Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020

Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020

[cheery synth music]
[speaking Japanese] [Mr. Ishihara]
-Welcome to the Pokémon Direct! I’m Ishihara
from The Pokémon Company. In today’s broadcast,
I’d like to touch on two topics. Let’s get started
with the first topic! Have a look
at the following footage. [music ends] [chirpy woodwind music] [music ends] [chirpy woodwind music] [heroic folk music][epic male VO]
-Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:
Rescue Team DX!
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:
Rescue Team DX!
[music ends] [heroic folk music]
[Mr. Ishihara] -It’s been
about 15 years since Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:
Red Rescue Team, and Blue Rescue Team were
released for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance systems
in Japan, but now
they will gain a new life
as a Nintendo Switch title.Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:
Rescue Team DX,
will be released March 6, 2020.What’s more, we’ll release
a demo version on Nintendo eShop
available later today.
You’ll be able to carry over
your save data to the full
version of the game
once purchased, so please
take this opportunity to get
a sample of the fun!
Now, for the other topic, I think we’ll ask GAME FREAK
to share it with you. Mr. Masuda, Mr. Ohmori,
it’s all yours. [music ends] [epic orchestral music] [speaking Japanese]
[Mr. Masuda] -Hello everyone!
I’m Masuda from GAME FREAK. [Mr. Ohmori] -Hello.
And I’m Ohmori,
also from GAME FREAK. [Mr. Masuda] -We hope everyone
has been finding something
to enjoy in the latest entries
to the Pokémon series, Pokémon Sword and
Pokémon Shield, since their
release last November. Our goal is always to deliver
lively new adventures that delight Pokémon Trainers
around the world.[Mr. Ohmori] -We did our best
to fill these titles
with fun activities
so that our players could have
a fulfilling experience.
[Pokémon cry]
And the Galar region
is a vast one.
We suspect you’ve had
many new discoveries
and fun encounters
along your adventure.
We’ve been thinking about
how much we’d like it if everyone’s Pokémon adventures
could go on even longer, with more to dig into
and new discoveries to explore. We’ve been working on plans
for some time, in fact. This is why we at GAME FREAK are now developing the
Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield
Expansion Pass, downloadable expansions
for the Pokémon Sword and
Pokémon Shield games that will be available for
purchase from Nintendo eShop! [epic bagpipe music]
[Mr. Masuda] -Until now, we’ve sometimes released
new titles set in the same
region as previous games,such as Pokémon Platinum Versionor Pokémon Ultra Sunand Pokémon Ultra Moon.This Expansion Pass will be
different from those games.
You’ll be able to set out
on new adventures
using the save data
you’re already playing with!
[Mr. Ohmori] -We’re in the thick
of development now, but we’ve prepared some footage
for you so you’ll be able to
at least get a feeling for what new experiences
await you! Please have a look. [music ends] [Nintendo Switch Snap] [uplifting orchestral music] [Pokémon cries] [crowd cheering] [Pokémon cry] [music ends] [swelling orchestral music] [music ends] [fast-paced heroic music] [music ends] [epic tribal music] [music ends] [angelic choir music] [music ends] [playful electronic music] [Mr. Masuda]
-What did you think
of this first look?The Pokémon Sword Expansion Passand the Pokémon Shield
Expansion Pass
will be composed of
The Isle of Armor,
planned to be released
June 2020,
and The Crown Tundra,planned to be released
in fall 2020.
If you buy the Pokémon Sword or
Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass,
you’ll be able to enjoy both
as they’re released!
Each part offers
a different adventure, where you’ll be able to visit
unseen areas of the Galar region and meet new people
and Pokémon that live there. There are two versions
of the Expansion Pass,one for Pokémon Sword and one
for Pokémon Shield.
Different Pokémon will appear
in the different versions,
and you’ll also run into some
different people in places!
We’re hoping players can
continue with the classic
Pokémon experience of trading with one another
and working together. [Mr. Ohmori] -Now,
without further ado,
let’s have the director himself present more information on
The Isle of Armor and
The Crown Tundra! Mr. Tani? [music ends] [lighthearted electronic music] [speaking Japanese]
-Hello! I’m Tani
from GAME FREAK. I’m working as the director for
the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield
Expansion Pass.The Isle of Armor and
The Crown Tundra are
in development as we speak.
So today, we’d like to show off
some designs and concept art
to help introduce you
to these new areas!
Your adventures in Galar are
getting even bigger! First, let us introduce
The Isle of Armor, which focuses on the theme
of “growth.” Take a look. [music ends] [serene orchestral music]
[male VO] -The next destination
in your adventure
is a giant island off the shores
of the Galar region known as
The Isle of Armor.
This island is full of
beautiful nature.
you’ll find beaches, bogs,
forests, caves, and dunes!
And of course,
you’ll find Pokémon
that you couldn’t
previously find in Galar
dwelling there, too!
[music ends] [epic ceremonial music]
There’s a dojo for
Pokémon battles on this island,
and you’ll take up
an apprenticeship under the
Pokémon Trainer who runs it!
This is Mustard,
who will become your mentor.
He’s also the mentor
of Champion Leon,
who you probably know
quite well.
In fact, Mustard has occupied
the seat of Champion himself
in the past!
You’ll also encounter new rivals
among your fellow apprentices.
When playing with the
Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass,
you’ll be training with Klara,
who is a Poison-type user.
When playing with the
Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass,
you will be training with Avery,
who is a Psychic-type user. They’re both training hard
so they can someday have a gym
and stadium to call their own. [music ends] [epic ceremonial music]
Next, we’d like to introduce

the Legendary Pokémon
that will be central
to the story…
Kubfu.It’s a Fighting-type Pokémon
that strives to become stronger
with single-minded dedication.
As you progress
through your training,
Mustard will entrust you
with this Pokémon.
Once you complete your training
together with Kubfu,
it will be able to evolve
into Urshifu.
Urshifu is a Pokémon
with two distinct styles.
There is Single-Strike Style,a Fighting- and Dark-type style
that delivers a single strike
at blinding speed.
There is also
Rapid-Strike Style,
a Fighting- and Water-type
style that focuses on unleashing
a torrent of rapid strikes.
What’s more,
it’s been revealed that Urshifu
has a Gigantamax form!
Each style will have
a different appearance, as well
as a different G-Max Move.
You’ll be able to evolve
your Kubfu into an Urshifu
in one of these two styles,
Single-Strike Style
or Rapid-Strike Style,
during your adventure.
Urshifu is a powerful Pokémon
with a brand-new Ability,
and it also has a new move for
each of its two styles.
Once you’ve completed
your training,
bring it with you
for some online battles
or official competitions!
[music ends] [playful big band music]We also want to talk about
Rillaboom, Cinderace,
and Inteleon.
Final Evolutions of the
first three Pokémon you
team up with in the Galar region
During your adventure
in The Isle of Armor,
these special partners
in your teams will be
able to Gigantamax!
You can look forward
to seeing their new forms
and new G-Max Moves.
And, as you can see here,we’ve got even more in the worksto make sure your journey is
as smooth and fun as possible!
There are new fashion items,and you’ll even be able to
obtain new looks for your bike.
We hope you’ll look forward
to the new experiences coming in
The Isle of Armor!
[music ends] [whimsical soft rock music]
[Mr. Tani] -Next, I’d like to
discuss The Crown Tundra the second area which has a theme
of “exploration.” I’m going to show you
the information we have
at the moment! [music ends] [mystical electric music]
[male VO] -This expansion is set
in the snow-swept realm
of the Crown Tundra.Take a look for yourself at the
beautiful scenery of this
shining, silvery landscape!
As it turns out,
the Isle of Armor
isn’t the only uncharted area
waiting for you all
in the Galar region!
In this frigid area, with its
towering winter mountains,
people live in small communities
that support and rely
on each other.
Much like on the Isle of Armor,you’ll be able to find Pokémon
that didn’t appear
in the Galar region before.
[cheerful rock music]
Fitting right in with this
area’s theme of “exploration,”
there will be plenty
for you to uncover.
You might find a strange temple
where you least expect it
or maybe spy a mysterious
giant tree growing in a place
it doesn’t seem to belong.
A certain person
will appoint you as the leader
of their exploration team
in the Crown Tundra.You can gear up for adventure,and then head out to explore
blizzard-swept fields
and even deep inside
Pokémon Dens,
which you could only previously
get a glimpse of
during Max Raid Battles!
[music ends] [mysterious choir music]
Next, we’d like to introduce
the Legendary Pokémon you’ll
discover during your adventure.
Legends say this Pokémon
once ruled over a part of Galar
that included the Crown Tundra.It’s characterized by its
graceful, regal movements.
Get ready to experience
a never-before-told story
about the mysteries of Calyrex![music ends]The Crown Tundra
will have a new form
of co-op play as well.
[energetic techno music]
This will allow you and friends
to enter and explore
Pokémon Dens that exist
underground in the Crown Tundra.
Deep inside the dens,you may see Legendary Pokémon
from past games Dynamaxing
before your eyes!
You’ll be able to meet
and make allies of all kinds
of Legendary Pokémon
during your adventures
in The Crown Tundra,
including ones
you’ll be able to catch
through this co-op play!
It also appears that some
brand new Legendary Pokémon
are also waiting to be found
somewhere in this land!
[music ends] [snazzy chime music]
And combined with
The Isle of Armor,
dozens of new clothing items
will be added.
Plus, there will be new battles
waiting for you to challenge
once you complete
your entire game,
including The Isle of Armor
and The Crown Tundra.
We can’t go into the details
of everything,
but we’re working on planning
and developing new ways
to enjoy Pokémon
even as we speak!

[music ends]The Isle of Armor and
The Crown Tundra
areas themselves
are actually two key examples
of the things we’re working on!

[cheerful acoustic music]Both areas are in fact
seamless maps
much like the Wild Area
you can already experience
in the Galar region
where players are able to
move around freely
and control the camera.
Of course, you’ll be able to
connect with other Trainers
and play with them, too!
There will be Pokémon Dens
as well,
and you’ll be able to engage
in Max Raid Battles
against Pokémon
that haven’t previously appeared
in the Galar region.
There’s more to see and do
on the Isle of Armor and in
the Crown Tundra
than there was even
in the Wild Area.
We’ll bring you more information
about them in future news
reports, so please stay tuned!
[music ends] [lighthearted electric music]
[Mr. Tani] -What did you think? We at GAME FREAK
are all working hard
to bring you new content, so you can spend more time
having fun in the Galar region! We hope you’re as excited
as we are for what’s to come! [music ends] [cheery synths music]
[Mr. Ohmori] -Thank you,
Mr. Tani. On the Isle of Armor
and in the Crown Tundra, you’ll see some familiar Pokémon
that didn’t appear
in the Galar region before. There will be more than
200 Pokémon species that appear in these areas
and you can add to your team, including the Legendary Pokémon
mentioned before! [Mr. Masuda]
-Additionally, we’ll be
distributing free updates for Pokémon Sword
and Pokémon Shield that will coincide with the
releases of The Isle of Armor
and The Crown Tundra.These updates will allow peoplewho don’t have the
Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
Expansion Pass,
to obtain the Pokémon that
appear on the Isle of Armor
and in the Crown Tundra through
other means, such as trading.
Players will also be able to
bring over Pokémon
to their games from the cloud service
Pokémon HOME,as long as the Pokémon appearin the Pokémon Sword and
Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass.
Pokémon HOME is planned to
launch in February 2020.
We intend to release
even more details before then,
so please wait
just a little bit longer!
[music ends] [playful electronic beat]
[Mr. Ohmori] -Finally, we have
some more news for our Pokémon Sword
and Pokémon Shield players. Starting today, it seems like
you’re more likely to run into
Gigantamax Coalossal, Gigantamax Lapras,
and Gigantamax Flapple
or Gigantamax Appletunin Max Raid Battles
in the Wild Area!
Face these powerful Pokémon
with your friends!
There will also be
a software update going live
available later today. Once you’ve received the update, head to Wedgehurst Station.In Pokémon Sword,
you’ll encounter Klara,
while in Pokémon Shield,
you’ll run into Avery.
You’ll also encounter
a Galarian Slowpoke
that’s wandered in
from the Isle of Armor.
You can try to catch it
and add it to your team!
Galarian Slowpoke can evolve
into Galarian Slowbro if you use an item
that can be found
on the Isle of Armor or into Galarian Slowking
if you use an item that can be found
in the Crown Tundra. Don’t forget to check it out!
[music ends] [peaceful music]
[Mr. Masuda] -What
did you think? Today, we’ve finally been able
to show you some of what we at GAME FREAK
are hoping to achieve
going forward. We hope we’ve been able
to get you excited for the continuing adventures
waiting for you, in The Isle of Armor
and The Crown Tundra. Each part offers
a different adventure. We’ll do our best to fill it
to the brim with adventures like you’ve never
experienced before! [Mr. Ohmori] -Whether you’re
just starting with Pokémon Sword
and Pokémon Shield, or you’ve done everything
there is to do, we’ll do our best
to develop something
that everyone can enjoy! [both]
-Stay tuned for more updates
in the future! [music ends] [cheery synth music]
[Mr. Ishihara] -My thanks
to everyone from GAME FREAK.The Pokémon Sword Expansion Passand Pokémon Shield
Expansion Pass,
which contains both
The Isle of Armor
and The Crown Tundra,will be available for
pre-purchase on Nintendo eShop
later today.
You’ll also be able to access
Nintendo eShop
directly from the Pokémon Sword
and Pokémon Shield menu
once you install the latest
update for your game.
As a special purchase bonus,we’ve also prepared some
clothing items that can be used
starting today!
Pokémon will continue
to try new things in 2020 to bring fun and joy to people
around the world. Thank you for tuning in!

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