He's the only one in front

  7. I've always respected armor makers. A harness is heavy of course, but they are made in such a manner that the wearer can even do gymnastics in them because they flow so well with your body

  8. I always thought that the Spartans were so good at fighting, that they didn't need a body armour – just a shield to bounce off those pesky arrows.
    But when Larry and Kelly pointed out the 'recycling' bit of the Troy battlefield shields in the '300' saga, I take that dispensing the body armours for Leonidis and the 300, was budgetary matters…

  9. This Fact Checking is Useless without Excaliber(1981movie)
    how do you spend all this time making a video and forget that movie

  10. 9:47 how cute is he…He’s so proud of his dad-props-history joke. I couldn’t help but smile with him. I enjoy these “experts” videos. Very informative & entertaining.

  11. I'd like some movies being history checked, there are horrofying mistakes out there… me, a history student, is very annoyed.

  12. The bow that Bolton uses in GoT is based off the double bows made by the Penobscot Native Americans. The bow had a second set of smaller limbs stacked on top of the main bow. The secondary limbs acted sort of like recurved limbs, adding power and arrow speed without having a bow with super long limbs.

  13. 9:10 Bad? It's one of the most badass scene ever! when he stab the 2 gladius, decapitate and then throw the swords to the rich people. Fking awesome. Historic accuracy isn't always necessary. Nobody cares about if the gladius is a stabbing or slashing weapon. That sequence of movements with "are you entertained?" "ARE YOU ENTERTAINED?". Fking raw and badass.

  14. The stage is awesome here because I was just trying to explain old TV's to my daughter. My kids have no idea what uhf/vhf are, and have never heard the term " don't touch that dial!"

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